Camo Country


Wet and rainy London town.

Oh my, it seems the last vestiges of summer here in the UK has waved goodbye and slammed on the brakes, it stopped so suddenly! In recent years, September has been quite glorious, allowing us to eek out our festival fashions, before winter woollies and rain coats become the order of the day. The weather is actually matching my personal circumstances, so in a funny coincidental manner, it’s quite fitting. I was taken ill just recently and even though I fought it, I was left feeling pants. I’m tough, some say stoic and always usually carry on regardless, however, as you will see, these images were snapped on the first day of my sickness, before it fully set in. Little did I know just how poorly I was whilst having them taken -to make matters worse, IT WAS RAINING … now that’s just rude. I know, let’s blame the weather and my poor health for my sulky moody face in these shots? 😉

It’s my favourite time in the fashion calendar, in anticipation, I picked up a whole load of Fashion mags recently, I wanted to browse and really get into the swing of the forthcoming fashion weeks in London and Paris. I feel gutted that I might not recover in time to attend both events, all the plotting and planning of recent months dashed, but I’m  a fighter as you know and really hoping to be strong enough to travel to Paris for the shows, paraphernalia and buzz that goes with Fashion Week. So please join me and cross your fingers & toes and send positive vibes my way, I’m hopeful for full health restored quickly. Thank you, normal Vintage Reflection service will resume shortly.

This shoot takes on a ‘country/camouflage’ theme, creating a mix of trends I spotted from the pages of Vogue just recently. I must admit to originally being inspired to create a ‘Victorian Merchant’ style shoot, but when it came to it, I found it a bit too flouncy for my liking. I believe our choice of clothes, the texture and colours, so often reflects our mood, don’t you think? Perhaps as I was toughing it out, my look reflected my mood and the addition of a camo jacket created a less fussy style. Dave thought I looked a little bit ‘country and western’, either way I’m definitely digging this look.

As I recuperate, I will look through snaps taken on our recent escape to Greece, choosing something just right to pop a shot of sunshine into these cool autumnal, fall evenings. There are a couple of other posts in the pipeline, so fear not, the upcoming schedule should keep ya’ll entertained while I get back on my tootsies.

camo_country_034camo_country_017camo_country_018camo_country_022camo_country_038What I’m wearing –
Skirt c/o Super Dry
Loafers – & Other Stories
Bag – Miu Miu
Camo Jacket – Episode Vintage
Socks & Belt – Topshop
Fedora – Urban Outfitters
Blouse – Oasis
camo_country_019camo_country_002camo_country_033camo_country_027camo_country_035 camo_country_037Photos – Shooting Dave

Summer Solstice…

clapham_011clapham clapham_023

I’m feeling very lucky and grateful, I’ve had such a delightful weekend. We had a nice lazy stroll down to Clapham Common where we went for lunch at The Rookery’s. The best burger and fries we’ve had in a long time, then for a walk in the common. Boy, did we need to walk off that food as it was huge! The best part was Coco came along too, a little family day out! My favorite weekends are when I get to spend quality time with Dave and when Coco gets to come along, too! As we’re still having a warm spell I just went for comfort in my floral midi dress, Miu Miu bag and new favorite sandals. Below you’ll see Dave wearing his new Birthday t-shirt I got him from Urban Outfitters. I love the turned up sleeve and pocket details, he picked a good present!clapham_004clapham_028clapham_018clapham_01clapham_022What I’m wearing –

Dress – ASOS

Sandals – Topshop

Bag – Miu Miu

Sunglasses – Warehouse

Ring – Freedom, Topshopclapham_017clapham_027Dave’s instagramin’ the canopy of leaves with his fisheye Olloclip.clapham_016Photos – Shooting Dave
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No Parking…

no_parking_021no_parkingIt’s been a while since Dave and I were able to shoot some blog photos. He’s worked seven days straight and when he did have spare time he could be found at the race tracks, taking pictures of very fast cars. After Dave finished up an extra shift on Saturday, it meant I had him all to myself for the rest of the weekend, which meant two things. 1st a date night and 2nd Sunday family walk.
We went to Bill’s for dinner and boy was it good, we were both gutted we didn’t have our cameras as it was very pretty. The decor was amazing, I’d happily have it as my home and the food was just as pretty and real tasty. Then today we took Coco for a long walk but before heading to the common, we stopped by these garage doors for a mini shoot.no_parking_039no_parking_014no_parking1 no_parking_040What I’m wearing –

Jacket – Army Surplus

T-shirt – Primark

Skirt & Necklace – Wallis

Bag – Miu Miu

Sunglasses – Topshop

Hat – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Dr Martens

no_parking_006no_parking2no_parking_032This skirt is something a little different to my usual taste. Its from the W collection at Wallis, the W collection is a premium and limited range . I loved the colours and print, plus its fun to try out new styles. I’m really glad I took a chance and added my own spin with the Dr Matens and my signature hat.
no_parking_023no_parking_038no_parking_016Photos – Shooting Dave
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Up Town Girl…

saturday_012saturday_022Dave and I had a date day and this is what I wore. I  felt very glamours and I’m pleased with how this look came together. Not going to lie, I was a little chilly but yesterday was really sunny and I just had to brave the no tights club! I’m glad I did as this outfit didn’t look right with tights.. I’ve had this jumper for a while and unsure why it’s taken me so long to show it you, as I love it! It was a cheeky uniform purchase from work (which meant and hefty discount, which is always a good thing ;–) ). This look all came together with the dress and jumper combination working so well, I added in the stud boots with the gold hint to pull out the detail in the jumper and it added a little toughness to the look. The coat felt like the right choice and along with the bag that added that little extra touch of luxury to the look.saturday_026saturday_014saturday_029leopardWhat I’m wearing –

 Coat, Dress & Boots – Topshop

Jumper – Wallis

Hat – H&M

Bag – Miu Miusaturday_025saturday_008Photos – Shooting Dave

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These boots were made for walkin’

leopardprint1 leopardprint7These boots were made for walkin’ and thats just what they’ll do!

I got these little boots and this blouse as part of my Arcadia bundle of joy. I’m so happy with these boots, they were on my payday list to buy at the end of the month, it’s even better that I was able to get them without parting my cash! Means more money for Christmas presents for the family now. I’ve worn these boots every day since getting them, they are very comfy and easy to wear.


I layered the blouse under this dip hem full circle dress from Mi-Mi clothing. It’s funny as Mi Mi is my family nickname 🙂 the dress is really good value at £15! I liked this outfit but felt quite strange when wearing it, like it wasn’t quite me? But yet I wear lots of colour, lots of dip hem dresses and lots of collar details so not sure how it felt unlike me?! Strange how clothing can make us feel..


I also teamed up with Jermaine again to take my photographs on our lunch break. It’s very handy having his help and will make blogging over the winter months a lot easier! I’m trying to convince him into starting his own blog. Will keep you posted if I succeed in getting him to start one!

leopardprint6leopardprint5What I’m wearing –

Dress c/o Mi-Mi Clothing

Blouse c/o Dorothy Perkins

Coat – Topshop

Bag – Miu Miu

Boots c/o Wallis

leopardprintleopardprint10Photos – Jermaine

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Girl About Town…


It’s been a couple of days since I last blogged, the weather, being busy at press days and doing freelance work is all to blame! I’ve been lugging my camera around with me all week but due to rainy weather haven’t been able to capture my outfits. Finally a break in the weather allowed me to get some outfit photos in, my dear friend Jermaine (seen in my halloween post as a vampire) kindly took these pics while about and about in central London. Its quite convenient having a friend who’s into photography and knows how to use an SLR . Might be calling on his photography skills again, now that its dark at 4 pm, makes blogging tricky. Damn you winter!!! I have a lot of new goodies I wish to share with you so hopefully the weather will stay nice and dry and I’ll be able to snap away at the weekend.
central2central3What I’m wearing –


Hat, Dress & Shoes – Topshop

Necklace – Freedom

Bag – Miu Miu

Faux Scarf – Vintage, Thrift.central5centralPhotos – Jermaine

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Urban Stroll…

urban_stroll_ (10 of 50) urban_stroll_ (32 of 50)UrbanStoll1We’re  settled back into our evening routine of walks and outfit photos, well at least before the dark clutches of winter hits. It was a very warm day so no need for a jacket but cool enough for tights, I teamed one of my favorite dresses with my new favorite hat. I got these brogues a couple months back and on my first wear they cut my feet up (heat wave + swollen feet = blisters, huge blisters!) I was a little weary about trying them again but hey I have to break them in at some point. My old brogues had fallen a part beyond repair, I’m hoping these will become as comfy as the others.I also got this wicked chain from work, I’ve become addicted to my gold one, got the sliver one to mix it up and now adding this mixed metal chain to my collection.
urban_stroll_ (36 of 50) urban_stroll_ (46 of 50)What I’m wearing –

Hat & Dress – Urban Outfitters

Necklace – Wallis

Bag – Miu Miu

Brogues – River Island
urban_stroll_ (39 of 50) urban_stroll_ (49 of 50)UrbanStollurban_stroll_ (12 of 50)urban_stroll_ (50 of 50)Photos – Shooting Dave

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The Perfect Afternoon…

Check3Check2At The V&A –

We had a very cultured weekend, on Saturday we saw The Woman In Black at the theater. Sunday was spent wandering around the Victoria and Albert museum, with afternoon tea and cake. Then Monday we visited the Tate Modern and the Roy Lichtenstein and a Bigger Splash exhibitions. I love Roy’s work and was great getting to see it up close, I used him as inspiration for my GCSE art and then again for a fashion collection. The Bigger Splash wasn’t really my thing but it was good to see… While at the V&A we came across this lovely corridor and staircase, with a huge window. As it was super cold outside we opted for taking photos inside and within the pretty surroundings. Dave was really happy with the lighting the V&A provided…


It’s been amazing to spend some quality time with my Father. I was very sad to say goodbye 😦
Check5What I’m wearing –

Coat, Scarf & Belt – Vintage

Hat & Dress – Topshop

Bag – Miu Miu

Shoes – Office

Check4CheckCheck6Check1Then It Was Time For Afternoon Tea & Cake!

As we all know I love nothing better than spending my Sunday afternoons in pretty coffee shops drinking tea and eating pretty cakes. This Sunday was no different but I possibly enjoyed it more than usual as wondering around the V&A first then resting in the cafe was splendid. v&a1v&aLike usual I had Earl Grey tea and carrot cake, Dave opted for a flat white and blueberry muffin. My dad had lemon drizzle cake (good choice) and Judy a fruit tart I believe. Like usual I didn’t get chance to snap photos of everyone else – we were to hungry from wandering around all day. v&a3 v&a2

Photos – Shooting Dave

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Townhouse Tailoring….

Trouser2Trousers1Shock horror… I’m wearing trousers!!

It’s been stupidly cold here in London, which had me searching for something warm to wear. On Saturday I opted for these really old trousers and they did the trick, keeping me warm. My Father’s down in London for a long weekend. We meet him and my step Mother at their hotel, which is located on a beautiful half crescent road with amazing townhouses. As it happens we took my Birthday photos here last year!  Sorry I digress, back to my outfit… I felt rather 40’s and very dapper in this outfit. I teamed my high waisted trousers with my green army style shirt from Topshop and this leopard print scarf. These are two items I love putting together.Trouser3

What I’m wearing –

Coat, Scarf & Hat – Vintage

Shirt – Topshop

Trousers – H&M

Brogues – Office

BagMiu Miu

Photos – Shooting Dave

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Loving This Little Black Dress…

Leopard3LeopardIt’s fair to say I’m slightly addicted to these dresses, I have worn the white version quite a few times and heres how I made the black one more day wear. Teaming it with tan leather, my old vintage scarf and beret from H&M (which I’ve had for over 5 years!). We went to meet my Mother at Bicester Village, which is a designer outlet in Oxfordshire. We met there as it’s half way between London and Birmingham, I didn’t end up getting any outfit photos there as it was too busy and we ended up leaving the shopping and going for lunch in a local pub, away from the crazy shoppers. It was so lovely to see my Mommy and was very sad to leave her, it was horrible having to say goodbye after such a fun day. Leopard2What I wore –

Coat, Dress & Brogues – Topshop

Scarf – Vintage

Bag – Miu Miu

Hat – H&M

Belt – Urban OutfittersLeopard4Leopard1Leopard6

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