Living Room Tour

We’re on something like day 13 of social distancing and I must admit I’m starting to get a cabin fever. We’ve not really been outside unless we are going to the supermarket and one walk to the beach last weekend – which is now no longer allowed and the beaches of LA have been closed. Otherwise we have not been out, I’m missing mooching around the local stores and going for a coffee on Abbot Kinney. I think I might have to go for short strolls around our complex to stop me from going totally insane.

I feel very grateful to have Dave with me during this time. I’m really grateful for how easy it is to FaceTime family & friends and to have such a lovely space to be locked down in. Our living room has a few new additions since I last share snaps of it in this living room post. Annnnd seeing as were all in lockdown, thanks Covid-19. I thought now was the perfect time to show you around our new additions. I don’t know about you but I love a good nosy around other peoples homes and if your anything like me, you would too!

In the last month it really feels like our living room has really came together and is nearly compete – just missing a side table and lamp for the other side of the sofa by the front door. which we’ve ordered today and is coming next week.

I guess I’ll start with this chair & throw, which you’ll have seen these in this post. Since then we picked up this pillow from H&M. I love how it pulls the yellow out of the throw and stops it feeling too blue, plus I love the texture of it. I actually want to get a couple of the blush version of this pillow for the bedroom.

In this corner we have our new shelves, displaying some of our most loved treasures. We have lots of vintage cameras, we’ve collected over the years and this is a great way to show them off. Using gold elements to add texture to the shelving unit adds a softness and touch of femininity to a space that could easily become very masculine otherwise. It’s a good mixture of mine and Dave’s collection of things, from the Cheshire Cat we got in Disneyland Paris to the hockey puck Dave got as a child. Eventually I’d love to get a bell jar to sit over my Cheshire Cat & a trailing plant to sit at the top. Also while we’re at it, I would love a fig tree to go in the corner between the shelving and the white wall. I’m really pleased with the styling of these shelves and this little corner of our apartment.

*Some affiliate links included

Yellow pillow – H&M Home
Other Pillows – H&M Home
Wall Paint – Behr Paint via Home Depot 
Sofa – Wayfair
Rug – NuLoom via Wayfair
Coffee & side table – Ross dress for less
Chair & poof – Ross dress for less
Blanket Throw – Benevolence LA
Plant – La Belle Plants
T & L prints – Lucy Loves This

Tea Cup – H&M Home
Face Vase – H&M Home
Neon – AOOS
Coasters – Paperchase
Lader Shelf – Scandinavian Designs
Planter Legs – Mkono
Jar Lamp c/o Laura Ashely (hot wheels brought by Dave)
Plant Mister – Urban Outfitters
Gold Vases – John Lewis

*Some affiliate links included

Due to the shelving we have moved the round side table to the opposite corner and it has brought me so much joy. My Laura Ashley lamp is now filled with Dave’s collection of hot wheels. Back in London Dave had filled the glass jar with ticket stubs from car events and it just wasn’t working for me, I had a eureka moment and suggested filling it with the hot wheels Dave had been buying from the supermarket and looks SO MUCH BETTER!!! We popped this vintage camera that Dave’s cousin Tommy gave us and a Mickey figure I picked up at Disneyland back last December.

Our newest plant is a mother-in-laws tongue and we’ve named him Troy, love his turquoise pot and the mid-century legs are from Mkono. They are great value and beautifully made. It fits with Troys pot perfectly, they are a little bit big for Ralph but at the rate he’s been growing I think we’ll need to repot him soon up to an 8inch so that’ll solve that problem for now I love the height it gives them. Lots of pictures we need to hang, most of these will be going in the bedroom which is our next big project.

Photos by Dave Cox

Baking Brownies

Today I was feeling the need of a pick me up and while in the supermarket this morning I grabbed this Betty Crocker’s gluten free chocolate brownie mix.

After lunch I did a little baking and boy the results were good. Not only did they taste delicious but the therapeutic task of baking did wonders for my mood. Especially as this is the easiest and cheat way to bake.
Over all I’m doing ok, I had a couple of down days but considering were hardly going out its not surprising. Thankfully after a much better nights sleep, a chat with my family over FaceTime and a bit of baking I’ve managed to come through the down days and feeling more positive again. I’m planning lots of content which really helps keep me motivated and positive too!

I do enjoy baking, even tho I’m not the best at it and love making my banana bread from scratch but today I fancied baking the lazy way. All I had to do was empty the bag mixture into a large mixing bowl, add two table spoons of water, two eggs, melt some butter and stir it all up. For extra gluttony I added marshmallows in the hopes there would be pockets of chewy marshmallows in the middle but alas they just caramelised up, still bloody tasty though! Within half an hour we were drinking cups of tea and munching on warm brownies. The perfect afternoon snack!

Like mentioned above I’m working on some new content as it really helps me stay positive. I find creating really helps me, I hope your all looking for a little light relief from the news! Andddd my DM’s are open if anyone’s in need of a chat over on Instagram! Hope you are all well and staying safe!

Photos by Dave Cox & Amy

Dreamy Polk-a-dot Dress

It’s safe too say these snaps were taken pre Covid 19 lock down and on a sunny Sunday. As I’m writing this it’s tipping it down outside. Like I mentioned about these sunny snaps were captured a couple weekends ago before this stormy weather and social isolation hit Los Angeles. I mean I don’t mind the rain, being from England were used to it and I have no place to go its all good here.

Anyway back to the topic at hand, I wanted to share with you my latest sewing project. I picked up this polka-dot fabric from the local fabric store and knew I wanted too make something extra cute with it. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and very proud of those puff sleeves. It’s been such a long time since I’ve used elastic in my sewing but after a couple of YouTube videos I knew it was the only way to achieve the kind of sleeve I wanted. I’m actually thinking of roping Dave into taking some snaps of me in action while working on my next sewing project. I’m really enjoying making dresses at the moment and have some ideas for a jumpsuit and trousers, just need to find the perfect fabric for those! For now let’s enjoy these sunny snaps, I’m using them as escapism from the current uncertainty we’re all facing. I’m aiming to continue to make content to share with y’all as a little escapism sure helps me feel like my usual self.

*Some affiliate links included

Dress – made by me
Hat – ASOS
Bag – Topshop
Shoes – Zara
Cardigan – H&M

I said this in my last post but I wanted to say it again. I’m here if you want to talk, I know how this uncertainty can wreak chaos on us and our mental health. I just want to let you know I’m here if you need or fancy a chat, my DM’s are always open over on Instagram!

Photos by Dave Cox
Illustration – Amy Purfield-Clark

Time for some self-care

I can’t ignore how weird things are at the moment, I have readers from all over the globe and that right now we’re all going through an uneasy time. Now I’m not here to preach about what you should do, we’re all adults and can make your own minds up, and follow the advice of your retrospective governments about self isolating and social distancing. Instead I want to keep things ticking over like normal on this blog of mine and give you a slice or normality.

Whether your self-isolating or just spending a little more time indoors and away from crowds. I wanted to share some ideas of how you can spend your time in-doors.I know it helps me to stay busy and staying creative. Especially when the media is creating such uncertainty and sheer panic. Just going to the shops for groceries was anxiety educing, let alone watching the news!

Here are my top picks of what to do with your self isolation time:

I’m taking this time to have make-up free days, letting my skin breathe and doing one of those many face-masks I’ve been stock pilling in the bathroom cupboard for just this situation.
Taking long baths, with a scented candle lit, face-mask on and either a cup of tea or glass of wine in hand, depending on the time of day. Taking the time to paint my nails, I love having my nails painted but don’t often have time to do but this is the perfect opportunity.

Time for you:
Read that book you’ve been wanting too but haven’t had time, nows the time to make a dent in that book pile you’ve been collecting. Time to get creative, this could be drawing or finishing that sewing project you’ve had on the go for months. Get baking, I know I’m planning to make my banana bread, here’s my recipe if you fancy making it too! Listen to your favourite alum, music does wonders for enhancing my mood. Binge watch a Netflix series, re-watch your favourite film and enjoy being lazy in-front of the tv.

Good sort out:
Sometimes you can’t beat a good clean, I know I always feel better after deep cleaning the bathroom. Now might be a good time to have a good clean and beat those germs into submission. After you’ve had your cleaning session you could also re arrange your living room, try mixing up your wall art or creating an instagramable corner, as we can’t get out an about to get that perfect gram shot, make one in your own home. Now could be a good time to sort through your wardrobe, try things and have a play about with styling things up to work out what still works, what doesn’t. Create piles for Depot/Ebay and a pile to donate.

If it’s right for you take time off social media and unfollow those that are giving you anxiety. I know there are a few accounts I usually love but are currently being very judgemental about choice others are making and I’m just not here for it, so for now I will be unfollowing them as thats what’s best for me.
Lastly I’m here if you want to talk, I know how this uncertainty can wreak chaos on us and our mental health. I just want to let you know I’m here if you need a chat, my DM’s are always open for a chat over on Instagram! All thats left to say is, stay safe folks and wash your hands 😉

This week on over on my illustration Instagram account you’ll be able these drawings in a variation of skin tones & hair colours. I feel it’s important for all to be represented and I try my best to do so.

Illustrations by Amy Purfield-Clark