SO ME BEAUTY & WELLNESS I’m a big believer in pampering oneself, I love getting my hair cut regularly and my new addiction is getting my nails done. It’s so nice taking time out, I find it really relaxing. Plus I’m awful at painting and keeping my nails filed in a neat shape on myContinue reading “PAMPER DATE WITH SO ME”

Whats In My Wedding Bag

– WEDDING DAY FRAGRANCE – I’ve been reading many a wedding blog and magazine over the last year, one of the things I’ve taken away from them is treating oneself to a special perfume. I was in need of more perfume, as I’ve worn the same fragrance for years. I thought instead of buying myContinue reading “Whats In My Wedding Bag”

Bridal Beauty

– WEDDING MAKE-UP IDEAS – With the wedding prep in full swing it’s time to think about how I would like my hair and make-up for the day. With the help of Pinterest I’ve been able to narrow down my look to a red lip and cat eyeliner flick, I love this classic look. IContinue reading “Bridal Beauty”

Creating a smokey eye with e.l.f

I was lucky enough to receive a clay eyeshadow palette from e.l.f called Saturday Sunset to be precise. This fun palette is versatile and will take you from an easy, casual day time look through to an after work change of pace – for a flirty, smokey evening vibe, so cool! For its first roadContinue reading “Creating a smokey eye with e.l.f”