Casual Tartan

I’ve had this dress for a couple of years and it’s perfect for Autumnal dressing, it’s easy to throw on and looks effortless and chic year after year. Such a good investment and it’s from Tallulah’s Threads and I highly recommend checking them out. A UK and Brighton based independent fashion brand, with plenty of fun frocksContinue reading “Casual Tartan”

Walking With Dinosaurs

 Last week Dave and I went for a walk in Crystal Palace and went on the hunt for dinosaurs! It was a rare mid week day off for us both and took full advantage of this, it was made even better by the lovely autumnal weather. This was our first visit to Crystal Palace park, it’sContinue reading “Walking With Dinosaurs”

Check List…

How’s the new year treating ya’ll so far? Mines going rather swell, my day job is going well and I’ve got some exciting projects lined up for the blog – which I can’t wait to finish creating and share! About this look – I’ve been wearing this Tallulah’s Threads dress a lot lately and it’s now onContinue reading “Check List…”

Tallulah’s Threads…

Tallulah’s Threads is an online Boutique specialising in Vintage clothing and accessories for today’s Fashion loving girls. They sell hand picked Vintage items from around the UK and Europe, sourcing unique and high quality garments from the 50’s to the early 90’s and they also carry a small collection of they’re own vintage inspired pieces, whichContinue reading “Tallulah’s Threads…”