Shopping on Abbot Kinney

Burro is a firm favourite of mine! Back with a new video on my Youtube channel talking all about my favourite stores on Abbot Kinney. I’ve included the video down below, if you enjoy it please give me a follow on Youtube it would mean the world to me. I”m trying my hand at itContinue reading “Shopping on Abbot Kinney”

Shopping Trip With The Girls

And Westfield Stratford City! We were invited along to Westfield Stratford City for a spot of shopping and to top up our Love Box outfits – more on that later 😉 Oh I’m such a tease! We hit up our favorite stores and got busy shopping, the lovely Beth raided Topshop and picked up this superContinue reading “Shopping Trip With The Girls”

Say Whaatttt… Yo Wearing Jeans Girl!?

This Shit Be Cray…. I’m wearing jeans!!! Your eyes do not deceive you, I am in fact wearing jeans. While out shopping with Dave for his Birthday, I picked up these boyfriend style jeans from Topshop. It’s very strange wearing jeans and so far out of my comfort zone that in actual fact I could have gottenContinue reading “Say Whaatttt… Yo Wearing Jeans Girl!?”