Vintage Florals

I thought I’d share with you this outfit in a little more detail- the other post is centered around the watch, but I could not let this amazing dress get it’s own post! This floral printed dress is one I picked up from Rokit Vintage, you can see more about my shopping trip here andContinue reading “Vintage Florals”

Folky Feels

Last weekend I had myself a faux little Christmas with my family, we all descended on Banbury (meeting there as it’s roughly half way between my London home and my parents home of Birmingham). It was wonderful, we took over a B&B for the weekend, had two huge roast dinners at two very lovely pubsContinue reading “Folky Feels”

That Fall Feeling

The weather on Sunday was just de-vine, I mean if I’d had known how warm it was going to be I’d of ditched my wooly jumper and even my tight! Alas I was caught out by the british weather – it’s a cunning little so and so!! We Headed to Richmond Park for a walkContinue reading “That Fall Feeling”

Denim Day Dreams

This skirt still has me in a denim day dream – it’s also been the perfect transitional piece. With September in full swing and it feeling notably autumnal here in London. The mornings are dark when I’m getting ready for work and there’s certainly a chill in the air, the heating is calling out toContinue reading “Denim Day Dreams”