Wedding Reception

Time to party! Here’s a collection of my favourites from our reception. Lots of booze and cakes were consumed during the evening. Games and prizes won on the penny arcade. Heels kicked off on the dance floor. Even my father played a drum solo at the end of the evening. All in all a bloody great party!

And just like that, our wedding was over. I’ve loved looking back and creating these posts to share with you. It’s been great to bring all the memories flooding back.

Even dispite the rain we had the best day. Srounded by all our nearest and dearest. Celebrating our love, in one of the funniest locations ever. With my true love in a rather dashing suit, in a funfair by the seaside eating fish and chips, what more could a gal ask for?

All our beautiful photographs were taken by the ever so talented Aden. If your looking for a wedding photographer he’s your man, we wouldn’t trust anyone else with our special day and even picked a date he was free for our wedding. He’s that good!

We’re also lucky enough to call him our friend, his beautiful wife and son joined us to celebrate the big day as Sam is a total babe and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Photos – Aden Priest



As I work full time Monday to Friday and I also try to blog full time, or create at least two really strong posts per week. I do struggle to get the right work and life balance.

As I start work early (like, 7am early) I do get out at a good time and I’m often found typing away on there laptop in the evenings when Dave arrives home from work. I usually switch off when Dave gets in as we have very little time in the evenings to spend time together. I then persuade Dave into taking my outfit photographs over the weekend. It has been harder than usual over recent months as we’ve had lots of wedding prep to finish off, now my evenings are becoming freer now we’ve had the wedding. I’m planning my wedding posts and hoping to share them with you all in September.

I dream of giving up the Monday to Friday grind and blog full time, but until then I strive to keep creating just as strong content as other full timers. There must be plenty others out there with the struggles I face. I try to plan and schedule my content, I like to have one post scheduled ready to go live each weekend and that gives me the time to create a new piece of work. Trying to stay one step ahead really helps me. Not that this always goes to plan, often life gets in the way or I’m just lacking inspiration.

I often plan my look in the days leading up to the weekend. This really helps to take the pressure off, as I have little time to create imagery for my posts squeezing it into two days. If I’m really set on a look I will be photographing that weekend while going about our usual weekend tasks. I try to create some written words about the look or what I’ve been up to recently before we’ve even taken the photographs. As it’s this part that often takes the most time for me. By getting some ramblings down on paper, it helps when I’ve got the images that I have a starting point.

I often have lots of posts in drafts and add a little to each one till I feel they are ready to be shared. This also helps for times of illness or bad weather. It’s crazy how much the weather can play a part in creating content. Sometimes, secretly it’s nice to have a weekend off and  just binge watch films if its a rainy Saturday. Then the stress kicks in and stats take a hit, as you’ve not got any content to share then its a race to try create something worthy of sharing.
I’m also a perfectionist and hate sharing work that I’m not totally in love with, this adds extra pressure but with plenty of planning, brainstorming for new ideas helps keep me on track.

Due to full-time working commitments I don’t feel I’ve fully grasped the work life balance interns off my blogging workload. I am still striving to streamline my process and ensure I have new and exciting content to share with you all.

How do you find your work life balance? Any other bloggers out there with full time jobs got any advice for a girl?

What I’m wearing –
Blouse – Zara
Jeans – ASOS
Shoes – Mango
Jacket – Vintage
Bag – Topshop

Photos – Shooting Dave

Hanging on the telephone


I can’t believe how quickly December has flown by. Dave is home from LA – having him away for two weeks was far to long for me! I’m looking forward to spending some time with him over the festive period. We’ve both finished work for the holidays and have packed up the car for our drive down to Broadstairs to spend Christmas with his family.

These snaps were taken on our “fake” Christmas celebration with my family up in Market Bosworth, its such a pretty and quaint village. With beautiful buildings and a village square, the perfect backdrop for a couple of snaps. I didn’t manage to capture my outfit the best as I was having far to much fun with my sister and little cousin Conor, he’s just under 3 years old and is a handful, a joyful handful.

With the red telephone box and the front door made quite the festive locations and thought what better time to share them than now. It’s quite apparent I love a beret and I’m so pleased there back in fashion this season.

I have a couple of blog posts going out for the festive season, be sure to check back if your looking for a spot of reading in-between squeezing in that last mince pie and watching Christmas films!

What I’m wearing –
Dress, Beret & Scarf – ASOS
Jumper – New Look
Coat – Zara
Bag – Warehouse
Trainers – Vans

Photos – Shooting Dave

Gothic Vibes

I love this fleecy jumper, it has a polo neck and wide sleeves I mean its the perfect winter jumper! Teaming my last pick from Tobi with this checked little skirt and studded ankle boots.

Went for a witchy gothic vibe for this look. Looking back at it reminds me of The Craft film from the 90’s. Funny how a look can remind you of something from years ago. I guess when getting dressed I just felt a little gothic. It felt good to don my fedora hat, it’s been awhile. I guess when it comes to winter it’s just not that practical a hat, soon as the wind picks up you run the risk of it blowing off. I feel my fedora gives the pert finishing touch to my look.

I have a couple more posts I managed to shoot with Dave before he jetted off to LA and I’m working on a couple more festive related posts too!

What I’m wearing –
Jumper c/o Tobi
Skirt – Oasis
Boots c/o LOTD
Bag – Warehouse
Hat – Urban Outfitters

Photos – Shooting Dave

Nothing Is Real But The Girl

Don’t mind me, I’m just hanging around over here doing my best art teacher impression.
In my last post I mentioned I had purchased a few items from Tobi, well this little distressed jumper is one of them. This winter I’m all about cosy knitwear and this oversized distressed number is perfect for keeping me warm and looking good. I really like the colour and feel as snug as a bug in it.

I wanted a comfy warm outfit for a day of running errands and hanging out with Dave. We had some Christmas shopping to finish off and then I helped him pack, because he’s off to LA to work for two weeks. I am so ridiculously jealous and will miss him loads. Coco and I have to fend for ourselves in his absence. Luckily I company of friends and my parents are coming to visit and keep us company this weekend and next. Plus I have an exciting skincare appointment  and a photoshoot planned with Josie, so the time will pass quickly enough.

How’s your run up to Christmas going?

What I’m wearing –
Jumper c/o Tobi
Bag – Warehouse
Jeans – ASOS
Trainers – Episode Vintage
Beret – H&M
Scarf – Vintage

Photos – Shooting Dave

Market Bosworth

 I got this hell of a cute, button down dress from Tobi.  I fancied mixing things up and decided to style this dress a little differently by wearing it as a long-line shirt with jeans.   It has a cute floral print which I think would look just as great dressed up with a jacket and tights – I will no doubt show you some pics of this outfit styled in other ways very soon, cos I love this dress.  Have you guys heard of Tobi? I have only recently discovered their range and its a bit of a game changer, let me tell you. They are an LA based brand (sooooo wishing I was an LA based blogger!)   Tobi have a whole mixture of high-end designer items through to lower budget for bargain hunters,  but wow! such gorgeous fashionable pieces.  I picked up a couple pieces from the Tobi website, so you will soon get a peek of my other purchases in outfit posts over the next couple of weeks.

These snaps were taken on a lovely weekend away in the country with my family.  We get together every year to celebrate an early Christmas before we all disappear in different directions over the festive season.  My Mammy booked us into this fabulous looking stately home, all decked out with festive  decorations. It made a very nice back drop for my outfit photoshoot, don’t you agree?

I’ve been digging the 90’s ‘clueless vibe’ of late and this look screams Cher Horowitz… I think it’s the beret?  This beret will be glued to my head all through winter, I love the soft feminine hue  it’s the latest addition to my ever growing hat collection. I’m also really into jeans at the moment, maybe its the comfort factor or because they keep me much warmer than tights; but either way, I’m going with it. So let’s all embrace winter, warmth and fashion!

What I’m wearing –
Dress c/o TOBI
Beret, Earrings & Jeans – ASOS
Jacket – Zara
Ankle Boots – Office
Bag – Warehouse

 Photos – Shooting Dave

Texture & Tone

I find this time of year a bit tricky for styling; you see, I still long to wear my cute dresses – but its bloody freezing outside!  My current solution is layering, as this enables me to wear my much loved midi dresses, whilst creating a nifty option that is chilly weather appropriate.  At this time of year I just love pulling on a huge cosy jumper over a fave frock.
This gorgeous chenille pullover is my latest obsession. Why?   It’s velvety to touch and oh so cosy!  Don’t you love the colour? It’s versatile and  looks good teamed up with a dress or worn casual with jeans and retro trainers.
For its first blog outing, I paired it with this much loved ASOS midi dress.  My cloud satchel seemed to accessorise the look perfectly.  I rather enjoyed picking out the different hues in the dress pattern of pink and rose.  In fact the floral print became star of the show, when emphasised by the addition of bag and pullover.   Anyway, I am so smitten with this bag, I guess any excuse to use it will do, quite frankly!
As you can see, even though the temperatures are dropping faster than the leaves from the trees, I am still wearing my old faithful leather jacket.  In truth,  I will have to wear warmer winter coats very soon and put it away until spring, which makes me kind of sad.   So,  just for now, donning ankle boots and a beret ensures this outfit is transitional, bridging late autumn through to the first frosty days of winter.

I meant to ask, how are ya’ll finding my new blog design? I have to say that whilst I was a bit nervous about making the changes,  I’m really pleased with my efforts.   It was in need of an update and I thinks it’s now quite beautiful.

Let me know your views, I’m curious to hear from you.

What I’m wearing –
Jumper – Boohoo via ASOS
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS
Beret – H&M
Dress – ASOS
Boots c/o Warehouse
Bag c/o Cambridge Satchel

Photos – Shooting Dave

Check This

Look – Of – The – Day
Now I bloody love this look, although it was photographed on one hell of a rainy and windy day. Don’t you just hate days like that! I met up with Josie for a lunch date, we had planned for a fun day out outfit shooting but the weather had other plans. Thankfully we managed to make it work as this outfit is hella cute and I couldn’t wait to share it.

I picked up this blazer, slogan tee and stud ankle boots from LOTD, if you haven’t heard of them before I highly suggest you check em’ out. They are affordable and very on trend, with super speedy delivery too! My only regret is not getting the matching suit trousers! Roll on pay day and they will be mine.

I must confess I haven’t been into the blazer trend for a number of reasons, I always felt like I’m to curvy for them, haven’t found one I’ve liked and how do I style it? I thought what better way to dip my toe into this ever growing trend than with this great checked one. For its first outing I thought I’d go for more traditional styling by pairing it with jeans. Adding this fun slogan tee and neckerchief to stop it from looking to formal. I’m really pleased I push through my comfort zone and branched out into this blazer trend, now just to get my hands on the matching trousers and were in!

What I’m wearing –
Tee c/o LOTD
Blazer c/o LOTD
Jeans – ASOS
Ankle Boots c/o LOTD
Belt & Neck-a-chife  – Topshop

Photo – Josie

My 5 key wardrobe staples


With autumn just around the corner, I’m looking to the high street and fashion magazines for items to add into my autumn and winter wardrobe. Each year there are much loved items that I dig out and bring back season after season, these are my fashion staples.  I thought it would be fun to share my five key wardrobe staples that always make an appearance each fall season.

Faux Fur Coats

These are my favourite thing to wear in the chillier months, they add much needed texture and fun to the most mundane looks. Both of these coats I’ve had for many years, the brown faux fur I picked up from a vintage store in Birmingham when I was around 16 or 17 years old, its originally from Marks and Spencer’s or rather St Michael’s as it was known when made. It’s in great condition still and I love it as much as the day I found it.

The leopard print has been with me a rather long time too, I think I was between the ages of 19 or 20 years old. Over all its in good condition and I love dusting it off each year. It adds a much needed element of glamour to most looks or helps jazz up an all black outfit.


amy_blog_026Bold Bag

Bold bags are one of my favourite ways to inject fun into my looks. It’s easy to create a statement with bold colours or prints. I guess bold bags are my favourite accessories all year around but I feel in the autumnal months the are even more important. Often when shooting outfit looks in the winter months you don’t take your coat off, mainly due to it being bloody cold, I feel this is when a statement accessory takes the lead of the look. It helps create depth and texture to a look.



Whether it’s an embroidered jumper or a plain grey knit, it’s key for the season to have a the right knitwear in your wardrobe. I love a good jumper, in recent years I’ve been drawn to statement knits, they can update your wardrobe and keep you warm. Whats not to love about a cosy statement knit!?



Statement Shoes

Ankle boots and loafers are my go to in the chillier months. I love a good black ankle boot but you can’t beat a bold stand out shoes. These rose gold and silver ankle boots are my favourites.





Hats are a great way to jazz up an outfit, they can be a bold statement or simple. A couple of my favourites are Berets, Fedora and a Beanie.  This season I’m all about the Beret and fancy getting my hands on some different colours.
Are you into hats and what will you be wearing this season?


Photos – Shooting Dave

Light Of Love

Happy weekend to ya’ll.

Here in England, we are enjoying a warm and lovely long bank holiday weekend with actual sunshine! Yass!  It’s been so gloomy recently and these snaps were taken on a rainy afternoon.  It feels like I am now well and truly in autumnal mode; complete with ankle boots and beret, mainly due to too many cool days of grey clouds and rain showers. Now I’m like,  what do I wear when its sunny? it’s as if I’ve forgotten it’s  summer!

Anyhow, whilst I try to work out what to wear in today’s  22 degree heat, I bet you that I only work it out – just as the weather turns.

I’m writing this during a lazy weekend; Dave is away on a friends stag do, so I’ve been taking it easy; making home cooked dinners, watching films and getting some of our wedding plans sorted.
I’m also working on a new wedding themed post and will be able to share our intended wedding venue with ya’ll next week.  In truth, we just can’t wait to start telling friends and family where we will be getting hitched! So excited.
I will tell you more about that next week.  In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine!!

What I wore –
Top – M&S
Skirt – Vintage
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS
Ankle Boots c/o Warehouse
Bag – Zara
Beret – Accessories
Ankle Socks & Belt – Topshop

Photos – Shooting Dave