That Old Black Magic


“That old black magic has me in its spell,
That old black magic that you weave so well,
Those icy fingers up and down my spine,
The same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine” 


This is becoming quite the tradition creating a spooky photo-shoot, this year I roped in Dave’s sister. I’d been pinning ideas like crazy over on my pintrest board, and when I knew Clare was up for the shoot I set my idea on an angelic and evil witchy type characters. I felt as Clare has golden blonde hair she’d best be suited for the angelic witch and I’d go for the evil one, we started by getting our goth on and whited out our faces, the eyes were inspired by Mad Max and to bring back a little femininity we went with dark burgundy lip stick.


Photos – Shooting Dave

A Night Of Fright…



Trick or Treat!?

Like last year we created a spooky themed shoot to celebrate all Hallows eve. For this years shoot Dave had the brainwave of using UV paint and lights, this shoot really came together with his technical know how and skills, pop over to his site for more details about where his ideas for this shoot came and how he created the lighting set up.
This year I wanted to try out a sugar candy skull, which took me for ever to create! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. As for Jermaine he opted for a rather scary looking clown meets joker face paint and doesn’t he look terrifying!!


What I’m wearing –

Dress – Topshop

Lace Jacket c/o Quiz Clothing

Floral Crown c/o Mad Elizabeth


Photos – Shooting Dave

Into The Night…

HalloweenA_Jhaloween_019Trick or Treat!?

Happy Halloween ya’ll! Last year I dressed up but didn’t get any photographs (other than instagram) so this year I decided to have spooky themed shoot, after talking to my friends about it they wanted to get involved too. We ended up having a spooktacular evening, dressing up and taking photographs. Billie was the make-up artist behind our looks, creating my skellington face and Emma’s vampire look, Billie herself went as Black Swan and Jermaine was also a vampire complete with fangs and scary eyes! Dave was the talent behind the lens and lighting set up, can you believe we took these in our back garden. He’s so good at strobe set ups, to see more photography skills go check out his page & Flickr.


Photos – Shooting Dave

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A Night Of Fright…


Did I scare you? This was my costume for a fancy dress party over the weekend. I whited out my face and painted teeth in a huge grin like manor and some big eyelashes.

I scared quite a few children and some drunken adults, especially the more the night went on and the drunker people got the scarier I became. One little boy said I was like a female joker, I just pulled big doll eyes and made sure I didn’t smile and my scary face was perfect! To match my make up I wore this polka dot dress, my floppy hat and faux fur coat.

Photos – Shooting Dave

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Feeling Spooky…

Trick or Treat?!

Which will it be, trick or treat? I love a little halloween inspiration and this year I’m feeling vintage horror and skeleton make-up. I’m hoping to have fun plans for this special night, I also want to get me a pumpkin and crave out a cute ghost or a scary face! Also look at those freaking cute ghosts!!



I thought I’d share some iphone snaps from a halloween party we went to over the weekend. The kitty cat and I got our glad rags on, while my other two friends went all out as vampier school girls. It was a lot of fun and really enjoyed our selfs.  Painting my face is as far as I go with the whole dressing up thing, it was rather funny getting taxi’s with our get up.

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Trick or Treat..













133410_1320451_ll1_largeHalloween is nearly here and this year I’m going to a fancy dress party. I’ve been using these images as inspiration for my costume and make up. Not 100% sure what to go as but I know it will consist of crazy make up.