Beret Love

My red beret has received a lot of love in recent posts and thought it would be fun to jazz up a really old dress I picked up in the sale last year. It might be slightly premature to dig out the my faux fur coat  just yet but I do love this jacket andContinue reading “Beret Love”

My 5 key wardrobe staples

With autumn just around the corner, I’m looking to the high street and fashion magazines for items to add into my autumn and winter wardrobe. Each year there are much loved items that I dig out and bring back season after season, these are my fashion staples.  I thought it would be fun to shareContinue reading “My 5 key wardrobe staples”

Rebel, Rebel

These outfit photographs were taken while exploring Margates old town – this area is full to the brim of carefully cured vintage clothing, upcyled furniture and antique stores, with plenty of super cute cafes to boot. As we wandered around the cobbled streets stumbling upon hidden treasure after hidden treasure, I had the idea of documenting all the wonderfulContinue reading “Rebel, Rebel”

London Bound…

Adios Broadstairs! We snapped these photos while waiting for the train back to London. It was a glorious sunny day but bitterly cold. I hadn’t intended to blog this outfit but with having half an hour to wait for the train and the light being so perfect, it seamed like I was wasting the opportunityContinue reading “London Bound…”