Let the sunshine in

Howdy, how ya’ll doing? I’ve been rushed off my feet this last week, with an impromptu day trip to Portsmouth, friends stays and busy evening – working on fun projects with my girl Lolo – I haven’t had time to write posts, but I shall up my a game and get back on it, IContinue reading “Let the sunshine in”

Sunday Girl

Dave has been working over time this weekend and in a bid to actually spend some time with him I joined him at work. It works out pretty sweet for me too, I get to see Dave and work on my illustrations, plus Coco tags all my too. I always intend to sit down to drawContinue reading “Sunday Girl”

Bohemian Vibes…

Glitzy Secrets have created a fun quiz which let’s you discover your style era. The quiz only takes a couple of minutes and is great fun! I was intrigued to find out which era I was destined for – when I started my blog and first found my love for vintage fashion I was intoContinue reading “Bohemian Vibes…”

Amongst The Reeds…

This week I had a much needed hair cut, nothing to drastic but the ends taken off and a little length off the fringe and boy does it feel good, super soft and looks much healthier. It’s all thanks to my dear friend Allen, in exchange for a free hair cut for myself and Dave, IContinue reading “Amongst The Reeds…”