WHAT I WORE IN BARCELONA This is my first look from our trip to Barcelona ….and as a married woman!  I can’t wait to share photographs from our wedding day with you, it was truly an incredible day. We are eagerly awaiting the images from our photographer so I thought I’d flip things and shareContinue reading “SEEING DOUBLE”

Spot Blouse

– Here we are, all back to the grind, back to work and back to normal. It feels as if the festive period was months ago, when in reality it was only last week. It’s crazy how quickly time goes by, in-fact its only five months until Dave and I get married. I have highContinue reading “Spot Blouse”

Rouge Amoureux

  Well I finally got my hands on a red skirt, albeit this is one I’ve borrowed from my dear friend Josie. I still haven’t found one I like enough to buy from the high street, alas the search continues… but for now I’ve styled up the borrowed one. Today I’m wearing it with myContinue reading “Rouge Amoureux”

Transitional Dressing

This time of year is a tough one for deciding just what wear for the day ahead, dressing appropriately for whatever weather turns up as the day progresses.  Whilst summer is definitely over, we still see the odd day of sunshine, then it’s back to windy, chilly days, brrr.            Continue reading “Transitional Dressing”