Sunny Seaside Strolls

I had one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while, after a gruellingly long week at work we headed down south to Dave’s parents. Thankfully as schools were still on holiday we managed to get out of London with very little traffic and made it home in good time. On Saturday we hadContinue reading “Sunny Seaside Strolls”

Kearsney Abbey

We spent May Bank Holiday weekend at the seaside, where Dave’s parents live. I just love getting away from the city on our visit’s to the coast. On Sunday, whilst in Kent, we decided to go for a picnic and headed for Dover’s Kearsney Abbey, it was my first visit to the gardens, it really isContinue reading “Kearsney Abbey”

No bicycles or cycles allowed…

I meet up with Katrina for a yummy brunch date of pancakes, then we went for a stroll around central London. We were celebrating her birthday and have little girly shopping day, I ended up getting rather a lot for the flat. Home decor is my favorite thing to buy, well I love buying anythingContinue reading “No bicycles or cycles allowed…”


Spring is a comin’ the weather was so nice this weekend. I ditched my big winter coat and donned my leather jacket, then headed off to Hyde Park for a walk with Coco and some friends. I couldn’t believe how nice a day it was and things can only get better from here. Spring willContinue reading “Monochromatic….”