Home Collection

Like I mentioned in my post about my self-care collection I’ve been working on building my illustration portfolio and I’m pleased to share my latest set of work the home edit. If you’ve been following me for a while you might recognise two of these have had a little make over and the rest areContinue reading “Home Collection”

Balcony Dreaming

Planning our balcony decor Now I’m getting a little ahead of myself here as we haven’t finished furnishing the bedroom and I’m already planning the balcony. We have a plan for the bedroom but lack the funds right now -thanks to old Rona. Its a little on hold with me not managing to land aContinue reading “Balcony Dreaming”

Staying-at-home Diaries:

Week Three & Four I’ve now lost count of how long we’ve been social distancing for, I think it was the third week of March the stay at home order kicked in and we’ve been staying home ever since. I know I caused confusion as I didn’t start this mini series until a couple weeksContinue reading “Staying-at-home Diaries:”

Bedroom Dreaming

Planning our bedroom decor Now that we’ve finished our living room I’m starting to plan out how our bedroom should look. If you fancy taking a tour of our lounge head over here. Even though I’ve created this post I should say we’re a fair way off doing it. I mean, we’re still living offContinue reading “Bedroom Dreaming”