Secret Scotland – Otter Ferry

Day trips to Otter Ferry In my last post about the stunning Scottish Highlands, I mentioned our visit to the stunning area of Otter Ferry. We took in the coastal views where we had fun spotting seals.  It was great getting in touch with nature, however,  true to form we enjoyed great food too. We foundContinue reading “Secret Scotland – Otter Ferry”

My day in pictures…

Here’s a mixture of photographs from Saturday, we were down in Kent visiting Dave’s family. We went to family friends where Dave was able to do some rolling car shots with very fancy cars (which made him a very happy boy) this pretty country lane was by their house and we took the opportunity toContinue reading “My day in pictures…”

A Lovely Day…

Hi there!  I’m sporting a new dress I got from the lovelies over at Boohoo. I recently went to their press day, (which I’ll share with you shortly) and in my goodie bag was a delightful little voucher. I got this dress, a t-shirt for the boy and a hat. The hat came a littleContinue reading “A Lovely Day…”

My Week In Photos..

The Yorkshire Hill’s – Here are some snaps taken over my week in Yorkshire, it was lovely having a week off and spending time with my family! I think Coco looks oh so lovely in the picture’s above! We went to some lovely shops while we were there, did lots of exploring hills and countryContinue reading “My Week In Photos..”