Retro Adidas

Here’s a taste of the clothing purchases I made while on my recent holiday. In amongst the goodies I picked up are two pairs of trainers and a couple of cute retro style tops. Today’s look is showcasing a new pair of Stan Smith Adidas trainers and to complete the theme, a classic lil’ red andContinue reading “Retro Adidas”

Spring Sunshine

I think spring has finally sprung, I am bare legged wandering around the common at times I thought this day would never arrive. I know that’s a tad dramatic but we kept getting teasers of nice weather then a week of bloody cold weather again, it’s like winter wouldn’t end! Thankfully I can see theContinue reading “Spring Sunshine”

Pretty In Pink

Pink to make the boys wink! I’ve had this pale pink dress for a number of years now and although I may not wear it very often, I do love to dust it off and give it an outing. I think it’s pretty clear to say that I am a fan of wearing a midiContinue reading “Pretty In Pink”

Kearsney Abbey

We spent May Bank Holiday weekend at the seaside, where Dave’s parents live. I just love getting away from the city on our visit’s to the coast. On Sunday, whilst in Kent, we decided to go for a picnic and headed for Dover’s Kearsney Abbey, it was my first visit to the gardens, it really isContinue reading “Kearsney Abbey”