Bake With Me: Blueberry & Choc Chip Muffins

Blueberry & Choc Chip Muffin Recipe Now I know in my last recipe I mentioned about cutting back on sweet treats at home and I wanted to let you know that I baked these muffins back in April for our friends birthday and I’m only just getting around to typing up the recipe. These muffins wereContinue reading “Bake With Me: Blueberry & Choc Chip Muffins”

Bake With Me: Lemon Drizzle

I started off with this recipe but didn’t have all the ingredients it called for, even after visiting the supermarket to pick up supplies. It still seems everyones going crazy for baking while in lockdown and it’s still really hard to get hold of flour, let alone gluten free flour. I guess this makes itContinue reading “Bake With Me: Lemon Drizzle”

Baking Brownies

Today I was feeling the need of a pick me up and while in the supermarket this morning I grabbed this Betty Crocker’s gluten free chocolate brownie mix. After lunch I did a little baking and boy the results were good. Not only did they taste delicious but the therapeutic task of baking did wondersContinue reading “Baking Brownies”