Little Nan’s Afternoon Tea


Teddy Bears Picnic –

Sutton House in Hackney was beautifully restored by the National Trust and is a popular tourist attraction in the East End of London. It’s the perfect location for a Teddy Bears Picnic, so over the weekend my good friend Josie and I were treated to an afternoon tea there.  Sutton House is one of East London’s oldest properties, a prominent Grade II listed Tudor house, previously the residence of an advisor to King Henry VIII, no less.

Back to the present day, our afternoon tea was hosted by Little Nan’s . Now let me give you the low down on this multi award winning team ‘Little Nan’s’, it is a travelling cocktail bar that takes up residencies in the most interesting spaces and venues in London – they are also found under the bright lights of New York City too. They have just come on board to serve teapot cocktails and afternoon tea at Sutton House, perhaps best known for their Dalston Rio Bar and Peckham Tropical Bar.

The Little Nan’s team has won a host of awards from the likes of Time Out and The Culture Trip and are thrilled to bring their (slightly toned down) quirky kitsch to the history-steeped National Trust property- Sutton House. 

IMG_7555IMG_7581IMG_7556IMG_7559IMG_7562 IMG_7571

We enjoyed a retro high tea and yummy cocktails from the best teapot ever- I mean, just look at it! Theres a momma goose with her baby gosling tucked under her wing…. actually, on closer inspection it looks like her baby gosling is being sick. Its horrific, kitsch and great – all at the same time! 

Our first choice of cocktail was ‘I love Boney M’ … and well, who doesn’t? Of course one tea cup cocktail is never enough, so we tried a second. Sampling a pretty number called the ‘Duke of Bermondsey” which combines the flavours of Earl Grey and Gin. It was right up my street, Earl Grey tea is my favourite brew and I just love Gin. Both cocktails were delightfully tasty and rather boozy! Tristan from Little Nan created these cocktails and many more, I will definitely be visiting another one of his pop up bars very soon.


Drinkies were accompanied by our afternoon tea. I have to admit to being impressed with the choices on offer. It was created by The Hill Station Cafe. I personally avoid eating gluten, which makes it tricky to find decent alternatives that taste good. We really lucked out and were spoilt rotten by The Hill Station Cafe, we were quickly munching away on home baked scones AND home made jam, accompanied of course with lashings of thick cream. There was a pretty array of diminutive cakes and pastries, including Victoria sponge, Carrot cake and a nice selection of sandwiches and wraps – all gluten free!

IMG_7586IMG_7590IMG_7592IMG_7595IMG_7599What I’m wearing – 
Dress c/o Boohoo 
Bag c/o ASOS
Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters
Turquoise Ring – H&M IMG_7594IMG_7596IMG_7601IMG_7604

 What a lovely way to spend the day, chatting with a good friend, both of us slightly tipsy and contentedly munching on a yummy afternoon tea.
How was your weekend?

The Arch


The Arch
50 Great Cumberland Place,
Marble Arch,


Royal Afternoon Tea

Last week Lois and I had the pleasure of afternoon tea treat at the beautiful and swanky Arch Hotel, a boutique hotel just behind hustle and bustle ofOxford Street a short walk from Marble Arch, amidst a row of elegant Georgian Townhouses – my absolute favourite architectural style. 

The hotel is impeccable, it’s decor delightful with a nod to modern grandeur, it has impact. I liked the convivial vibe, we passed three groups of people, some arriving as others were leaving, having booked private dining rooms (there are plenty of them). Two women loaded with purchases, evidence of successful shopping spree. Three executives, suited and booted for a business meeting, others were celebrating some occasion and excitedly heading off to catch a West End play. The Arch boasts the opulent Martini Library, which is just exquisite, this is just one of the unique rooms for private dining. They even have a room where you can enjoy the most delicious afternoon tea, along with your four legged friend for company, don’t tell my pooch Coco, he wasn’t invited this time. 😉

After a little mooch around this most stunning hotel, we were shown to our very own private dining booth, complete with a thin voile curtain, offering us privacy from other guests. I was impressed by the options on the substantial tea menu, The Arch clearly wants to please and tempt every palate. I chose my ultimate favourite, Earl Grey tea. It was hot, delicious and fragrant. Other diners were enjoying a glass of fizz.


Settled into the comfy booth, it was now time for the main event. Lets just take a moment to look in awe at the brightly polished silver cutlery (in which I could see my reflection) and delicate tea set, almost translucent fine bone china cup and saucer, complete with cake stand. Together they set the stage for this work of art, in the contemporary form of afternoon tea.

I was transported away from the hectic London buzz outside by the whole experience, all cleverly woven together; the attentive waiting staff, beautiful decor and evocative ambiance…even before feasting on the impressive selection of mouth watering artisan food delicacies.


The chef was kind enough to adjust his set menu for me, he created a specially adapted gluten free selection. You will see from my photographs, there is a slight difference in the contents of both cake stands. I was very impressed with the finesse and effort that created my melt in the mouth gluten free afternoon tea. The food was divine and so light, I really couldn’t taste the gluten free difference. Thank you chef, the pride in your work and the special touches you made by meeting my requirements made the afternoon such a special event. Many customers, who, like myself have dietary needs will really appreciate his attention to detail.

The Arch stands out in so many ways, not to mention how yummy it all was! I think the crumbly, light buttery scones were my favourite, this is partly because it’s a rarity tasting gluten free scones that don’t have a texture that resembles either cardboard or concrete! I also enjoyed savouring the mini Eaton Mess Meringues, a taste explosion. It’s a tough call on the ultimate best in show winner.

IMG_3573 IMG_3560IMG_3571IMG_3559 IMG_3546 

If you’re looking for a lovely afternoon treat, maybe with friends, a loved one or even your dog for that matter, take a trip to The Arch, London, where the staff are friendly (and really attentive) and as you can tell, I can’t thank them enough for taking my dietary needs into consideration, I appreciated the effort they went to, they made me feel special, that nothing was too much trouble.

To revisit this pleasurable experience, I will delight in enjoying a drink of my beloved Earl Grey tea, in a delicate china cup and saucer, back in my own home, sweet home. However I encourage you to jolly well spoil yourself, step out of the hustle and bustle of busy London life and enjoy the dining pleasure of a visit to The Arch.

IMG_3542IMG_3545 IMG_3538 IMG_3531IMG_3511

Thank you to The Arch London for a lovely afternoon filled with tea and yummy cake.


Blogging Friends


Last week I met up with Lois for a catch up and to take each others outfit snaps, it’s nice to give Dave a day off from taking my photos every now and then 😉
We met in Central London and searched for a quiet spot where no one would bother us, after hopping over a small wall, we found this delightful brick wall (we are both blogging cliché’s and love a brick wall!).

We worked up quite an appetite taking our outfit photographs, you know, with all that walking back and forth checking we were both happy with the snaps we’d captured, as a treat for all our (ahem) hard work, we treated ourselves to a spot of tea and cake, and with it tipping down with rain, we felt we deserved to ignore our diets! 

IMG_2098IMG_2099To see Lois’s outfit in full head over to her blog 😉IMG_2074IMG_2068What I’m wearing –
CoatBeanie & Shoes –  Topshop
T-shirt & Denim Pinafore – Oasis
Bag & Bandana c/o  Rokit Vintage
Watch c/o Jord

teaLike myself Lois works full-time and in any spare moment creates content for her blog, in fact I’d say Lois blogs full-time too, where as I blog twice a week and three times if I’m able to. We giggled and talked about our blogging schedules over a cuppa, and the hugest slices of cake ever! We’re planning some exciting blogger project together – watch this space 😉 


Photos taken by myself & Lois – thanks for a fun afternoon!

Afternoon Tea At The Waiting Room…

afternoon_tea_05afternoon_tea_07afternoon_tea_13Oh boy,  I do love a bit of afternoon tea and this was a good-en! As a little treat my sweet toothed friend Jermaine booked this afternoon tea for us. We’ve been to a number of different styled afternoon tea but this one was by far my favorite. It was so vintage and kitsch!

afternoon_tea_06afternoon_tea_01Plus the food was yummy, we had a pot of Russian Earl Grey tea to share. Then we tucked into our beautifully laid out cake stand starting with sandwiches of egg mayo and cranberry with cream cheese, I’m not usually an egg mayo or cream cheese kind of girl but these were very nice. We then went on to our favorites, the scones!  Not only were they super soft and fluffy but I loved the extra touch of using shot glasses for the clotted cream and jam. To finish off we had a brownie square each, I was far to full for the little meringue’s and they were coffee flavored which is my least favorite flavor! All in all it was a very fun afternoon and a very yummy one too!

afternoon_tea_14afternoon_tea_02afternoon_tea_09afternoon_tea_08afternoon_tea_10 afternoon_tea_11Not only was the food great but the decor of the place was on point too! With lots of the home decor item for sale, let me tell you it was very hard resisting not to buy anything! afternoon_tea_12afternoon_tea_15 afternoon_tea_16 afternoon_tea_17 afternoon_tea_18Follow me at Twitter and Facebook.

Afternoon Coffee?!

IMG_3831Dave and I spent Sunday afternoon in our favorite coffee shop, the Graveney and Meadow. It was lovely, we had yummy pastries, cups of tea and the standard flat white coffee for the boy. I love how they use vintage crockery here. I opted for a croissant with a cheese, bacon and tomato filling, while Dave went for a tart cheese, tomato and chorizo. All in all a lovely afternoon spent with my boy.sunday_003 sunday_001sunday_006sunday_004 sunday_005sunday_007Follow me at TwitterFacebook and Tumblr.

Vintage Crockery…

Crockery3CrockeryI’ve been collecting vintage crockery over the last couple of months and here is what I’ve found. It started with a little plate and cup, which I use a lot. I became addicted to these and went on the hunt for more items. The little plant pot is awaiting a pretty plant to live inside and it will eventually live inside my birdcage. We’re moving house soon and I’m hoping to put my little collection on display 🙂 For the cooking pot I had the idea to store jewelry inside, as I’m not much of a baker so doubt it’ll get much use in the kitchen. I can’t wait till our house is all signed off and we can start moving in and decorating!! Crockery2Crockery4Crockery1All crockery found in charity shops, tea pot & flowers (inside birdcage) present from Katrina, Birdcage from Morleys.

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An afternoon spent with puppies…

Puppy4 Puppy3Last week Claire & I went to visit my good friend Allen and his delightful new puppies. They are the cutest balls of fluff and super playful. Coco joined us and had fun playing with the little ones. To introduce these cuties, we have Rupert above and Enid below. I’m sure you will be seeing a lot more of these puppies, we can’t wait for play dates and park walks!
Puppy2 Puppy1 PuppyThen we went for afternoon tea!

After a good few hours playing with the puppies, we went for afternoon tea and a good snack. Coco joined us and we let the puppies sleep. Coco enjoyed getting all the attention as he’s not used to sharing his uncle Allen! This time we had savory snacks instead of cake and boy was it yummy!

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Earl Grey Tea & A Chocolate Brownie…


I spent this afternoon with my friend Kelly, we went to the Graveney Meadow for afternoon tea and a really good catch up.  As we all know sipping tea and munching on yummy cake is my favorite thing to do with friends. Later on Katrina popped over, we walked Coco and took some outfit photos for each other. Which I shall share with you later in the week but for now heres photos from our tea break.Tea1Tea4 Tea5

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The Perfect Afternoon…

Check3Check2At The V&A –

We had a very cultured weekend, on Saturday we saw The Woman In Black at the theater. Sunday was spent wandering around the Victoria and Albert museum, with afternoon tea and cake. Then Monday we visited the Tate Modern and the Roy Lichtenstein and a Bigger Splash exhibitions. I love Roy’s work and was great getting to see it up close, I used him as inspiration for my GCSE art and then again for a fashion collection. The Bigger Splash wasn’t really my thing but it was good to see… While at the V&A we came across this lovely corridor and staircase, with a huge window. As it was super cold outside we opted for taking photos inside and within the pretty surroundings. Dave was really happy with the lighting the V&A provided…


It’s been amazing to spend some quality time with my Father. I was very sad to say goodbye 😦
Check5What I’m wearing –

Coat, Scarf & Belt – Vintage

Hat & Dress – Topshop

Bag – Miu Miu

Shoes – Office

Check4CheckCheck6Check1Then It Was Time For Afternoon Tea & Cake!

As we all know I love nothing better than spending my Sunday afternoons in pretty coffee shops drinking tea and eating pretty cakes. This Sunday was no different but I possibly enjoyed it more than usual as wondering around the V&A first then resting in the cafe was splendid. v&a1v&aLike usual I had Earl Grey tea and carrot cake, Dave opted for a flat white and blueberry muffin. My dad had lemon drizzle cake (good choice) and Judy a fruit tart I believe. Like usual I didn’t get chance to snap photos of everyone else – we were to hungry from wandering around all day. v&a3 v&a2

Photos – Shooting Dave

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