Parisian Cobbled Streets

Now I think this is my favorite outfit I’ve ever worn! I know thats a corker of a statement and let me explain why, it felt effortless and oh so chic. The embroidery and crochet detail is very on point! Even more so is the way the dress flowed beautifully with movement when I trottedContinue reading “Parisian Cobbled Streets”

London Streets

Lois and I are always on the hunt for great shoot locations on our weekly hangouts. We were lucky enough to stumble upon this deserted cobbled street, deserted streets in London I hear you cry, yes that’s what we thought too! We truly lucked out with this photo session! With the street all to ourselves,Continue reading “London Streets”

Blogging Friends

Last week I met up with Lois for a catch up and to take each others outfit snaps, it’s nice to give Dave a day off from taking my photos every now and then 😉We met in Central London and searched for a quiet spot where no one would bother us, after hopping over a small wall, we foundContinue reading “Blogging Friends”

Wonderful Weekend…

Hanging Out With Blogging Buddy’s! Katrina and I became friends via twitter and now I feel we’re friends in real life to and not just internet friends. We often meet up and I always enjoy myself, of course it helps we both want to get outfit photos in and it’s nice to pose with someoneContinue reading “Wonderful Weekend…”