Visit To Dreamland

Back in April we spent Easter weekend down in Kent, you can see more from this weekend trip here, here and here. We always try make a trip to Dreamland while down at Dave’s parents. It was great to visit a year on from our wedding there, it truly is one of my favourite places. If you are ever down in Margate make sure you take a visit.

Wearing my summer uniform of midi dress, leather jacket and trainers. This is my fail safe uniform and this dress is perfect for those days when I’m stuck for what to wear I grab this dress, it’s effortless and easy to wear. This weekend we were lucky enough to have a sunshine. It made for wandering around Dreamland the ideal Saturday afternoon activity.

What I’m wearing –
Dress – Primark
Jacket & Bag – ASOS
Trainers – Vans

Photos – Shooting Dave

Trip to the seaside

Seaside fun

How glorious was the weather over the Easter bank holiday weekend. With weather this good there was only one place to spend it and thats with a walk along the seafront.
With Dave’s parents living in Broadstairs and only a stones throw from the beach, it would be rude not to visit on such a sunny weekend.

After a stroll along the main sea front we slipped off to Stone bay, which is slightly quieter than the main beach Viking Bay. This is the ideal spot for walking dogs and taking outfit photographs like we did.
With hardly anyone around it makes the perfect location, Dave could snap away and I could pose without getting embarrassed and pulling awkward faces while people stop and stare – you’d think after all the years I’ve been doing this it wouldn’t bother me but sometimes it really throws me off my stride when someone comments or stops to stare at our blogging shoot.

We had lots of fun taking the snaps and exploring the beach. Climbing over rocks, running away from the tide, saying hello to cute dog and just spending one on one time with Dave. I’m off on a girls holiday next week, so soaking up time with Dave before I leave him for a week – soppy sod, I know!

What I’m wearing –
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS
Hair Band – Primark

Photos – Shooting Dave

Spring In My Step

Little Gingham Dress

I’ve always had penchant for monochrome but recently this love affair has grown and I’ve been lucky enough to introduce a couple new monochromatic gems into my wardrobe.
Starting with this little gingham dress. There are so many reasons why I love it, from its vintage vibe, gingham print and finally the fit.
Its hard this time of year, its not warm enough to ditch the layers (just yet) then we have a couple of days of warm sunny weather where it’s too warm for a leather jacket. It was one of those warm days yesterday, I while out for a walk I had to take my leather jacket off as I was over heating. Then I’ve woken up today to grey Skys and a drop in temperature. It’s a mind-field getting dressed I never know what the weather is up to on the daily.

When choosing what to wear in these ever changing temperatures I opt for a midi dress – now I’ve ditched the tights since January, which I know won’t be for everyone but I just hate wearing them. I often find my legs don’t get cold as long as the rest of me is layered up. Wearing jumpers and a hat to keep the heat in if it’s a particularly chilly day. To me, midi dresses are perfect for transitional dressing. They can be layered up if needed and can be the perfect statement dress when worn on its own. This little shirt dress could be layered with a polo neck underneath for the colder months (plus worn with tights if you so wished) and with ankle boots, then ditch all that for the summer.

This dress has the perfect vintage vibes, its giving me all the Audrey Hepburn feels and I am here for it. I felt good in this dress and I’m sure you’ll be seeing it a lot more over the warmer months. I have ideas for styling it with statement bags and summer sandals. For now my espadrilles are out as it’s not quite open toe weather just yet. I am in full spring mode and the straw bag has made an appearance and I’m hoping the sunshine comes back so it can get some more outings. I may have sprung a little too early but I am excited for more sunny days and summer styling.

What I’m wearing –
Dress – Oasis
Jacket c/o ASOS
Bag – Topshop
Hair band – Primark
Espadrilles – Zara

Photos – Shooting Dave

Casual Weekender

Sunny Saturday

A simple Saturday outfit for our usual weekend routine heading for coffee. It was bloody chilly so I opted for a relaxed outfit of jeans and a jumper. I’m really into neutrals at the moment and love the shade of this grey jumper with my camel coat, the colour combination is rather pleasing to me. Note itself buy more camel & grey clothing!

We’re well into February – my birthday month! Sadly my birthday falls on a Monday this year and the weekend leading up to it I’m having to work. Instead I’ll be celebrating it properly next weekend. I think we’re going to head to Kew Gardens, its turning into one of my favourite things to do for my birthday as I’ve been a couple of years in a row now.

I’m on the hunt for a nice new outfit to wear over my birthday weekend but not having much luck. If you have any suggestions of stores to check out, send them my way.

What I’m wearing –
Jumper – Topshop
Bag – ASOS
Jeans – New Look
Coat – Oasis
Trainers – Adidas
Hair Scarf – Vintage

Photos – Shooting Dave

Sunday Routines

Coffee Shop Run

It’s becoming our regular Sunday routine to walk one tube stop over and visit our new favourite coffee shop in Balham. Usually getting a spot of brunch while there but this weekend we just fancied stretching our legs and got coffee to go. Its a half an hour round trip and its a great way to kick start our Sunday. Thankfully today we made it back home before the rain came! I am so ready for January to be over, it’s so dark and gloomy. Plus February is my birthday month, so of course I’m bias towards it.

While on the way to the coffee shop, I got Dave to take some snaps. These are taken on his mini point and shot camera. Like I mentioned in this post, I’m trying to get a little more spontaneity into my posts, less planned and more on the go. It’s hard creating content when I work Monday to Friday, especially in winter with dark rainy evenings but I’m sticking to my goals as best I can so far. Trying to commit to my twice weekly posting schedule. So far, so good and I’m still feeling positive and pumped up!

I’m working on a little post about what we got up to last weekend in Bristol. Just need to edit some snaps and that should be with you all at the weekend. As for this outfit, it’s nothing new, you’ve seen all these peices before but I really like them together. Dave said I look like a burgula or one of the baddies from home alone 😏 I think it must be the hat. I am so thankful that I wore the hat, it was bloody windy out there! This beanie kept my hair at bay and stopped my bangs flying all over the place.

What I’m wearing –
Jumper – H&M
Bag & Hat – Topshop
Trainers – Vans
Jacket – Zara
Trousers – New Look

Photos – Shooting Dave

Snake Print Skirt

Coffee Shop Date

Ah Sunday, my favourite day of the week. You can get away with being as lazy as you like. This Sunday started off lazy with a little lie in, then we headed out for a walk and in search of a late brunch. While heading to Balham we strolled down one of my favourite streets and I of course roped Dave into taking some pictures for me. We then headed off for brunch at Gails, where I had some of the best scrambled eggs ever.

As it was a rather windy day, I opted to tie half my hair up and went with a dose of double animal print by using a vintage animal print scarf.
I’m really into hair accessories recently, my favourite is using scarves to jazz up a pony tail or half up half down do. Thankfully, during these snaps the wind played ball and didn’t mess up my fringe – its my only complaint about having a fringe, that the weather can play havoc with it!

This jumper is my new found favourite, I’ve been wearing it with everything. It’s really comfy and warm, so naturally my outfit was built around it. Teaming it with my new snake print skirt from H&M. I added my vintage faux fur as I’ve been itching to wear it recently. Do you ever get that, where you haven’t worn something for a while and then really want to wear it. Well this jacket was that, and I’m so pleased the outfit coordinated with my jacket.

I’m heading to Bristol next weekend to celebrate my Mothers birthday. I’m excited to hang out with my parents and explore Bristol. Of course I’ll share some snaps of what we get up to!

What I’m wearing –
Jumper & Skirt – H&M
Necklace & Earrings – Freedom, Topshop
Coat & Scarf – Vintage, Thrift
Bag – ASOS
Desert Boots – Brick Lane

Photos – Shooting Dave

Hey There 2019


We’re a week into the new year and with what felt like the longest three working days ever, waiting for the weekend to be here. Did anyone else feel like that? Now the weekend is nearly over, I had great plans for this weekend but felt like I haven’t achieved what I had set out too… I’m feeling motivated to get creating, and I have ideas a plenty of content I want to shoot but like always daily life gets in the way.

Instead I’ve been feeling rundown, I cancelled plans with my friend and opted to stay home and take time to rest. I also did a spot of January cleaning, sorting out old clothes I don’t wear anymore and re-potted some plants. Thankfully I managed to rope Dave into takes some outfit snaps of my current favourite look. I’ve literally been wearing it all weekend and no doubt will be wearing it to the office tomorrow – no shame in outfit repeating. If it makes you feel good, then I’m all for it!


Lets talk about this look, I’m a huge fan of midi dresses and when I spotted this leopard number in H&M I knew it was coming home with me. I also picked up this jumper, from the sale section. I’m not normally one for sale shopping but this season I have two great finds (this jumper & my camel coat). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against sale shopping, I just don’t have the patience for the crowds and rummaging. I do enjoy a little online sale shopping. So, when I spotted this beaut of a black jumper I rushed to the tills with it. It works perfectly over this midi and is keeping the winter chill at bay.

This look came together perfectly. I was toying with wearing my short black faux fur jacket but I’m very much into longer line coats with midi dresses, I like the double length. I love the camel coat against the leopard print and as I wasn’t going anywhere fancy I opted for the casual option of my car coat. Plus it’s helping with this cold snap were currently having in England.

I’m excited for the year ahead and have big plans for my content. I’m still working on my yearly goals. Have you set new year goals?

What I’m wearing –
Coat – Oasis
Bag – ASOS
Necklace – Freedom, Topshop
Boots c/o Love The Sale 
Dress, Jumper & Beret – H&M

Photos – Shooting Dave

Time To Sparkle

Party season is upon us. This time of year its totally acceptable to wear full on sequins and sparkle. I thought I’d celebrate the season of sparkle with sparklers. This shoot was such a blast to create, donning our best sequins and started shooting.  We’re both in vintage sequins but this year the high street has so many good sparkly options and thought I would create a round up of some of my favourites.

Photos – Shooting Dave

Weekend Dressing

I’m writing this post on a rainy Saturday, sadly the weather has been awful and I’ve been unable to take any outfit snaps. Thankfully I have this set from just before I had my hair cut last week. This is the perfect weekend outfit, easy, casual and looks like I’m put together but with very minimum effort. Exactly what you need at the weekends!

It’s hard to know what to wear at the moment, we had a chilly week and since then its been really mild. Because of this, this autumn I’m all about layering, and this denim dress is perfect for layering tops underneath. This stripe top under my trusty denim dress is perfect for the in-between weather. Adding my faux fur jacket is the right amount of cosy, plus a beret for warmth and it looks cute 😉

I’m starting to get excited for the festive season but before I can get to excited I’ve got a holiday to Los Angles for the first week of December. I’ve never been to LA before so if anyone has any recommendations of must visit places to eat, drink or see, send them my way! In the mean time I’m busy working on lots of christmasy content to share over the holiday season.

What I’m wearing –
Denim Dress & Top – Oasis
Jacket – Zara
Scarf – Bershka
Bag c/o  Cambridge Satchel Co
Beret – H&M
Trainers – Vans

Photos – Shooting Dave

Autumn Days

Crisp Autumn days are my favourite, wrapping up warm with my cosiest jumper and furry coat keeping any chill at bay. As the weather is starting to turn and the evenings are getting dark its time for my thick faux fur to come out. This faux fur coat is by far one of my best vintage buys ever, I’ve had it for over ten years.

I’m also wearing one of my most recent buys which is from Primark. I don’t usually buy anything from there as I never seem to have the luck to find the goods, however this trip, I found the goods! In the form of this jumper. The other good thing about this time of year, is that it’s Beret season! I’m dusting off my collection and will pretty much be wearing one with every outfit. I mean they aren’t the most practical hat but sure look pretty.

Yes, that is a mother new bag added to my collection. This little beaut is from ASOS and I picked it up on their 15% off day, plus I had vouchers from the reward scheme ending so in essence it was a freebee. Winning! I’m a big fan of the shape and mock croc effect, think it’ll be the perfect daily use bag!

This kind of outfit is my autumn winter uniform. I’m a huge fan of mixing older vintage items with new high street buys and this outfit has a good mix up of this. I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of this jumper and bag over the coming months!

What I’m wearing –
Faux Fur Coat – Vintage
Beret & Bag – ASOS
Jeans – New Look Via ASOS
Socks – Topshop
Jumper – Primark
Desert Boots – Brick Lane

Photos – Shooting Dave