Finding our way with Marco Polo in Paris

Getting from A – Z with Marco Polo When planning our Parisian adventure, Lois and I found this Marco Polo guide book, which is perfect for city breaks. Look, it’s just the right size for travelling with and proved super handy for our trip. It is the perfect travellers companion, ideal for sightseeing, with plentyContinue reading “Finding our way with Marco Polo in Paris”

Mimi & Lolo reviews… I Love Cosmetics

I have been quite busy just lately, in that space where fun and work collide. I want to tell you about a couple of exciting new interests that Lois and I have teamed up on. Being curious types, we have been reviewing products that interest us ….and hopefully interest you too. Not content with writing andContinue reading “Mimi & Lolo reviews… I Love Cosmetics”

Girl About Town

Howdy! Time for something a little different in the form of a video post. That’s right, I’ve created my first youtube video – to say its a little daunting is an understatement… but for my first attempt (of filming the indoors bit and editing it all myself) I’m pretty proud and really hope you allContinue reading “Girl About Town”