Let’s Catch Up!

instagram01Hey There!
It’s been a while and I’m awfully sorry for my absence. What with my trip back home visiting my Father for his Birthday, then staying on to help my Mother move house and then having to be back at work,¬†I just haven’t had time for outfit photographs or even to get the ones we took while away off Dave’s camera… I’m hoping to rectify this over the weekend but for now I thought I’d share some of my recent instagram snaps. It’s been a good couple of months for food and drinks!! See you soon, hopefully with a new outfit post ūüėČ

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Afternoon Tea At The Waiting Room…

afternoon_tea_05afternoon_tea_07afternoon_tea_13Oh boy, ¬†I do love a bit of afternoon tea and this was a good-en!¬†As a little treat my sweet toothed friend Jermaine booked this afternoon tea for us. We’ve been to a number of different styled afternoon tea but this one was by far my favorite. It was so vintage and kitsch!

afternoon_tea_06afternoon_tea_01Plus the food was yummy, we had a pot of Russian Earl Grey tea to share. Then we tucked into our beautifully laid out cake stand starting with sandwiches of egg mayo and cranberry with cream cheese, I’m not usually an egg mayo or cream cheese kind of girl but these were very nice. We then went on to our favorites, the scones! ¬†Not only were they super soft and fluffy but I loved the extra touch of using shot glasses for the clotted cream and jam. To finish off we had a brownie square each, I was far to full for the little meringue’s and they were coffee flavored which is my least favorite flavor! All in all it was a very fun afternoon and a very yummy one too!

afternoon_tea_14afternoon_tea_02afternoon_tea_09afternoon_tea_08afternoon_tea_10 afternoon_tea_11Not only was the food great but the decor of the place was on point too! With lots of the home decor item for sale, let me tell you it was very hard resisting not to buy anything! afternoon_tea_12afternoon_tea_15 afternoon_tea_16 afternoon_tea_17 afternoon_tea_18Follow me at Twitter and Facebook.

I fell in love at the seaside…


We had a wonderful time at the seaside last weekend visiting Dave’s family. We enjoyed a walk down to the seafront, watched Dave’s father in a yacht¬†race and had a milk shake at the famous Morelli’s Gelato. Where this photo was taken, I love our trips down to the seaside and getting to hang out with the family, below you’ll see Dave’s sister Clare and I posing at the very end of the pier, where there‚Äôs a cute caf√© we go to for breakfast where we can see the yachts coming into the finish line. There was two main reasons for heading south for the weekend, first was Dave’s friend was having a relaxed bachelor¬†party in the afternoon and it was his uncles 50th Birthday party later in the evening, all in all a pretty fun weekend.

seaside seaside_03 seaside_02seaside_08seaside_04What I’m wearing –

Jacket – Army Surplus

Skirt, Belt & Bag – Vintage, Thrift

T-shirt – Topshop

Loafers – Office¬†seaside_05 seaside_06 seaside_07seaside_09Photos ‚ÄstShooting Dave
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Life Lately #2

insta_05blog_writing02insta_06insta_01Back in the early days of my blog I used to do a monthly round up of my Instagram feed, I think this was mainly because I was so in love with the dreamy square crop and filters on the photos. Over time I missed months and wanted to take my blog in a different direction but I recently did a round up of what I’d been up to and enjoyed looking back over the past¬†couple of¬†months, so I’ve decided to start doing little round up posts again. This month has been a good foodie month, we visited the food festival and had the best afternoon tea, there’s been lots of good burgers and a few fruity ciders!

insta_02blog_writinginsta_03insta_04Coco and I enjoyed a good catch up with Rachael and like always Coco’s been a real cutie!

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Cuppa tea & a spot of reading…

glasses_post7glasses_post2I recently had my eyes tested and now have to wear glasses more often (I used to just wear them for reading and computer work) now it seams they make everything clearer and I’m getting a lot less head aches.. yay! You’ve seen my Cheap Monday frames in a couple of posts and in this post I talked about how I got two for the price of one, good old Specsavers! I’m really pleased with my frames I got the Cheap Monday pair which have become my favorite and also a Replay pair which are equally as nice, in a mat black slightly grey colour, which you can see in these pictures and I managed to get some outfit photos with me in them so you’ll be able to see them on very soon.

glasses_post5glasses_post8glasses_post3As well as showing off my glasses, this post also shows you some of my current favorite things, my little potted plant which I nurtured¬†from a bulb. A nice cup of earl grey tea in vintage china. My ¬†favorite magazine Betty (the new issue is out now – need to get me hands on it) and the book I’m currently reading, Vintage wisdom for a modern geek. Its a great read, Maya the author follows advice from Betty Cornell’s 1950’s book: ¬†guide to teenagers popularity ¬†and documents how each chapter has helped her rise to the top of her school social ladder and what it truly means to be popular today. Its a very fun and charming book, would highly recommend it. You can also see a glimpse of my note book where I jot down all my blog ideas down, this note book goes pretty much everywhere with me.

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Life Lately…



wedding_instagram1I was looking through my instagram feed and thought I’d share some of my recent favorites with you. We have been to Dave’s cousins wedding this weekend and I can’t wait to see the images Dave captured on his camera, my instagram snaps do not do the venue, the Bride’s dress or the vibe of the wedding any justice. It was amazing!!! The rest of my snaps are¬†mainly of food, I mean look at those sourdough pizza’s below, I also had very yummy gluten free pancakes and a snap from our BBQ the other weekend.¬†Below you’ll also see my very cool drinks dispenser! ¬†Which I’m really excited to use again. It was also Coco’s 7th Birthday this month, this snap was taken after a huge three hour walk with his friends in our local common. Needless to say he was shattered after it, he only has little legs!


Untitled-1instainsta_1Untitled-2wedding_instagram2insta_3I’ve been lucky enough to see my Father a couple of time in the last month, heres one of us taking a selfie (my dad’s idea, I love that about him!). Lastly I’ve added some snaps of our home, I love everything about my house. I hope to share some photographs of our place soon, there is lots we’ve done to it and lots more we’d like to do!

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