Inktober – Week 3

I’m over halfway through my illustration challenge where I create a new drawing each day throughout the month of October. This week I’ve created some of my favourite illustrations so far, watch the video to see what I’m talking about.


BARCELONA LOOK TWO Can you tell I’m really into polka dots, my current obsession started with my spotty skirt I picked up in Amsterdam. Then I got my dress and now I’m at it again with double polkadots in the form of this t-shirt and neckerchief combination. The t-shirt and high waisted trousers are fromContinue reading “MORE POLKA-DOTS & A LOOK BOOK”

Mellow Yellow

– A TRIP TO MARGATE – Last weekend we headed down to the seaside town of Margate for a fun weekend of wedding planning. We’re getting closer to our wedding date and it feels great to be ticking off some big things off our list. Like meeting our florist to discuss our flowers. Chatting toContinue reading “Mellow Yellow”