– WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN – As I reached my late twenties and into my (very) early thirties I’ve realised that friendships should be supportive, building each other up, they shouldn’t be toxic, competitive or bitchy. I have, like most people had my share of joyful and testing friends.  Long gone are some of the testingContinue reading “HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY”

2017 Yearly Round Up

I’ve been really fortunate to create, visit and collaborate on some amazing projects in 2017, here are some of the highlights. – JANUARY – Reviewing the amazing Hollywood Beauty book. – FEBRUARY – Turning the big 30, crikey I still can’t believe I’m that age. I honestly don’t feel it! – LFW – From watchingContinue reading “2017 Yearly Round Up”

Family Time

I mentioned in my last post that I had a family filled weekend, we stayed local, our first meeting point was one of my favourites The Graveney and Meadow in Tooting Broadway. We tumbled into this warm and welcoming eatery, glad to escape the cold and chatted over a drink and shared hugs and hellos.Continue reading “Family Time”

It’s my Birthday! 

Happy Birthday to me! It’s my 30th Birthday, well it was yesterday. I had a lovely day spending it with Dave and my bestie Clare. In the evening we headed to our favourite burger joint Dip & Flip, we were joined by all our closest friends. It was wonderful celebrating with all of our friends andContinue reading “It’s my Birthday! “