It’s my Birthday! 

Happy Birthday to me! It’s my 30th Birthday, well it was yesterday. I had a lovely day spending it with Dave and my bestie Clare. In the evening we headed to our favourite burger joint Dip & Flip, we were joined by all our closest friends. It was wonderful celebrating with all of our friends andContinue reading “It’s my Birthday! “

It’s my birthday!

   Happy Birthday to me!  Today I turned 29 – I can’t quite believe it either! I’m having a lovely day out with Dave, we visited Kew Gardens, where this snap was taken. We’re off now for some cake and then burgers (it is my birthday after all, no diet today!). I just wanted toContinue reading “It’s my birthday!”

Happy Birthday Dave!

  Just a quick post to wish my wonderful boyfriend Dave a happy 30th Birthday! I created his illustration for his party invite and thought it would be fun to share! It’s thanks to Dave that I’m able to share so many outfit posts as it’s his beautiful photography that makes it happen! Thank youContinue reading “Happy Birthday Dave!”

Getting to know me…

Today is my 27th Birthday, eek! In celebration I thought I’d share 27 facts… hopefully they will be interesting or at least you’ll enjoy getting to know me more! 1. I’m from Birmingham, not that anyone would guess as I don’t really have an accent… Which I have mixed feelings about, I have much pride forContinue reading “Getting to know me…”