British Heritage…

england10englandWere back home after our festive break at Dave’s parent’s, unfortunately my Father has been ill and unable to come stay with us in London like planned. Which totally sucks, I was really looking forward to spending time with him! To get back into our usual routine we headed to the common for a walk, it was nice to stroll around familiar territory again and see some of Coco’s dog friends along the way. While we were down in Kent we took a walk along the sea front and boy was it nice! Also Coco loves the sand! In a way, I was wishing we could relocate to a seaside town! Maybe one day! england1england3Made In Britain Too!

I got this dress for Christmas from Dave, it’s from Topshop and part of their made in britain range. They have been doing this for a while but this is the first piece I’ve got. I like the fact it’s made here and  think more companies should be making their clothing here, good one Topshop!

england6england2england7england9What I’m wearing –

Dress & Coat – Topshop

Satchel – Urban Outfitters

Hat – Market Stall

Brogues – Office

Necklace – Freedom

Photos – Shooting Dave

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Last Day’s Of Autumn…

IMG_4531hat1I fell so in love with my tartan dress with it’s cute little collar and tea dress silhouette, that when I saw it came in this navy polk-a-dot version I had to get my mitts on it! It’s rare to find a dress that fits so well and comes in at such a good value price tag.. I love the colour combination of navy and burgundy, tan and navy is another firm favorite, this colour palette all fell into place nicely. It was the perfect outfit for a breakfast date, running errands and walking Coco.
IMG_4543 IMG_4548 hatIMG_4550What I’m wearing –

Dress – River Island

Bag & Scarf – Vintage

Hat c/o Britfash

Coat – Topshop

Belt – Urban Outfitters

Loafers – OfficeIMG_4567IMG_4556Photos – Shooting Dave

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Yellow Leaves…


What started as a Sunday stroll with a couple of outfit snaps turned into a wonderful and impromptu shoot, Dave even got in on the act! We had been shopping on the Saturday and were both so excited to wear our new goods. I treated myself to a new dress, loafers and coat. The coat is a Christmas present from my Mother & Step Father. I’m head over heels in love with this coat, like seriously love it! The original one I wanted didn’t look great on me and since then I’m very glad I didn’t as I’ve seen so many ladies wearing it. Where as this little beauty was found for me by Dave and to make it even sweeter, Topshop have sized this jacket somewhat crazy. I ended up getting a size 10!? Say What!? I know, its crazy!


Now lets take a moment to honor this dress, its going to be my Christmas day dress and I know I shouldn’t of shown it off before then but I have a fun different way to style it for a special post later in December! Also while were taking a moment, these loafers! They are navy blue and match my vintage bag. All in all I cant wait to break them in properly and rock them with jeans (if I ever find a new, better fitting pair).


What I’m wearing –

Dress – Urban Outfitters

Necklace c/o Jewellery By Jaymie

Loafers & Coat – Topshop

Bag & Cardigan – Vintage

parker_035 parker_041parker_074parker1The boy’s looking good… Dave is showcasing his new Levis; these are his Christmas present from me. We are both suckers for opening or rather not even wrapping and wearing our new Christmas clothing straight away! I love the colour of this denim and how lovely it looks with the tan desert boots. Also this seasonal jumper has special memories for me, this is what caught my eye and started a conversation with Dave on our very first meeting! Who knew a Christmas jumper could spark five long years of romance.parker_067

What Dave’s wearing –

Jacket – Footasylum

Jumper – H&M

Jeans – Levis

Deserts – Brick Lane

parker_066parker_036Photos – Shooting Dave

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A Trip To Yesteryear!

Vintage Vintage5Earlier in the week Dave and I took a stroll in the common, the weather in London has remained lovely and warm. I rolled up the sleeves of this dress and teamed it with tan accessories. I’ve also been very busy having the darling Claire staying with us. She was down from Leeds for Wimbledon and stayed a couple extra days. Which was great fun, we visit Allen and his new little puppies, went for afternoon tea and then yummy dinner. I have lots of photos to share with you, mainly of puppies!
Vintage1 Vintage2What I’m wearing –

Dress – Vintage

Shoes – Topshop

Belt – Urban Outfitters

Backpack – Primark

Vintage3 Vintage4

Photos – Shooting Dave

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Mad Elizabeth…


Howdy Mad Elizabethans!

 I’m honored to be the first guest blogging over at the brand new and shiny Mad Elizabeth blog!
 I’ve been friends with Claire for a number of years, we met while studying our MA degree and have remained close friends ever since. We bonded over our love of vintage and retro fashion. I was lucky enough to witness the birth of Mad Elizabeth their vintage store. I often by vintage gems off them, like this floral crown. As we all know I’m a huge fan of head wear! In the summer months florals are a must, my outfit was built around this floral beauty! Teaming it with a floral dress, you can’t have to many flowers in one outfit, right!?

Flower5Flower1What I’m wearing –

Jacket – Army Surplus

Dress, Bag & Scarf – Vintage

Floral Crown Mad Elizabeth

Belt – Urban Outfitters

Brogues – Topshop
Flower7Be sure to pop over to visit the lovely Claire & Heather, to see this post in full and show their blog some love.

Photos – Shooting Dave

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Flower Child…

FloralCrown FloralCrown9

I’m really pleased with these photographs and the outfit, it all came together beautifully. I got this floral crown from Mad Elizabeth and I new how I wanted to style it, I’m starting a collection! Then when I came across this dress in the Topshop sale, I just knew they’d make the perfect pairing! I added my little loafers, studded “kisses” belt and army jacket to toughen up the look. This is an outfit I will definitely be rocking while on holiday next week. I’m beyond excited!


The woodland was also the setting for my Forest Flower shoot. The contrast from winter to summer is clear with the amount of greenery. This is by far my favorite outfit photo spots. I think its so pretty and with lots of different interesting corners to explore making it the perfect picture taking location.


What I’m wearing –

Jacket – Army Surplus

Dress, LoafersSunglasses & Belt – Topshop

Floral Crown – Mad Elizabeth 

Bag – Vintage
FloralCrown4FloralCrown8FloralCrown6FloralCrown10 FloralCrown11Photos – Shooting Dave

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Woodland Sun…

Sunshine1Sunshine7Sunshine In London Town!

The sun has certainly been shining this weekend, to the point where I even took off my tights! It’s shocking isn’t it! I’m not really a fan of bare legs and often feel uncomfortable without my tights on, but sometimes its just nice to ditch them and feel the sun on my skin. I opted for my favorite warm weather skirt, with a simple t-shirt and of course my army jacket. I canne help but wear this jacket, I just love it so much and the fact I brought it for £5, it just even more perfect!

SunshineSunshine5What I’m wearing –

Jacket – Army Surplus

Skirt & Belt – Vintage

T-shirt – Warehouse

Sunglasses & Bag – Topshop

Sandals – Office
Sunshine3 Sunshine4Sunshine6Sunshine8 Sunshine9

I also dusted off my sandals which felt good. I’ve had these for a couple of years and still love them as much as the day I brought them. I feel like this warm weather is preparing me for my holidays in May (I’m pretty excited for it!!). Sunshine2Photos – Shooting Dave

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Good Friday…


Happy Good Friday to you all, I’m not religious but I do enjoy Easter. Plus it’s lovely having four days off from work! I’m really excited to just relax and see friends, I’ve been working most weekends lately and feeling run down, so a rest will be delightful! We kicked today off with a walk in the woods and outfit photos, I then did a spot of thrift shopping I found some cute plates and a mug. Today’s outfit came about because  I fancied wearing my camouflage t-shirt,  I then layered over my black dip hem dress. The boots and belt felt like natural choices and the hat topped off the whole look. Coco even joined me for a couple of photos.

Friday4Friday1Friday5What I’m wearing –

Coat – Vintage

Dress, Belt & Boots  – Topshop

T-shirt – Primark (Mens)

Hat – H&M

Tote Bag – Carhartt c/o Zalando


Photos – Shooting Dave

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Sunday Swag…

FlowerCrown6FlowerCrown2Birthday Style –

With it being my Birthday, I thought I’d get a little snazzier than usual and don my floral crown. I’ve teamed it with my new swag, I got this cosmic space print dress as Birthday present from Dave’s parent and these desert boots which Dave Brought me. I love them both!

We woke up to a sprinkling of snow in London but thankfully by the time we went to take Coco for a walk and outfit photos the snow had stopped, and mostly melted. It was rather muddy and with me having new shoes on I didn’t want to venture to far into the woods, we stayed on the outskirts but I rather like this little winding path in the background.

FlowerCrown8FlowerCrown1FlowerCrown7What I’m wearing –

Dress – Urban Outfitters

Coat & Bag – Vintage

Flower CrownCrown & Glory

Desert Boots – Brick Lane

Ring – Freedom Jewelry FlowerCrown5FlowerCrownFlowerCrown4FlowerCrown3

Photos – Shooting Dave

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