Levelling Up My Skin-care Routine

Since creating this post I’ve upped my skin-care routine and wanted to share some of the bits that have been working for me. Now I am no expert and nor do I claim to be. At the grand old age of 33 I still get bad spotty skin. Especially around the time-of-the-month, shout out toContinue reading “Levelling Up My Skin-care Routine”

Make Up Favourites

I know I shared my daily make up favourites not too long ago but I recently got a couple of new concealers and wanted to share them with you. I got the miniatures to test them out before committing to the full sized ones. First up is the bye bye under eye from IT cosmetics,Continue reading “Make Up Favourites”

Daily Make Up

My Daily Make Up Favourites: I wanted to share some of my everyday make up with you. Starting with IT cosmetic CC cream, honestly this has changed my life, no really, gone are the days of heavy foundation. This full coverage dewy beaut is my absolute favourite base I’ve ever used. I’d like to addContinue reading “Daily Make Up”