Weekend Dressing

I’m writing this post on a rainy Saturday, sadly the weather has been awful and I’ve been unable to take any outfit snaps. Thankfully I have this set from just before I had my hair cut last week. This is the perfect weekend outfit, easy, casual and looks like I’m put together but with veryContinue reading “Weekend Dressing”


DO YOU HAVE A GOOD WORK LIFE BALANCE? As I work full time Monday to Friday and I also try to blog full time, or create at least two really strong posts per week. I do struggle to get the right work and life balance. As I start work early (like, 7am early) I do getContinue reading “AGE OLD QUESTION”

New Garms Got Me Feelin’ Fine

– SIXIES VIBES – Here I am wearing some of the goodies I listed in ‘my birthday wish list’ post. I intended to save them until my actual birthday this  Sunday,  but you know me, I really couldn’t help myself and took them for an early test run! So here I am wearing a great casual outfitContinue reading “New Garms Got Me Feelin’ Fine”