Girl About Town…


It’s been a couple of days since I last blogged, the weather, being busy at press days and doing freelance work is all to blame! I’ve been lugging my camera around with me all week but due to rainy weather haven’t been able to capture my outfits. Finally a break in the weather allowed me to get some outfit photos in, my dear friend Jermaine (seen in my halloween post as a vampire) kindly took these pics while about and about in central London. Its quite convenient having a friend who’s into photography and knows how to use an SLR . Might be calling on his photography skills again, now that its dark at 4 pm, makes blogging tricky. Damn you winter!!! I have a lot of new goodies I wish to share with you so hopefully the weather will stay nice and dry and I’ll be able to snap away at the weekend.
central2central3What I’m wearing –


Hat, Dress & Shoes – Topshop

Necklace – Freedom

Bag – Miu Miu

Faux Scarf – Vintage, Thrift.central5centralPhotos – Jermaine

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Vintage Flower Power…

Vint_Flower1Vint_Flower8FlowerPowerWahoo, it’s the weekend! I had a great week at work but boy was it hard, with lots of over time and even earlier starts than usual. I was extra pleased to finish early on Friday afternoon and as Dave  already had the day off I took this opportunity to walk Coco and take pictures in the park. He also had a new lens to play with so was rather happy to snap away.



When getting dressed I felt I wanted to be floral but not to girly. I teamed my vintage floral shirt with my fake leather skirt and added tough elements in with the hat, studded belt and bag. I think the shirt lends it self well to a slightly tougher style with its button up and collar and dark back drop of the print.

Vint_Flower5Vint_Flower3Vint_Flower12Vint_Flower4Vint_Flower9What I’m wearing –

Jacket – Army Surplus

Shirt & Scarf  – Vintage

Belt & Hat – Topshop

Skirt – Warehouse

Desert Boots – Brick Lane

Bag – Vivienne WestwoodVint_Flower11Vint_Flower7Vint_Flower6

Photos – Shooting Dave

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The Perfect Afternoon…

Check3Check2At The V&A –

We had a very cultured weekend, on Saturday we saw The Woman In Black at the theater. Sunday was spent wandering around the Victoria and Albert museum, with afternoon tea and cake. Then Monday we visited the Tate Modern and the Roy Lichtenstein and a Bigger Splash exhibitions. I love Roy’s work and was great getting to see it up close, I used him as inspiration for my GCSE art and then again for a fashion collection. The Bigger Splash wasn’t really my thing but it was good to see… While at the V&A we came across this lovely corridor and staircase, with a huge window. As it was super cold outside we opted for taking photos inside and within the pretty surroundings. Dave was really happy with the lighting the V&A provided…


It’s been amazing to spend some quality time with my Father. I was very sad to say goodbye 😦
Check5What I’m wearing –

Coat, Scarf & Belt – Vintage

Hat & Dress – Topshop

Bag – Miu Miu

Shoes – Office

Check4CheckCheck6Check1Then It Was Time For Afternoon Tea & Cake!

As we all know I love nothing better than spending my Sunday afternoons in pretty coffee shops drinking tea and eating pretty cakes. This Sunday was no different but I possibly enjoyed it more than usual as wondering around the V&A first then resting in the cafe was splendid. v&a1v&aLike usual I had Earl Grey tea and carrot cake, Dave opted for a flat white and blueberry muffin. My dad had lemon drizzle cake (good choice) and Judy a fruit tart I believe. Like usual I didn’t get chance to snap photos of everyone else – we were to hungry from wandering around all day. v&a3 v&a2

Photos – Shooting Dave

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My Easter Day Outfit…

This is what I wore on Easter Sunday, my friend Louise stayed over and we ate lots of chocolate, walked Coco and watched films. We both had to work over the bank holiday weekend so neither of us could go home to see our family’s which sucked, least we got to hang out together!

I got this hat a while back on my uniform discount and feel it just goes with these boots and dress. Of course I had to team it with my new jacket as I pretty much wear it with everything at the moment.

What I’m wearing –

Jacket & Blouse – Charity Shop

Dress & Cardigan – Vintage

Hat – Topshop

Bag – ASOS

Boots – Office

Photos Shooting Dave

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Through The Tree’s…

We’re back to our usual Sunday morning routine, where we take Coco for a stroll in the park. We’ve mixed it up a little and headed to a different park, which had a really cute duck pond and little bridge. The perfect photo taking spot, right? So we quickly snapped these before all the dog walks came passed – some times I’m fine with people watching but others I find it way to embracing! This was one of those times, we have some rather funny photos of me with my eyes shut and pulling funny faces.

Any way back to the outfit – I’m not sure if you follow me on twitter or not but I mentioned that my favorite brogues have died RIP Brogues, so today I’,m wearing there replacement. I still feel like I’m cheating on my old ones 😦 but they’ve gone past the point of repair. I do love these new bad boys, I even went for the more girly option and went for the ones with a slight heel! I’m also sporting a new belt from H&M, it was a bargain with two belts for £14.99 and there both real leather! It’s this tan brown one and a light nude coloured belt. I was in need of a new belt as this one I always has broken to… I’m having bad luck with my favorite items breaking on me!

What I’m Wearing –

Dress & Scarf – Vintage

Jacket & Belt – H&M

Bag – Urban Outfitters

Hat –  Topshop

Brogues – Office

Look at my amazing new shoes! My old love of my life one’s died 😦 so these are there replacement!!

Photos – Dave Cox

Photo’s At Dusk…

If you visit my blog often you’ll have seen this dress plenty of times before and no doubt you’ll see it many more times to come. I just love it, it’s comfy and easy to wear. The colours seams to go so well with this cardigan and I couldn’t resist wearing my hat with the look, I didn’t want to wear a coat as I felt it ruined the look. Although as soon as I stepped out I regretted that decision, so I was glad I grabbed my furry scarf which I thought would keep me warm – it didn’t really do the trick. You can click here and here to see couple of ways I’ve worn this dress before. I didn’t get up to much today just had a very lazy day watching tv on the sofa and then in the evening walking the dog. It’s been so sunny lately and I’m loving the lighter evenings, so we took advantage of this and took a quick couple of photos in this location.

Not sure if Coco got cold or just clingy but he wanted me to pick him up. I love how he did his cute one ear up for the camera!

What I’m Wearing –

Dress & Scarf – Vintage

Cardigan – Motel

Hat – Topshop

Shoes – River Island

Photos – Dave Cox