Life Lately #2

insta_05blog_writing02insta_06insta_01Back in the early days of my blog I used to do a monthly round up of my Instagram feed, I think this was mainly because I was so in love with the dreamy square crop and filters on the photos. Over time I missed months and wanted to take my blog in a different direction but I recently did a round up of what I’d been up to and enjoyed looking back over the past couple of months, so I’ve decided to start doing little round up posts again. This month has been a good foodie month, we visited the food festival and had the best afternoon tea, there’s been lots of good burgers and a few fruity ciders!

insta_02blog_writinginsta_03insta_04Coco and I enjoyed a good catch up with Rachael and like always Coco’s been a real cutie!

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Life Lately…



wedding_instagram1I was looking through my instagram feed and thought I’d share some of my recent favorites with you. We have been to Dave’s cousins wedding this weekend and I can’t wait to see the images Dave captured on his camera, my instagram snaps do not do the venue, the Bride’s dress or the vibe of the wedding any justice. It was amazing!!! The rest of my snaps are mainly of food, I mean look at those sourdough pizza’s below, I also had very yummy gluten free pancakes and a snap from our BBQ the other weekend. Below you’ll also see my very cool drinks dispenser!  Which I’m really excited to use again. It was also Coco’s 7th Birthday this month, this snap was taken after a huge three hour walk with his friends in our local common. Needless to say he was shattered after it, he only has little legs!


Untitled-1instainsta_1Untitled-2wedding_instagram2insta_3I’ve been lucky enough to see my Father a couple of time in the last month, heres one of us taking a selfie (my dad’s idea, I love that about him!). Lastly I’ve added some snaps of our home, I love everything about my house. I hope to share some photographs of our place soon, there is lots we’ve done to it and lots more we’d like to do!

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Cobbles & Bricks…

Yesterday the weather in London was horrendous, thunder, lighting and buckets of rain. As the weather was so rubbish and I have a nasty cold. Dave and I had a good sort out of our wardrobes, taking about four big bags to the charity shop’s. It felt good to clear some space but also a little worrying incase I regret giving away some of the dresses and bags. After our sort out we met up with some friends for a catch up. Then on the way home it had finally stopped raining. Unfortunately we didn’t have our cameras and I wanted to get outfit photos so we used my iphone and instagram. I remember before I had my iphone I’d make Dave take photos on Hipstermatic and give me them for my blog, like this one and this one. 🙂  

What I’m wearing –

Coat & Dress – Vintage

Satchel – Urban Outfitters

Brogues – Office

Necklace – Accessories

Photos – Shooting Dave

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Instagram Holiday…

Amsterdam –

Food & Drink –

What I wore –

These are the last shots from my holiday to Amsterdam, as I took so many Instagram photos I thought I’d do a post just for my holiday instead of keeping it all till the end of the month. As I thought it’d be to picture heavy and that it’d be nice to keep all the Holland photographs together (there are two pics from the day before my holiday that I included).

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