LFW Look 1: Double Floral

I must say, I bloody loved this look and felt sassy as hell in it. I think it’s a combination of things that goes into creating sassiness; let’s break it down, I think this embroidered jumper is everything, I adore the colours within the embroidery and those sleeve, just look at those sleeves! I mustContinue reading “LFW Look 1: Double Floral”

Parisian Cobbled Streets

Now I think this is my favorite outfit I’ve ever worn! I know thats a corker of a statement and let me explain why, it felt effortless and oh so chic. The embroidery and crochet detail is very on point! Even more so is the way the dress flowed beautifully with movement when I trottedContinue reading “Parisian Cobbled Streets”

Paris Day One

 Paris, how I love you. Lois and I spent our first afternoon in Paris checking into our beautiful hotel (more on that soon!). Whilst unpacking our cases, we revelled in the luxury of our room and then had a good old snoop around the facilities; we really lucked out! Time to explore. It was joyous wanderingContinue reading “Paris Day One”

Mimi & Lolo reviews… I Love Cosmetics

I have been quite busy just lately, in that space where fun and work collide. I want to tell you about a couple of exciting new interests that Lois and I have teamed up on. Being curious types, we have been reviewing products that interest us ….and hopefully interest you too. Not content with writing andContinue reading “Mimi & Lolo reviews… I Love Cosmetics”