Club Tropicana

This tropical jumpsuit is a recent purchase for me and it was a perfect addition to my holiday ensemble. It was the right outfit to wear for a day of exploring Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I teamed it up with my much beloved espadrilles and pulled the whole look together with a little vintage bag.

There are three reasons why this jumpsuit was perfect for the sweltering Florida heat; the culotte style bottom half ensured my legs didn’t chaff. The V shaped neckline is cool and very flattering for my silhouette – and lastly, the print…. I love a tropical print, in fact I think I’m currently addicted to tropical prints. Yup, guilty as charged, even the Zara skirt featured in my last post was a tropical little number too, but hey – that’s summertime fashion for you.

There are some changes going on with me though, during my holiday to the States I wore a number of styles which in the the past I would rarely go for, namely sleeveless numbers and lower V shaped neck lines. I recognise that these are two things I have avoided when buying new clothing and truthfully, I’m not sure why, its habit I guess?.

This year however, when choosing my holiday wardrobe I conquered these phobias and now it feels as if they never existed in the first place and sleeveless dresses and lower neck lines have snook into my wardrobe and made themselves right at home there. I’m pretty pleased with myself for overcoming such silly fears.

I wonder if you have gone through a similar experience and conquered any of your clothing phobias? I’d love to hear about what changes you have made and how you overcame your hang ups.

Let’s enjoy our clothes!

What I’m wearing-
Jumpsuit – Oasis
Bag – Vintage, Thrift
DKNY Sunglasses c/o Sunglass Shop
Espadrilles – Zara

 Photos – Shooting Dave

Vintage Camouflage


I’m currently sat On our balcony, busy writing up my stateside adventures. You will be reading all about it soon enough; what I have been up to and of course the inspiration for holiday wear during my sunshine break. I’ve been very happy with my wardrobe choices, they worked well for me on my two week sightseeing and relaxing combo, here in Florida.

My trip is drawing to an end, it’s sadly our last full day here in Florida. I checked in on my blog to add some snaps and came across this look that is waiting to be shared. I think of this as a cute outfit, good for wearing on a dull day. I thought I would share this look with you now, as I will be travelling for the next two days, then getting myself straight and shaking off the dreaded jet lag for a couple of days – do you have any suggestion for dealing with jet lag?

In the meantime, here’s a little post for you.

The jacket was a real find, it’s one of a few treasures I picked up on a trip to Paris last year. Don’t you love shopping for clothes abroad- a momento of a happy holiday? Now in truth, I already own a much loved plain khaki army jacket (vintage of course), but I have yearned for one with a camouflage print for the longest time!….you do know that camoflague is one of my favourite prints, don’t you?! I had spent just under an hour searching through the racks of clothes in vintage boutiques, so I was delighted to find the perfect camo jacket! So, when I laid my eyes on this little number – and at the right price, well, I knew it was coming home with me and I still get a rush of pleasure every time I wear it.

This sweet dungaree dress and blouse combo add just the right amount of feminine detail to work the look. It’s been a regular wardrobe ‘go to’ during the cooler months….and now, for the love of pure sass – and sassiness alone – these fake-snake cut out boots are just the business. I was gifted them by the lovely team at ASOS for the Paris trip and wore them to dinner and on evenings out, but I never managed to get the evening lighting correct to create a decent snap. I’ve worn them plenty since, but they should be named Cinderella, because until now they haven’t made it into the blog, funny that? I must make more effort to show them off on here over the summer. I think paired with a dress- either a floaty white one or a black midi would be cute.


What I’m wearing-
Blouse – Oasis
Jacket – Episode Vintage
Fedora – Urban Outfitters
Denim Pinnie – New Look
Bag – Warehouse
Boots c/o ASOS


Photos – Shooting Dave

Winter Sunshine

amy_blog_023amy_blog_009 amy_blog_014  

On a bitterly cold but gloriously sunny Sunday, we headed off for our end of the week ‘big walk’ with lil’ Coco. As we headed to the Common, we stopped by our favourite location, it’s local to where we live and Dave took these outfit snaps. I like this spot so much, its private, quiet and just a few steps away from the main street.

Today, I’m donning my faux fur coat – again, like I said perviously, it keeps me warm and does the trick in the minus 2 degrees frosty weather we’re having right now. I think this look has a 1960’s meets Girl Guide vibe, and it’s fair to say I’m diggin’ it. Little touches like my scarf, beret and A-line dress help create this 60’s vibe. My vintage scarf tied in a knot creates a little edge to the whole look. I must say I’m smitten with the textures in this look; furry coat, corduroy dress and tapestry bag. For that added warmth I have layered a black frill knit under the dress and it really did the trick… I also think standing in the sunshine also helps 😉

What I’m wearing-
Coat & Scarf – Vintage
Loafers c/o Rokit Vintage
Bag – Zara
Jumper & Dress – Oasis
Beret – H&M
Smoke & Mirror Sunglasses c/o The Goods Agency

amy_blog_030 amy_blog_043amy_blog_046amy_blog_035amy_blog_052
 Photos – Shooting Dave

Vintage Secrets, Hollywood Beauty


Vintage Secrets Hollywood Beauty book review Are there any vintage beauty lovers out there? Well this book is for you!

Now I’ve been a long time lover of vintage clothing, and looks from years gone by have always inspired me, however I’ve never attempted to recreate the beauty look to go with these period outfits… well that is until now!

This beauty book, nay… this beauty bible has all the tips and tricks you’ll need to recreate looks from Hollywood icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Joan Crawford and Audrey Hepburn.
The books describes everything you need to know about vintage styled make-up, from preparing for perfection, making faces, lip tips and eyes. The chapter entitled ‘Preparing for perfection’ helps you to choose a colour scheme, plus, work out what exactly is your face shape, and what you didn’t realise until now that can’t live without in your beauty kit.


The section on ‘Lip Tips’ (my personal favourite) gives a brief history of the most popular shades through the decades, it then delves into showing us how to paint the perfect lips, even giving you a list of tools and products you will need and a step by step guide for how to create a perfect pout. I was sure to note down all their tips, as you know, I love wearing lippy.

On to eyes next, now this chapter covers everything from applying mascara, perfect eyeliner, eyeshadow and even eyebrow shapes. It provides an in-depth chart to check your eye shape and identifies the style eyebrow and eye make-up that is right for you. There are even tips for achieving perfect hands, a section about body make-up and how to ‘get the look’ of pin up girls through to golden girls of the 1930’s.


I loved the hair section, if you are seeking a 1920’s -30’s look, there are plenty of ideas for recreating the perfect Marcel or Finger Wave. If you are craving more of a 1940’s or 50’s look then rollers are for right for you . If you have short hair there is even a section on the best vintage crops to choose from.

We then move on to, perhaps my current favourite era of hair, the 1960’s. With Audrey Hepburn’s iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s bouffant up-do, first popular in the 1950’s then continued into the 1960’s. In the late 60’s Brigitte Bardot took the Audrey bouffant to the next level creating the iconic 60’s beehive by backcombing and adding yet even more hairspray. If you fancy recreationg your own up do but don’t know how, well now you can follow the original style with easy to follow steps. I like that all the clever tricks and pointers you will need are in this one book.


I’ve really enjoyed reading Vintage Secrets Hollywood Beauty book and practising the beauty tips I’ve learnt from it. The book is beautifully laid out, with plenty of imagery to reference – and it’s easy to read. I mean who wouldn’t want to flick through pages filled with Hollywood beauts such as Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo. Each chapter has a brief overview of history, tools you’ll need to recreate the look and easy to follow step by step guides. I had great fun trying out some of the new techniques I picked up from reading this bible. I hope to share some new beauty looks with y’all very soon!

 Photos – Shooting Dave


Winter Sun


In typical British fashion I’m going to start this post by talking about the weather. We had snow this week in London, only a dusting that didn’t settle due to the heavy rain but many parts of the UK got a fair amount. As pretty as snow looks, I think it’s a nightmare, we aren’t cut out for it here, so I’m pleased it’s all gone now.

This leads me onto my outfit today, it’s been so bloody cold here, so I’ve been trying out my different coats to identify which one is the warmest. I think this trusty faux fur jacket is the one to beat. I’ve had this vintage jacket since I was about 18. It was originally from Marks & Spencer’s and has the St Michael label, as it was known back then, clearly proving its a true vintage piece.
It was such a good find, I stumbled across it in a local vintage store, which sadly is no longer trading. I’ve owned this jacket for 12 years now and I love it as much as I did when I first spotted it. For this look today, I fancied wearing my berry coloured Fedora hat with the faux fur jacket, adding a cute and easy to wear floral dress, berry coloured jumper for warmth and fail safe ankle boots.

We wandered around the common, stopping off at the lake to take a couple of pictures in the glorious but very cold winter sun.

amy_blog_072amy_blog_086amy_blog_087What I’m wearing –
Dress & Jumper – Oasis
Bag & Hat – Warehouse
Faux Fur Coat – Vintage
Sun Glasses c/o  The Goods Agency
Boots c/o MKGamy_blog_053amy_blog_091

Photos – Shooting Dave

Summer Goth


You know how it is, a new purchase, well I was so excited to wear my new leather jacket,  loving my look …..on what ended up being one of the hottest days of the year – major practicality fail! So I was warm, I still stand by this choice as it really makes my outfit.  In my head this look is ‘summer Goth’, but in reality I feel it’s more of an 80’s / 90’s clash up. I’ve styled this 90’s-esque dress and tied the bandana as a choker the leather jacket gives it a real retro vibe, don’t get me wrong, I totally dig it, after all I did put it together. Maybe next time I rock this look it’ll be in cooler weather! 

Britain is all of a sudden experiencing summer,  we have gone from  rain and clouds to soaring temperatures and we are all enjoying a mini heat wave.  I’m honestly not complaining, but travelling on the London Tube is horrific AND  I can’t wear this jacket! Ok, busted,  I am complaining but only a teeny bit. 

I am excited and looking forward to my trip to Paris, Lois and I travel next week.  Boy has that come around fast!  I have lots of new outfits waiting to share with you (this jacket was one of them, but I just couldn’t wait, I’m naughty I know!). I’ve had so much fun planning  outfits for our trip, even though it has meant buying new clothes but not getting to wear them for weeks.  But it’s not long now until I will be seen strutting my stuff in Paris and sharing my snazzy new garms with an even snazzier Parisian backdrop!

Au revoir!

amy_blog_009amy_blog_052amy_blog_047amy_blog_055What I’m wearing –
Dress & Bag – Vintage
Shoes & Bandanna – Topshop
SunglassesUrban Outfitters
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS
Star & moon Ring c/o Boohoo

Photos – Shooting Dave

Dark lips and brick walls

lips_and_bricks_001lips_and_bricks_021 lips_and_bricks_005

It’s officially Spring time here in Britain and to celebrate I ditched the tights – in hindsight this may have been a little premature. In a bid to keep warm but not wear tights, I layered my cropped jumper over this paisley print dress and added my long leather coat. While digging around in my sock draw I found these gold glittery socks, they pick out the golden tones within the print, and add a hint of fun to the look. To finish of this outfit I added my fringe bucked bag and trusty fedora hat. 

I’m wearing a darker shade of lip stick than usual. I felt this look needed a more vampy vibe and opted for an old MAC favourite. To mix up my makeup look even more I’m wearing eyeshadow, which I rarely do, mainly because my fringe hides it! I will share all the details of this beauty look in a post coming early next week, stay tuned if you fancy creating a vampy look yourself!lips_and_bricks_009lips_and_bricks_020lips_and_bricks_029lips_and_bricks_016lips_and_bricks_011lips_and_bricks_025lips_and_bricks_018

What I’m wearing –
Dress c/o Choices
Hat  – Urban Outfitters
Coat – Vintage
Bag c/o Forever 21 Via Westfield Stratford
Socks & Jumper – Topshop
Boots c/o Warehouse


Photos – Shooting Dave

Island of Lost Souls


Like I mentioned hereDave and I spent our Sunday hanging out in North London. As it was freezing (far to cold for no socks, what was I thinking!) I wore my skinny jeans, this old blouse from Oasis and my current favorite vintage coat. Even though it was a poor choice weather wise I wore my vintage loafers and to tie in the burgundy colour running throughout I added my burgundy fedora – a little matchy matchy but I like it.

weekend_blog_075weekend_blog_112weekend_blog_086What I’m wearing –
Blouse – Oasis
Hat & Bag – Warehouse
Coat – Vintage
Loafers c/o Rokit Vintage
Jeans – Topshop

weekend_blog_060weekend_blog_131weekend_blog_067weekend_blog_084weekend_blog_121weekend_blog_073 Photos – Shooting Dave


Dancing In The Street


It’s Christmas in a couple of days – yikes, that’s sneaked up fast! With it being the festive time of year, it’s the perfect excuse to wear sequins, glitter and be a little over the top.
The folks at Beyond Retro invited me down to mooch through their racks of glittery gems. I had a good rummage through the rails full to the brim of sequined goodness, picking up lots to try on and after the most sparkly trying on session ever, I settled on this sliver sequin tee. For this look I’ve teamed it with skinny jeans but think it would look cool with a leather mini or even tucked into a full black midi skirt, that’s one of the reasons I went for a top as it can be mixed and matched multiple ways.

Beyond Retro are running a competition, asking customers to instagram their favourite shimmery pieces and dazzling party finds from their stores or, and tag @beyondretro and #GlitterWars to have a chance to win £250 giftcard and a personal shopping experience for you and a friend to find the ultimate festive outfit, the winner will be announced on the 28th December.sequins_010 sequins_005 sequins_017sequins_049sequins_015sequins_004What I’m wearing –
Top c/o Beyond Retro Vintage
Jeans – Topshop
Jacket – Wallis
Boots c/o Warehouse
Clutch Bag – Vintage
sequins_023sequins_011sequins_044sequins_034Photos – Shooting Dave

Vintage Florals

jord_001jord_014jord_059I thought I’d share with you this outfit in a little more detail- the other post is centered around the watch, but I could not let this amazing dress get it’s own post! This floral printed dress is one I picked up from Rokit Vintage, you can see more about my shopping trip here and watch the vintage haul video here – yep, that’s right, I made another video! I’m hoping to make a couple more over the festive period, I’m lucky to have five glorious days off work to celebrate Christmas and I can’t wait! ….back to the matter at hand- it was actually Dave that spotted this dress, I saw it but thought it was a playsuit so skipped passed it. I’m very glad he gave it more attention and convinced me to try it on, I love the wrap over front and that it has a gathered waist at the back which makes for a very flattering silhouette.
jord_032jord_042jord_044What I’m wearing –
Dress & Shoes c/o Rokit Vintage
Watch c/o Jord
Bag & Coat – Topshopjord_010jord_036jord_060jord_035jord_057 jord_004
Photos – Shooting Dave