Day at Howletts

Hello Sunshine! We had a lovely Easter bank holiday weekend down in Kent. Visiting Dreamland, walking along the sea front and a family day out to Howletts Wildlife Park. I have a funny relationship with Zoo’s, I love visiting them but also can’t help hating seeing the Animals in cages and wish they didn’t haveContinue reading “Day at Howletts”

Red Hot

It’s my ‘go to phrase’, I know, I hear myself repeating it a lot, but stick with me when I say again about how much I bloody love this dress! I have been so good this year, I saved up all the ASOS vouchers I was gifted for Christmas and my birthday. It was prettyContinue reading “Red Hot”

Postcards From Scotland

Well I’m back in London and the trip to Scotland has long passed and I have lots of pretty pictures that don’t belong to a specific category of images but they are pretty none the less.  So here you are, I’ve popped them all together in one post. I feel it’s a great way toContinue reading “Postcards From Scotland”

Nice, you so pretty!

While is the South of France we spent most of our time in Nice. Wandering around the harbor, along the sea front and into the old town. We visited Art galleries and beautiful city gardens, then headed into the main shopping streets. Where I picked up a new black little satchel style bag and DaveContinue reading “Nice, you so pretty!”