Blush Pink

A couple weekends ago while down in Kent I wore a variation of this outfit but didn’t manage to capture any outfit snaps of it, so I recreated it this weekend. Along with the boots I had indented to wear with it but were to dressy just for a coffee date with the grandparents. ThisContinue reading “Blush Pink”

Nothing Is Real But The Girl

Don’t mind me, I’m just hanging around over here doing my best art teacher impression. In my last post I mentioned I had purchased a few items from Tobi, well this little distressed jumper is one of them. This winter I’m all about cosy knitwear and this oversized distressed number is perfect for keeping meContinue reading “Nothing Is Real But The Girl”

Ultimate Comfort

JEANS + JUMPER = PURE COMFORT I got myself a new pair of jeans and I am living in this oh so soft jumper, I want nothing more but to wear this outfit combination daily! No seriously, I’ve never been cosier or as comfortable before. I can’t quite explain it but I’m so bloody inContinue reading “Ultimate Comfort”