Kearsney Abbey

We spent May Bank Holiday weekend at the seaside, where Dave’s parents live. I just love getting away from the city on our visit’s to the coast. On Sunday, whilst in Kent, we decided to go for a picnic and headed for Dover’s Kearsney Abbey, it was my first visit to the gardens, it really isContinue reading “Kearsney Abbey”

Townhouse Chic

Happy weekend ya’ll! It’s been a long old week at work and I’m so happy to be having a chilled out Saturday. After a nice lazy start to the day we headed to North London to keep Dave company at work (Dave’s having to work overtime), so we headed up to North London with him,Continue reading “Townhouse Chic”

Little Red

Thus far January has been rainy and cold, which makes taking outfit photographs nearly impossible. On this occasion I got dresses up for a coffee date with Dave, we had been stuck indoors due to torrential rain and made a break for it, thankfully for the majority of our coffee date it reminded dry right up untilContinue reading “Little Red”