Soft Florals


A little outfit post for ya’ll. As you’re reading this, we are on holiday, driving to The Highlands of Scotland, for a week away and I can not wait to get there! 

We’re also planning to explore Glasgow whilst up that way. Be sure to look out for posts sharing lots of beautiful scenery and the odd outfit picture. I have some ‘special looks’ planned and I’m excited about letting you in on our Scottish adventures over the coming days.

I have a posts in mind, scheduled for you’re reading pleasure next week… my trip away will not be shy of blogging. I will feature a recent afternoon tea treat- I was on my way there when we stopped to snap these pictures. For the afternoon tea date I wanted something cute and comfy, so I opted for this grey floral midi dress with a khaki Superdry jacket; I love the soft girly dress against the toughness of this khaki army style jacket; tan accessories complete the look.  

As usual, I have been busy snapping away and plan to showcase recent photos that are fast becoming my favourites. I will be featuring a skirt which I think is a must have for summer 2016, see what you think, will it become one of your top garments of the summer too?

Tune in next week to find out what I think we will all be stocking up on this summer… Forgive me, I’m such a tease 😉

IMG_4000IMG_4011 IMG_4033

What I’m wearing –
Dress – Oasis
Shoes – Topshop
Jacket c/o Superdry
Backpack – Primark
Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters 

IMG_4018IMG_4040Photos – Lois

Golden Light…

Field7Field2Yesterday evening was a fun filled one, Dave , Coco and I had our usual common walk. Then on our way home bumped into my best friends Allen and Ashley with their little puppies. After popping back into my flat for refreshments, we all headed to the garden. Where Enid & Rupert chased Coco around. I couldn’t get a good shot of Coco as he now knows when the camera is on him and wont pose (very annoying!!). They had lots of fun and we enjoyed sitting and chatting in the sunshine.  With regards to my outfit, I wanted to be comfy and relaxed. Its so darn hot that only a shorter skirt would do and my little trainers we’re comfy and easy, so I rolled with it. Field5FieldField3Field1What I’m wearing –

T-shirt & Sunglasses – Topshop

Belt & Skirt – Vintage

Backpack – Primark

Trainers – Adidas c/o Voucher Codes

Necklace – Freedom

Photos – Shooting Dave

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Summer Heat…

Sunshine Sunshine1With Britain actually having a summer and not only a summer but a heat weave, both are things we thought wouldn’t happen this year! I’m enjoying the warmth but running out of clothes to wear. I don’t like flashing to much skin and with the heat its hard to choose what’s best to wear. I want to remain stylish but keep cool if I can. This dress did a good, I love its print and with its cotton fabric kept me cool as I could be… In other news, were house hunting. Its hard work and most of my time is starting to be take up by finding flats and then viewing them. So far we haven’t found one we love but hopefully we will have it all sorted before our leave date on our current flat! Fingers crossed.

P.s I’ve been featured on the Laura Ashley Blog, along with a couple of other super cool vintage ladies! Go check it out!
Sunshine4Sunshine2What I’m wearing –

Hat, Socks & Shoes – Topshop

Dress – Primark

Belt & Bag – Vintage

Chain – Freedom

Sunshine3Photos – Shooting Dave

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A Trip To Yesteryear!

Vintage Vintage5Earlier in the week Dave and I took a stroll in the common, the weather in London has remained lovely and warm. I rolled up the sleeves of this dress and teamed it with tan accessories. I’ve also been very busy having the darling Claire staying with us. She was down from Leeds for Wimbledon and stayed a couple extra days. Which was great fun, we visit Allen and his new little puppies, went for afternoon tea and then yummy dinner. I have lots of photos to share with you, mainly of puppies!
Vintage1 Vintage2What I’m wearing –

Dress – Vintage

Shoes – Topshop

Belt – Urban Outfitters

Backpack – Primark

Vintage3 Vintage4

Photos – Shooting Dave

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Mad Elizabeth…


Howdy Mad Elizabethans!

 I’m honored to be the first guest blogging over at the brand new and shiny Mad Elizabeth blog!
 I’ve been friends with Claire for a number of years, we met while studying our MA degree and have remained close friends ever since. We bonded over our love of vintage and retro fashion. I was lucky enough to witness the birth of Mad Elizabeth their vintage store. I often by vintage gems off them, like this floral crown. As we all know I’m a huge fan of head wear! In the summer months florals are a must, my outfit was built around this floral beauty! Teaming it with a floral dress, you can’t have to many flowers in one outfit, right!?

Flower5Flower1What I’m wearing –

Jacket – Army Surplus

Dress, Bag & Scarf – Vintage

Floral Crown Mad Elizabeth

Belt – Urban Outfitters

Brogues – Topshop
Flower7Be sure to pop over to visit the lovely Claire & Heather, to see this post in full and show their blog some love.

Photos – Shooting Dave

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Summer Stroll…

Shirt2Shirt8I love our evening walks in the common, I am truly enjoying the summer. Although we keep having mixed weather, with heat waves, then huge down pours of rain but hey thats England after all! This evenings walk was a particular favorite of mine, Coco made a new little friend, the weather was great and I like how the pictures turned out. All in all it was a fun stroll around the common. How have you been spending the light evenings? Shirt1Shirt6I’ve been trying to get out of the habit of using the same old accessories over and over, I use this bag daily and my tote bag, (it holds everything I need while at work, as you can’t really fit a lunch box in small vintage bags!). I’ve been enjoying mixing up my handbag choice and have been drawn to the more lady like ones.
Shirt11Shirt4Shirt10This is Coco’s new little friend Izzy, she’s a Tibetan Terrier a bread I’ve never hear or seen before. Boy, oh boy, she was a cutie and I’m sold on this bread now. I want one! Theres so many puppies around lately, wish we could get Coco a little friend but our place is to small for two dogs 😦Shirt5Shirt7What I’m wearing –

Shirt – Topshop

Skirt & Bag – Vintage

Belt – Urban Outfitters

Loafers – Office

Photos – Shooting Dave

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Hanbury Botanic Gardens Part Two…

italygarden25ItallyGarden1What I Wore –

While planning what to wear that morning and discovering we were heading to the gardens. I wore my floral dress and crown, as I thought this was best fitting for the settings. We used the wonderful garden settings as back drops for my outfit photographs. I picked up this floral dress from Beyond Retro last year, I was drawn to the print and silhouette. I teamed it with tan accessories and to top off the look my floral crown. 

Italygarden6ItalyGardenItalygarden24What I’m wearing –

Dress & Belt – Vintage

Jacket – Army Surplus

Backpack – Primark

Shoes – Urban Outfitters

Floral CrownCrown & Glory ItalyFlowerItalygarden18Photos – Shooting Dave

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What I Wore To Explore Monaco…


 I love this little jacket, it’s so light weight and I’m a huge fan of the rust colour. While away it was chilly enough in the mornings to wear a light jacket but still warm enough to go bare legged. I teamed my favorite vintage skirt with tan accessories and a simple grey tee. I also used my Billingham camera bag that day, which is perfect to take my camera around and my lipstick.


I wore this to explore Monaco, which was great fun, we walked the F1 track. Dave is a huge F1 fan so it was a must do thing while in the South of France, but I will tell and show you more of Monaco in another post 🙂


What I’m wearing –

Jacket & T-shirt  – Warehouse

Skirt & Belt – Vintage

Bag – Billingham

Sandals – Office

Nice2Nice7Photos – Shooting Dave

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