Visit To Dreamland

Back in April we spent Easter weekend down in Kent, you can see more from this weekend trip here, here and here. We always try make a trip to Dreamland while down at Dave’s parents. It was great to visit a year on from our wedding there, it truly is one of my favourite places. If you are ever down in Margate make sure you take a visit.

Wearing my summer uniform of midi dress, leather jacket and trainers. This is my fail safe uniform and this dress is perfect for those days when I’m stuck for what to wear I grab this dress, it’s effortless and easy to wear. This weekend we were lucky enough to have a sunshine. It made for wandering around Dreamland the ideal Saturday afternoon activity.

What I’m wearing –
Dress – Primark
Jacket & Bag – ASOS
Trainers – Vans

Photos – Shooting Dave

Summer In The City

London Sunshine

There is nothing better than London in the sunshine, on a sunny weekend we headed for our usual coffee date. Getting up early on Sunday and taking our usual stroll through the common and into Balham, past all these beautiful houses. It’s one of my favourite back drops for a couple of snaps. I often dream about one day owning a house like this, for now that dream is a long way away!

Let’s talk about this outfit – I’m wearing my new denim dress. As we all know I love a midi and this denim chambray one is the perfect addition to my wardrobe. It’s the perfect summer dress, not too thick and as it’s plain it is perfect to wear with printed accessories.

My obsession with hair accessories continues and any chance to wear this leopard beauty I jump at the chance. It goes perfectly with this denim dress, expect to see this pairing throughout the summer.

What I’m wearing –
Dress – Oasis
Jacket c/o ASOS
Hair Band – Primark
Handbag – Topshop
Espadrilles & Sunglasses – Zara

Photos – Shooting Dave

Easy Like Sunday

Wind Swept

I’ve had a weekend where we haven’t got up to much. Having to work on Sunday ruined our usual routine of walking to our favourite coffee shop and the weather on Saturday called for a lazy day on the sofa. It’s actually been nice and chilled, well except for working on a Sunday (all in all it wasn’t a bad day). I definitely over estimated the sunshine thinking it was super warm but it wasn’t. In fact it was bloody freezing! I thought my hoodie and leather jacket would keep the chill at bay but I might need to dust off my winter coat tomorrow.

This skirt is another of my new monochrome recent buys, getting it on my staff discount made it a rather good bargain. I think I’ll get plenty of wear out of it over the summer months. It’ll work perfectly with my slogan tees like this Topshop one, not that you can see the slogan much as my hair is covering it, doh! The skirt will work equally well with a plain black tee too.

I’m pleased with how my summer wardrobe is shaping up, just need the weather to get on board so I can ditch the layers. I’ve also got my eye on a couple of cute bags, sandals and a dress or two for my holiday at the end of April. I’ll keep you posted on what I end up buying for it.

What I’m wearing –
T-shirt & Bag – Topshop
Skirt – Oasis
Hoodie – Primark
Trainers – Vans
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS

Photos – Shooting Dave

Ready For Spring

Hello New Spring Dress!

I’m so ready for spring its unreal. I can’t wait for the sun to be shining, the evenings to be light and hopefully the cold wind to be gone! Last week we had a teaser of spring but sadly that didn’t last too long. I’m still ditching the tights and have no intent on wearing them again until next winter.

Which brings me onto this new dress, it’s a Primark special and a bargain price of £15. I must admit I’m not the biggest Primark fan but then I stubbled across this dress I rushed to the tills to make it mine. For its first outing I wore it with trainers but for its second I opted for ankle boots. Adding my trusty biker jacket and I was ready for a coffee date with Dave.

I’m also wearing a necklace I picked up with birthday money. I love anything with my initials on and got this Celine initial dupe from Urban Outfitters. Its a really great affordable version of this huge trend and pretty pleased with this little beaut. Expect to be seeing me wearing it all the time from now on!

What I’m wearing –
Dress – Primark
Necklace – Urban Outfitters
Bag & Boots – ASOS
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS
Local Supply Sunglasses c/o The Goods Agency

Photos – Shooting Dave

Bristol Strolls

Hello Dream Bag

Last weekend we visited Bristol, it was our first time in the city and we wanted to pack in as much as possible. I’m putting together a post on all the things we did, and most importantly where we ate – Bristol is good for food!
On this particular day we headed to Clifton Observatory and had a wonder around the park. It was an idlic spot so I roped Dave into taking some snaps.

Firstly, I think I should talk about this beaut of a bag. It looks vintage but in fact its a Topshop number. I picked it up with a voucher I had for Christmas and I bloody love it.
I’m also wearing this leopard print number, its fast become my favourite thing to wear. It’s so easy and comfy, almost to the point I’ve forgotten what other clothes I own. Keeping the rest of my look simple with my favourite coat of the season and vans. Perfect outfit for exploring Bristol.

Photos – Shooting Dave

Hey There 2019


We’re a week into the new year and with what felt like the longest three working days ever, waiting for the weekend to be here. Did anyone else feel like that? Now the weekend is nearly over, I had great plans for this weekend but felt like I haven’t achieved what I had set out too… I’m feeling motivated to get creating, and I have ideas a plenty of content I want to shoot but like always daily life gets in the way.

Instead I’ve been feeling rundown, I cancelled plans with my friend and opted to stay home and take time to rest. I also did a spot of January cleaning, sorting out old clothes I don’t wear anymore and re-potted some plants. Thankfully I managed to rope Dave into takes some outfit snaps of my current favourite look. I’ve literally been wearing it all weekend and no doubt will be wearing it to the office tomorrow – no shame in outfit repeating. If it makes you feel good, then I’m all for it!


Lets talk about this look, I’m a huge fan of midi dresses and when I spotted this leopard number in H&M I knew it was coming home with me. I also picked up this jumper, from the sale section. I’m not normally one for sale shopping but this season I have two great finds (this jumper & my camel coat). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against sale shopping, I just don’t have the patience for the crowds and rummaging. I do enjoy a little online sale shopping. So, when I spotted this beaut of a black jumper I rushed to the tills with it. It works perfectly over this midi and is keeping the winter chill at bay.

This look came together perfectly. I was toying with wearing my short black faux fur jacket but I’m very much into longer line coats with midi dresses, I like the double length. I love the camel coat against the leopard print and as I wasn’t going anywhere fancy I opted for the casual option of my car coat. Plus it’s helping with this cold snap were currently having in England.

I’m excited for the year ahead and have big plans for my content. I’m still working on my yearly goals. Have you set new year goals?

What I’m wearing –
Coat – Oasis
Bag – ASOS
Necklace – Freedom, Topshop
Boots c/o Love The Sale 
Dress, Jumper & Beret – H&M

Photos – Shooting Dave

Autumn Days

Crisp Autumn days are my favourite, wrapping up warm with my cosiest jumper and furry coat keeping any chill at bay. As the weather is starting to turn and the evenings are getting dark its time for my thick faux fur to come out. This faux fur coat is by far one of my best vintage buys ever, I’ve had it for over ten years.

I’m also wearing one of my most recent buys which is from Primark. I don’t usually buy anything from there as I never seem to have the luck to find the goods, however this trip, I found the goods! In the form of this jumper. The other good thing about this time of year, is that it’s Beret season! I’m dusting off my collection and will pretty much be wearing one with every outfit. I mean they aren’t the most practical hat but sure look pretty.

Yes, that is a mother new bag added to my collection. This little beaut is from ASOS and I picked it up on their 15% off day, plus I had vouchers from the reward scheme ending so in essence it was a freebee. Winning! I’m a big fan of the shape and mock croc effect, think it’ll be the perfect daily use bag!

This kind of outfit is my autumn winter uniform. I’m a huge fan of mixing older vintage items with new high street buys and this outfit has a good mix up of this. I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of this jumper and bag over the coming months!

What I’m wearing –
Faux Fur Coat – Vintage
Beret & Bag – ASOS
Jeans – New Look Via ASOS
Socks – Topshop
Jumper – Primark
Desert Boots – Brick Lane

Photos – Shooting Dave


Their’s a chill in the air, were truly in the start of Autumn. Thankfully we’re still have some sunny days, then followed by chillier days, its a confusing time. Going from jeans one day to summer dresses the next. Although it’s nice to mix up my style and dig out some much cherished items that haven’t seen the light off day since last year.

We were off in search a of a late brunch and I fancied wearing jeans and something other than my leather jacket and opted for my blazer. I really don’t wear this jacket enough, this season I really fancy getting myself a suit. Something I can mix and match as separates but also wear as a full suit. Any coord recommendations, send em my way! I’m still loving both of these kissing face tee’s and I think they will look dreamy with a full suit. I’m really like the playful touch of mixing this polka-dot neckerchief with the check fo the blazer, adding depth to the look.

I’ve been in a shoe funk recently, wearing trainer mainly my vans daily. I am trying to get out of this funk and rotate my shoes but I just want comfort over style recently. It felt good getting these loafers out and wearing something other than trainers for a change. I also think my vans would work for this look but it’s nice wearing something a little sharper.

What I’m wearing –
Blazer c/o LOTD
T-shirt & Jeans – Asos
Neckerchife – Bershka
Sunglasses c/o  Sunglasses Shop
Belt – Topshop
Loafers – &Other Stories
Bag c/o Cambridge Satchel Co.

Photos – Shooting Dave

Lazy Day Dressing

When I invest in clothing I like to get more than one wear out of it. I mean, I don’t have money to throw away on wear once items. When I splurged on this jumpsuit I knew it would become a regular staple in my wardrobe. I brought this beauty to wear the day after our wedding, we had a huge garden party at Dave’s parents and this jumpsuit was perfect (you can see the look here)

 This time around I styled with my vans, probably my most worn footwear I own! Of course my leather jacket, as I pretty much wear it with everything, especially now the weather has turned cool enough to wear it. To bring out pops of pink I’m using this little bag to tie the look all together. This kind of look is so easy and in my opinion the best lazy day dressing. Jumpsuits are the best when you can’t be bothered to match up two items together to make an outfit, plus I love that you can dress them top or down. I’m also wearing my little necklace that I’m obsessed with, I really want to get some more cute gold necklaces too add to my collection.

Now autumn is just around the corner I’m planning to layer this jumpsuit with jumpers and swap out my trainers for ankle boots. I think it will be one of my best purchases and so pleased I treated myself to it. I’m starting to plan out my dream autumn looks and adding lots of bits to my favourites page, incase any of you fancy seeing what I’ve got my eye on for this season.
What’s been your Best Buy this summer?

What I’m wearing –
Jumpsuit – & Other Stories
Bag – Warehouse
Jacket c/o ASOS
Necklace – Topshop
Trainers – Vans

Photos – Shooting Dave



As I work full time Monday to Friday and I also try to blog full time, or create at least two really strong posts per week. I do struggle to get the right work and life balance.

As I start work early (like, 7am early) I do get out at a good time and I’m often found typing away on there laptop in the evenings when Dave arrives home from work. I usually switch off when Dave gets in as we have very little time in the evenings to spend time together. I then persuade Dave into taking my outfit photographs over the weekend. It has been harder than usual over recent months as we’ve had lots of wedding prep to finish off, now my evenings are becoming freer now we’ve had the wedding. I’m planning my wedding posts and hoping to share them with you all in September.

I dream of giving up the Monday to Friday grind and blog full time, but until then I strive to keep creating just as strong content as other full timers. There must be plenty others out there with the struggles I face. I try to plan and schedule my content, I like to have one post scheduled ready to go live each weekend and that gives me the time to create a new piece of work. Trying to stay one step ahead really helps me. Not that this always goes to plan, often life gets in the way or I’m just lacking inspiration.

I often plan my look in the days leading up to the weekend. This really helps to take the pressure off, as I have little time to create imagery for my posts squeezing it into two days. If I’m really set on a look I will be photographing that weekend while going about our usual weekend tasks. I try to create some written words about the look or what I’ve been up to recently before we’ve even taken the photographs. As it’s this part that often takes the most time for me. By getting some ramblings down on paper, it helps when I’ve got the images that I have a starting point.

I often have lots of posts in drafts and add a little to each one till I feel they are ready to be shared. This also helps for times of illness or bad weather. It’s crazy how much the weather can play a part in creating content. Sometimes, secretly it’s nice to have a weekend off and  just binge watch films if its a rainy Saturday. Then the stress kicks in and stats take a hit, as you’ve not got any content to share then its a race to try create something worthy of sharing.
I’m also a perfectionist and hate sharing work that I’m not totally in love with, this adds extra pressure but with plenty of planning, brainstorming for new ideas helps keep me on track.

Due to full-time working commitments I don’t feel I’ve fully grasped the work life balance interns off my blogging workload. I am still striving to streamline my process and ensure I have new and exciting content to share with you all.

How do you find your work life balance? Any other bloggers out there with full time jobs got any advice for a girl?

What I’m wearing –
Blouse – Zara
Jeans – ASOS
Shoes – Mango
Jacket – Vintage
Bag – Topshop

Photos – Shooting Dave