Looking Forward

My Goals For 2020 – In my looking back post I shared some of the highs and lows of the last decade. It was important to me to share the lows as sometimes we only see the rosy parts of peoples lives, it’s not often we share the shit times online. There were lots ofContinue reading “Looking Forward”

Sunday Baking

I spent Sunday baking banana bread. I used this recipe but added blueberries this time and damn they made it even better! As you can see I still don’t have a mixing bowl but made do with this sauce pan. I’ve never been a natural baker but recently have been enjoying it. I think itContinue reading “Sunday Baking”

Bake With Me

Banana Bread Recipe Feel free to call me a domestic goddess, as I bring you the easiest banana bread recipe ever, trust me I’m not a natural baker! I had this idea to use up some overripe bananas and it turned out so well I got Dave to snap some pictures and I thought idContinue reading “Bake With Me”

Home Sweet Home

We moved into our pace in Los Angeles about two months ago, it’s taken a while but it’s finally starting to look and feel like home. Helped massively by all our belongings finally making it from London to LA – it only took three and a half months! Having our stuff around the place hasContinue reading “Home Sweet Home”