New Garms Got Me Feelin’ Fine


Here I am wearing some of the goodies I listed in ‘my birthday wish list’ post. I intended to save them until my actual birthday this  Sunday,  but you know me, I really couldn’t help myself and took them for an early test run!
So here I am wearing a great casual outfit achieving that easy, casual Sunday look, just perfect for running errands or catching up with friends. I have pulled on a pair of cropped jeans, a cute tee and grabbed my favourite furry coat. The coat was totally necessary, in fact I could have done with wearing a snuggly jumper too,  because it was bloody freezing outdoors. Brrr!

Now lets talk all about my new garms; just take a peek at my new boots. These lil’ beauties are sooo gorgeous. They have an edgy Dr Marten vibe but with a fashion twist. The chrome buckle style is wonderful (and there’s a handy side zip for convenience too). The designer got the heel height just right too…. and don’t get me started  on the stud detail.   I guess they won my heart and I’ve fallen head over heals in love with them. I’ll let you into a little secret, I actually went shopping with a different pair of boots in mind when I went birthday shopping for them with my Momma, then  just before making the purchase I spotted this boot. When  I showed Momma her response was ‘darling, these are the ones for you, it’s a no brainer!’  So thanks to her stylish eye we snapped these bad boys up.  I didn’t stop there, oh no, take a look at this little bag which I think is so blooming cute. In fact I gave a little squeal when I saw it, but it’s so freaking tiny,  I have to travel light because there’s no room for extras …but the design is so beautiful.

I think I ts the perfect elegant date night bag, fitting just your phone, lippie and bank card  – styled to simple perfection.

Over all,  I feel this look has captured that 1960’s vibe and I dig it.  I’ve decided to  focus more on my wardrobe than my hair and make up in this post because I’ve been trialling a new skincare treatment which causes my skin to peel. It left me with a flushed red face for nearly a week as it does the work.  I will be sharing some snaps about this soon in a dedicated post with you, showing  what my skin looks like a day or two after treatment and then when my skin has fully cleared following the peel.  I’m currently on day four into the peel stage so should have lovely clear skin by the weekend, just in time for my birthday celebrations and Valentine’s Day!

What I’m wearing –
Coat, Boots, T-shirt & Bag – Topshop
Jeans – Oasis
Beret – H&M

Photos – Shooting Dave

Spring Sunshine

I think spring has finally sprung, I am bare legged wandering around the common at times I thought this day would never arrive. I know that’s a tad dramatic but we kept getting teasers of nice weather then a week of bloody cold weather again, it’s like winter wouldn’t end! Thankfully I can see the sunlight at the end of the tunnel, also I’m counting down the days till I go on holiday to Florida.

Then it’ll be pure sunshine (and maybe the odd thunder storm, florida is know for that in May). If you have any recommendations for Florida and Disneyworld? I’d love to hear them! I’m a tad excited, can you tell? I’ve been planning my holiday wardrobe for ages now and I can’t wait to share it with you! I think this little floral skirt and white trainers will be joining me on vacation. I can’t wait to get some sun on my pale legs!

What I’m wearing –
T-shirt, Skirt & Trainers – Oasis
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS
Cloud Bag c/o Cambridge Satchel Co.
DKNY  Sunglasses c/o Sunglass Shop
Fedora Hat – Urban Outfitters

Photos – Shooting Dave 

Staying at Sensimar Tesoro Blu Hotel


While attending our dear friends Aaron & Nicola’s wedding in Kefalonia, Dave and I stayed at the stunning Sensimar Tesoro Blu Hotel. Boy is this hotel swanky,we have been lucky enough to travel and stay in some pretty nice joints but this was really rather posh. The resort is stunning, with a great swimming pool and for the newly weds in their massive suite was the height of luxury, including its own swimming pool. If you can have the budget to afford a suite, definitely go for it, it was even bigger than my whole flat…such luxuriant indulgence !

As for the resort, it was a sophisticated, but fun place and being an adults only resort, with a different selection at the buffet banquet every evening. Gents are required to dress a little smarter for dining, not overly formal, just requested to wear long trousers – so no casual or swim wear allowed whilst eating dinner. I enjoyed dressing up for dinner, this was fun and created an element of style. I must admit that the after dinner entertainment was cheesy as hell for my taste, but the cocktails at a cheeky price of two-for-one weren’t half bad!

The beach was just a stones throw away and there was no effort to our shoreside amble each day. Sited perfectly, the views from the hotel were intoxicating, gazing on the beautiful seaside, panning out to moody mountain views. We had a memorable, wonderful stay, with many happy memories!

Photos – Shooting Dave


Pretty In Pink

amy_blog_001amy_blog_021amy_blog_024Pink to make the boys wink!

I’ve had this pale pink dress for a number of years now and although I may not wear it very often, I do love to dust it off and give it an outing. I think it’s pretty clear to say that I am a fan of wearing a midi length dress or skirt, something about this length makes me feel ultra-feminine and pretty.
 Lets just give these shoes and socks combo a little love. This pair of pale pink glove style shoes are from New Look and such a bargain at only £19.99. It’s the perfect price to test out a granny style of shoe. The mid height heel is just perfect for me and I will be snapping up more glove style shoes to add to my collection. They are versatile too, I think they will look adorable with skinny jeans!
For this look I went ‘full granny’ and teamed sparkly little ankle socks with a mid height heel. To finish off the look I added a satin bomber jacket and grabbed my favorite bag of the moment, yes you guessed the cute patched number from Zara. I built this outfit up, starting with a trusty well loved dress, to my new favourite, completing the look with shoes, new accessories and jacket.

amy_blog_016amy_blog_022 amy_blog_008amy_blog_005 amy_blog_014 amy_blog_020

What I’m wearing –
Socks & Dress (old) – Topshop
Sunglasses – H&M
Bomber Jacket – Oasis
Shoes c/o New Look
Bag – Zara

amy_blog_010amy_blog_025amy_blog_027 amy_blog_026 amy_blog_029

Photos – Shooting Dave

Let the sunshine in

IMG_0622 IMG_0635IMG_0646Howdy, how ya’ll doing? I’ve been rushed off my feet this last week, with an impromptu day trip to Portsmouth, friends stays and busy evening – working on fun projects with my girl Lolo – I haven’t had time to write posts, but I shall up my a game and get back on it, I promise 🙂

Before we headed off on our impromptu day trip Dave and I managed to snap some quick outfit photographs. It was glorious sunshine in London which meant this lightweight jacket was perfect (not so great at 5pm on a rainy, windy beach in Portsmouth but we can gloss over that). This jacket is a trusty favourite of mine, I picked it up from an army surplus store in Canterbury years ago. I teamed it with my denim pinafore from New Look and a striped tee. I wanted a casual and comfortable outfit for the day. I didn’t get any snaps from our day trip as the majority of it was for Dave to photograph a car and when the fun began (by fun, I mean the seaside, fish and chips and fairground) it was tipping it down and no way was I reaching for the camera. I was focusing on keeping dry and running with Coco along the beach! 

IMG_0651IMG_0639IMG_0650What I’m wearing –
Dress – New Look
Jacket – Army Surplus
Bag – Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses – H&M
Top – Oasis 
Shoes – Topshop
IMG_0636IMG_0644IMG_0679Photos – Shooting Dave  

Modern Checks


From time to time I put together an outfit that just ooze’s a classic vibe – to me this combination of monochrome trousers felt effortlessly cool and classic. When browsing the HOF site I spotted these gingham jeans and knew instantly how I’d style them, in fact I could think of a number of ways and thought, these are a must have! For their first outing I opted for all black. Teaming a simple t-shirt with my long line duster coat, my current favorite shoes and of course my beloved fedora and Tres Chic clutch bag.amyblog_004amyblog_020amyblog_023amyblog_009amyblog_034amyblog_042What I’m wearing –
French Connection Jeans c/o House Of Fraser
Fedora HatUrban Outfitters
Sandals & T-shirtTopshop
Clutch BagMiss Selfrdige
amyblog_021 amyblog_017amyblog_011 amyblog_001Photos – Shooting Dave

Sugar Skull…

new_watch_001new_watch_006new_watch_025I’m still sorting through our NYC photographs, I think Dave took about 1000+ pictures… Crikey that’s a heck of a lot to sort through! I will share them very soon, I promise!
For now here is my latest outfit offering – I was gifted this lovely sugar skull watch from the delightful vintage store Tallulah’s Threads, remember my cute tartan dress? Yep, that’s from them! They have recently started stocking watches and jewelry, with a super cute selection on offer. The sugar skull jumped out to me, I love the design, it was my halloween costume and Dave often say’s he’d like a sugar skull as a tattoo, which I think would be pretty cool!
I’m also sporting a new ring, I love the half and half with the marble effect. For my outfit I dusted off this long line kimono from last summer, teamed it with my skinny jeans and favorite sandals as it was a chilly day I had to layer up with my PU jacket and I added my blue bag for a pop of colour.

new_watch_007 new_watch_020new_watch_018new_watch_028new_watch_009What I’m wearing –
Kimono & Jacket – Wallis
T-shirt, Jeans & Shoes – Topshop
Fedora Hat – Urban Outfitters
Ring – Freedom
Watch c/o Tallulah’s Threads
Bag c/o BHS

new_watch_017new_watch_021new_watch_030 new_watch_032Photos – Shooting Dave

A Night Of Fright…



Trick or Treat!?

Like last year we created a spooky themed shoot to celebrate all Hallows eve. For this years shoot Dave had the brainwave of using UV paint and lights, this shoot really came together with his technical know how and skills, pop over to his site for more details about where his ideas for this shoot came and how he created the lighting set up.
This year I wanted to try out a sugar candy skull, which took me for ever to create! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. As for Jermaine he opted for a rather scary looking clown meets joker face paint and doesn’t he look terrifying!!


What I’m wearing –

Dress – Topshop

Lace Jacket c/o Quiz Clothing

Floral Crown c/o Mad Elizabeth


Photos – Shooting Dave


cut_out_shoes6cut_out_shoes1 cut_out_shoes9

It seams I’ve caught the jeans bug! Long time followers will know that it’s a rare occasion that jeans or trousers appear on the blog. I have my beloved floral trousers, which I’ve worn a couple of different ways, check them out here and here. Then there’s my skinny Topshop Leigh jeans (which are no more -they died!) but to be honest I never truly loved them, the material was too thin. They did make it onto the blog the most here are three different way’s I styled them, one, two and three… But lets talk about these new bad boys! I originally went in looking for a dark wash of the boyfriend style I’ve recently gotten into wearing but the sizing was off and the smaller size was a better fit than the larger but still didn’t look how I wanted. On a desperate whim I tried these skinny black Jamie jeans and was impressed with the fit and look. Before I knew it I was at the till and they were mine, it’s taken some getting used to as they are ultra skinny and feel a little sprayed on but I do like how I’m held in place in all the right areas. I’m enjoying having the flexibility of  having jeans in my wardrobe, its good to mix it up and push the boundaries of my comfort zone. I’m still in love with my dresses, I’m just enjoying this new found freedom that jeans are giving me… I seem to have waffled on rather a bit but before I go, lets just take a moment to appreciate my beautiful shoes. They are the love child of a boot meets sandal and I love ’em!

cut_out_shoes3cut_out_shoes4 cut_out_shoes10cut_out_shoes5cut_out_shoes2What I’m wearing –

Jeans, Blouse, Shoes, Hat & Bag – Topshop

Jacket – Army Surplus

Necklace – Urban Outfitters

Silver Chain c/o Zara

Ring – Forever 21 cut_out_shoes7cut_out_shoescut_out_shoes8cut_out_shoes11Photos – Shooting Dave
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Tying The Knot In London Town…

wedding_blog_004wedding_blog_002Before you all get too excited, its not us getting married but Dave’s cousin Jenny. Last weekend we were lucky enough to celebrate the coming together of Jenny & Dan and whiteness there marriage. The nuptials took place in Islington Town Hall, which is a beaut of a building! After the last bit of confetti had been thrown we all piled onto the vintage red buses, with a can of Pimm’s in hand (making the journey even more fun!). We headed off across London to Mayfair. The reception was held at the Savile Club, which is one hell of a swanky place! The Bride and Groom looked amazing (look at that vintage inspired dress!!), the food was amazing, the speeches were moving and the entire day to evening was a blast!! These are just some of the pictures Dave took, he’s so talented at capturing the magic moments, these are just a handful and the rest are even more beautiful. He truly captured the romance of the day!wedding_blog_005wedding_blog_016wedding_blog_018wedding_blog_003Love how Dave framed the confetti shot, it was such fun pelting them with dried and beautifully smelling petals. They went every where! 🙂 Also below is a picture of me and Dave’s mother Karen, she had the most beautiful coloured dress on, a lovely lime shade that sadly is a colour I can never wear…. She also had a dash of hot pink with a cute straw hat, that matched her floral shoes and handbag (even sadder we didn’t get a picture of them) but trust me they were delightfully cute!wedding_blog_008amy_blog_wedding1wedding_blog_014wedding_blog_001Photos –   Shooting Dave
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