BARCELONA LOOK TWO Can you tell I’m really into polka dots, my current obsession started with my spotty skirt I picked up in Amsterdam. Then I got my dress and now I’m at it again with double polkadots in the form of this t-shirt and neckerchief combination. The t-shirt and high waisted trousers are fromContinue reading “MORE POLKA-DOTS & A LOOK BOOK”


WHAT I WORE IN BARCELONA This is my first look from our trip to Barcelona ….and as a married woman!  I can’t wait to share photographs from our wedding day with you, it was truly an incredible day. We are eagerly awaiting the images from our photographer so I thought I’d flip things and shareContinue reading “SEEING DOUBLE”

Gaudi Garden, Barcelona…

This was my first visit to Spain and I was beyond excited for our day trip to Barcelona – mainly to see all the Gaudi buildings. I’ve always admired them and to see them up close was just amazing and along with the rest of the city. Dave and I are already planning our nextContinue reading “Gaudi Garden, Barcelona…”