About Me

Hello, my name’s Amy and welcome to Vintage Reflection a fashion & lifestyle blog.

Vintage Reflection has been my online diary for the past 9 years – yes, you can see the archives, if you fancy a nose. Over the years Vintage Reflection has grown into an outlet for everything from personal style, illustrations, travel, food and beauty.

I’ve recently relocated from London to Los Angeles with my husband Dave, who’s a dab hand at photography and takes pretty much all my photographs for me. I’m excited to document and share our new journey in California, I will be updating the blog regularly but be sure to follow me on instagram for daily updates.

24 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’ve just found your blog and just kept going and going reading through all your posts, I think you’ve probably given me a shove to get down and continue to restructure my own blog..been doing it for some months but kept stopping and starting for various reasons.So many things going on and not able to plan structure. Think your blog has managed to help get brain cells bubbling…. and stop the rot. Oh by the way I love your little dog. Big animal lover me and a huge dog lover.

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  2. I just search for ” best fashion blogs on wordpress” on google and your blog was the first! I usually don’t like vintage things but you prove that I was wrong! I love your blog and it is amazing ❤


  3. Hey love! Nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award! I should of linked you but head on over to my blog to see! Lots of love and keep up the amazing work!

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