Weekend Adventures

Stopping to smell the flowers

We spent last weekend in West Sussex with my father, having an early celebration of his 60th birthday… His birthday isn’t until August, so it is very early but we won’t be able to be together on the actual date. My sister was over from Greece for the occasion too.

My father rented a cottage for us all to stay in for the weekend. It was the cutest little place with an adorable little kitty that lived in the gardens. It was a great, fun family weekend. Which mainly involved eating in the local pub and sitting around chatting.

On the Sunday once the rain stopped we headed for a wander round a local garden. It was full of beautiful flowers, secret pathways, cute dogs and so many bubble bees! It was such a good weekend hanging out with my loved ones. The weekend ended with my sister treating me to a new Mac laptop, I know, I’m lucky aye! Goes without saying, my sister is better than yours ๐Ÿ˜‰
I no longer need to borrow Dave’s laptop and instead have my own rose gold beaut!

What I’m wearing –
Dress, Hoodie & Hair Clips – Primark
Trainers – Vans
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS
Bag – Zara

Photos โ€“ Shooting Dave

Rainy Day’s

Exploring Glastonbury

A couple weekends back we spent a rainy weekend in Glastonbury with my parents, although it was really rainy it was a bloody lovely weekend.

While exploring the town we found a cute ally way and wandered down and took some snaps. I’m wearing my new favourite trainers from Vans, they are a mixture of three different animal prints. Dalmatian spots at the front, with zebra sides and leopard print at the back. I also love wearing them with my spotty dress, the mix of prints is my favourite.

Then it was time for a spot of lunch, after popping into about 4 different cafes non of which were being suitable for Dave. They were all vegan or veggie, we eventually found one that was suitable, it was rather cute and had a Parisian vibe to it. Where I had the cheesiest tuna jacket potato ever!

Then it was off to explore the Cheddar Gorge and then find a good pub to spend the rest of the afternoon playing card games.

What I’m wearing –
Dress – Zara
Trainers – Vans
Bag – Topshop
Hoodie – Primark
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS

Photos โ€“ Shooting Dave

Going for a hike…

Joshua Tree Part 2

Here is my final instalment of my trip to the USA and my last post from the beautiful Joshua Tree National park. I mean, just look at this landscape. I’ve never seen anything like it, so beautiful! Thankfully we are heading back to LA later this year and I’m really excited to head back here and do more exploring.

Yet again, I’m wearing a rather impractical outfit for our hike but you know what, I was comfy and managed to climb to the top of a very large and rocky hill. Also a little tip, if heading out here in December, wear more layers than I am. It was fine while the sun shined but when the sun went behind the clouds it was bloody cold. Next time I’ll wear hiking boots and more layers.

We had the best time in LA and I can’t wait to visit again. We’re heading out in September for my sister in-laws wedding, first hitting up Las Vegas, I have so many points pinned on the map of where we want to visit! Then we’ll have a week in LA, I can’t wait to explore more places and some of our favourites we went this time.

Have you ever been to LA or Joshua Tree National park and what did you think?

What I’m wearing –
Dress – ASOS
Trainers – Vans

Photos โ€“ Shooting Dave

LA Post Cards

Urban Light

Back in December I headed out to Los Angeles to meet up with Dave. He was out there for work and I was lucky enough to pay him a visit for 10 days. It was great to be reunited with my love, he had already been away for well over and week and I was missing him terribly.
We hinted up the sight of LA, ticking off some of my must see places off of my list. One of them was the Urban Light. It’s one of the most instagrammed places in Los Angles but thankfully when we visited it wasn’t too busy and we managed to get some snaps without anyone (or hardly anyone) in the background.
I’ve been blogging for many years now but can still get shy when stopping to take photographs in the street, mainly because people stop and stare. That was until I visited LA, so many people posing for that perfect instagram shot. I mean, we saw so many insta shoots happening. It made me feel at home and at ease, its like its a normal thing to do out there. So we got snapping away!

I have plenty more to share from my trip and looking forward to my next visit!

5905 Wilshire Blvd,
Los Angeles,
CA 90036, USA

Photos โ€“ Shooting Dave