Crunching Leaves…


My bad, I didn’t mean to take nine day break away from blogging! It’s been tricky with bad weather, and with myself and Dave getting ill, it didn’t given me much chance to get outfit photographs. Thankfully this weekend we were able to change all that and with a break in the rain and the sun shining we headed off to the common.
This coat has become my favorite thing to wear and I seem to be wearing it everyday (its hard when things become favorites not to wear them everyday, isn’t it!?). I teamed my much beloved vintage dress with my coat and dusted off these old brogues. Looking back at the different ways I’ve worn this dress, this colour block brogue and dress combo pops up a number of times. It must be an imbedded favorite combo!

in_the_woods_012in_the_woods_083in_the_woodsin_the_woods_098in_the_woods_087What I’m wearing –

Dress & Bag – Vintage

Coat – Topshop

Glasses – Cheap Monday

Brogues – Office

Radley Watch c/o Joshua James

in_the_woods_044in_the_woods_034in_the_woods_01in_the_woods_011in_the_woods_106Photos – Shooting Dave

British Heritage…

england10englandWere back home after our festive break at Dave’s parent’s, unfortunately my Father has been ill and unable to come stay with us in London like planned. Which totally sucks, I was really looking forward to spending time with him! To get back into our usual routine we headed to the common for a walk, it was nice to stroll around familiar territory again and see some of Coco’s dog friends along the way. While we were down in Kent we took a walk along the sea front and boy was it nice! Also Coco loves the sand! In a way, I was wishing we could relocate to a seaside town! Maybe one day! england1england3Made In Britain Too!

I got this dress for Christmas from Dave, it’s from Topshop and part of their made in britain range. They have been doing this for a while but this is the first piece I’ve got. I like the fact it’s made here and  think more companies should be making their clothing here, good one Topshop!

england6england2england7england9What I’m wearing –

Dress & Coat – Topshop

Satchel – Urban Outfitters

Hat – Market Stall

Brogues – Office

Necklace – Freedom

Photos – Shooting Dave

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Autumn Walks….

Autumn3Autumn1Its starting to get a chill in the air and winter is fast approaching, soon it’ll be time to dust off my winter coats. I layered up with a chunky cardigan under my army jacket. We were having a lazy Saturday so I popped on this vintage floral number and fancied wearing my colour block brogues. I love them dearly but never 100% sure what to wear them with, when I brought them I thought they’d go with everything autumnal but in-fact I find it very hard to team with clothing.  I am very matchy matchy and find clashing very hard to do, maybe that has something to do with it!?

Autumn4Autumn2Autumn8It’s truly fall when I crack these brogues out. I love the colour and how well they complement the fallen leaves. Autumn9Autumn6Autumn10What I’m wearing –

Dress & Bag – Vintage, Thrift

Jacket – Army Surplus

Cardigan – Topshop

Brogues – Office

Necklace – Made by me 🙂Autumn7Autumn5Autumn11Camouflage dog & dog with stick.Autumn12Photos – Shooting Dave

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A Lazy Day Outfit & Puppies…

Hat2HatHowdy! Finally I’m back with a new outfit post, it feels like ages ago since I did outfit photos. I’ve been dog sitting little Enid & Rupert along with Coco. If looking after three dogs isn’t handful enough were also moving house! We sign the contract and get the keys this Saturday! Exciting!! Gosh I need to get packing!! Eek! I have lots to do but for now, here is me wearing a rather old dress and being surrounded by puppies. Looking after 13 week old puppies is messy work, I’ve packed clothes I don’t mind getting grubby and this old primark dress is perfect – I’ve had it for about five or six years! Maybe longer! I’ve add a couple of pic’s I took of the pups into the post. Firstly you can see how much bigger they are now and two there super cute! Pups1PupsHat1Hat4What I’m wearing –

Dress – Primark

Hat & Shoes – Topshop

Necklace – Freedom

Bag – Vintage

Pups2 Pups4 Pups33

Photos – Shooting Dave

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