Five Favourites: Daily Handbags

A couple posts back I had the idea of sharing my five favourite midi dresses and turning it into a mini series. This time I’m sharing my five favourite daily handbags, now I’ve gone with daily bags as these are my most used. I have some rather fancy more statement bags which I might share at a later date. For now, I wanted to share my most reached for.

Now I’ve come to writing this, I realise that most of my favourite bags are from Topshop. I should point out this isn’t a sponsored post and that they just had a really good couple of years of making really fashionable and affordable bags.

Mock Croc

This bag might actually be my favourite one, i regret not buying the other colour versions too! There are so many things i love about this bag, the main thing is its hard rectangle shape, a close second is the tortoiseshell handle and gold hardware. It also has a cross body strap which is hiding inside in this snap. It doesn’t go with everything but when it does go with my outfit you’ll be sure its the one Im picking! Its slightly smaller in-size and doesn’t fit quite as much in as some of my other bags which just means you have to be more selective of what your taking but thats just the sacrifice you make for having such a cute bag on your arm.

Black Mock Croc

This is the newest bag to join my collection and was a Christmas present, it’s fast become a firm favourite. Can you believe its from M&S, pretty darn cute for them aye! I love the top handle and that it has a cross body strap too. I love a bit of mock croc and gold hardware plus it fits lots in!

Little Red

I remember getting this red cutie in the Christmas sale. i loved the shape and the gold hard wear and it fast became one of my all time favourite bags! The cross body strap is just long enough to not being annoying, it almost looks like a bumbag. Its the perfect size to hold my lippie, phone, purse and camera with room to spare. I really can cram a lot in this little bag.

Wooden Handles

This bag was such good value, i think it was something like £25 and is really good quality. The shape and those wooden handles are what sold it to me. It also has a cross body strap which is very handy for when you get sick of holding it and want your hands free. I just think it adds that little something special to any outfit.

Straw Bag

Since moving to LA this bag has moved from a summer bag to a daily bag, with the move this bag has seen a lot more use. Even though it looks small it fits a fair amount in, what can I say I like a bag to fit all my essentials with me. I love the light straw and black trim but what i bloody love is the tortoiseshell handle. I actually can’t take credit for this bag, Dave is the one that spotted it while out on a shopping trip and i am glad he did it’s perfect little day bag.

Photos by Dave Cox

Polka-dot’s & Sunflowers

I had such a lovely weekend, Saturday was spent hanging out at home, watching films and a trip to the supermarket. I picked up some sunflowers while at the shops, I love having fresh flowers in the house it brings me such joy.

Then on Sunday we got up super early and headed for a walk to the beach, we’re so pleased the beaches have re-opened for walks as it’s one our favourite things to do. Dave got to fly his drone before it got busy and windy. On our walk back home we stopped for a take out coffee & hot chocolate and enjoyed a lovely stroll home. As we had headed out super early we still had a full day ahead of us and when we got back home I whipped up this little top out of left over fabric I had from making this dress. I’m really pleased I had enough to make this top as I love the fabric. I even made an oversized hair scrunchie to match, I just couldn’t help myself. I’m really enjoying sewing at the moment and busy working on my thrift-flip shorts tutorial to share with y’all very soon if they turn out well, if they don’t you shall never hear of them again.

I’ve been struggling with creativity during lockdown and when a moment of creativity hits I have to run with it. I’m thrilled with the results of Sunday’s creative session. How are y’all keeping creative during this crazy times? I’d love to know any trips or tricks you have!

*Some affiliate links included

Top & Hair Scrunchie – Made by me
Jeans – Everlane
Sandals – DKNY
Face Vase – H&M Home
Sofa – Wayfair
Rug – NuLoom via Wayfair

Photos by Dave Cox

Five Favourites: Midi Dresses

In today’s post I’m sharing my five favourite midi dresses. Now I have a lot to choose from & it was bloody tough narrowing it down to just 5. These 5 dresses are true wardrobe heroes, I reach for them over and over. Thats why they made the top 5! I haven’t included any of the dresses I’ve made as I’m working on sharing my “hand-made” wardrobe style post with y’all very soon! I’ve just got ti finish off a couple more items before I can share it.

V-neck Ditsy Dress

I picked this dress up from Zara at the end of August, now I love Zara but its bloody double the price out here so I think our love affair is over. This being the last thing I purchased from them, least its a good’n! In all fairness I probably could have sized down but I love how floaty it is, its great for the monthly bloat and feeling put-together when your not. Looks great with my red heels if I’m feeling fancy but equally good with my trusted Vans. To be honest, I wear trainers will all my dresses so its a must they work with my very casual footwear faves.

That Spotty Dress

Yes, it is THAT Zara dress. I got this back in something like February or March 2019 before I saw everyone in London wearing it. I remember being on the tube and two other women were wearing the dress in the same damn carriage as me. Despite the embracement of twinning with other ladies on the tube and art least one other girl at work I still love this dress. I’ve only seen one other lady wearing it while out here but thankfully I wasn’t in the dress at the same time! My only slight regret is not buying another to dye. I would love it in red or pale pink maybe? Plus I love wearing it with my checked vans for a nice print clash.

Coming up Daisies

This is a very new contender, my momma ordered it as a treat from Boohoo and when it arrived I had no idea who it was from and had to wait till the next day to find out (time zones problems). Its a lot more booby than Im used to and has a sexy side slide which Im quiet into. I love the colour and the print and just feel good wearing it, which is always a must in my book!

50’s Inspired Gingham

This ones been around for a good while, this gingham number is from Collectif and I was lucky enough to be gifted it. Its one of those dresses that everyone complements when I wear it, it also has pockets which is always an added bonus! I love its silhouette nipping me in at the waist but has a lovely midi length. Again this one looks great with my trainers, sandals or even heels. Its an all rounder and I’m so pleased to have it in my collection.

Double Polka-Dots

I call this my Flintstones dress, it reminds me of what high fashion Wilma would wear. I actually picked this dress up on a whim while shopping in Topshop tin Oxford street with Josie. I was buying this bag for my honey moon and thought the dress would be a good hen party dress. I rushed it to the tills without even trying it on and I’m so glad I did as it soon sold out! I love the clashing polka-dots and its asymmetrical hem line, well in fact the whole dress is asymmetrical! Its just one of those dresses that has the wow factor and just makes me feel great. Dresses that stay in my wardrobe are those that are versatile, comfortable to wear and look good.

I enjoyed creating this post and I think I’ll turn this into a mini series if your game for it? Thinking sharing my updated favourite handbags and favourite lippies, that sort of thing.

Photos – Shooting Dave

My Lockdown TV Recommendations

All the TV I’ve been watching during lockdown:

I’ve complied a list of all the things we’ve watched during lockdown and more importantly loved watching. I’ve added a couple of of things we’ve not yet seen but have been highly recommend by friends and are on our watch list.

Let me know if the comments if you’ve seen any of these and what else I should be adding to my watch list. All thats left to say is get your snacks ready and make yourself comfy on the sofa and get streaming!


  • Hollywood – beautiful and very funny, well worth a watch!
  • The Willoughbys – a feel good cartoon film featuring lovely animation
  • After Life season 2 – now this is equally happy and sad but bloody lovely
  • Tiger King – this is a bonkers documentary and you’ll either love or hate it!
  • Sabrina – incase you haven’t seen it, its a remake of the one we all loved. There is 3 series you van binge watch it! It’s a little darker than the original but we loved it!


  • Onward – beautiful story about two brothers on an adventure to see their farther one last time
  • Prop Culver – film historian and prop collector Dan Lanigan reunites iconic Disney movie props with the filmmakers in some of Dinsey’s most loved films
  • Moana – family feel good, can’t help but put a smile on your face, especially the crabs song, thats my favourite bit!

Amazing Prime

  • Hunters – Starting Al Pacino, this action packed, full or twists and beautifully shot series is set in 1977 New York City and is about a group of hunters going after Nazis that are living in America.
  • Knives Out – If you can get past how bad Daniel Craigs accent is, this is a comedic murder mystery. We had wanted to see it at the cinemas as I love a good who-done-it murder detective and thanks to prime able to view at home
  • Harriet – Staring the amazing Cynthia Erivo as Harriet Tubman this film tells the thrilling and bloody inspirational story of her escape from slavery. Such a remarkable and brave woman
  • Upload – Sci-fi comedy where in the future you can be uploaded to a digital afterlife, follows the journey of party boy Nathan after his death


  • The Great – Staring Nicholas Hoult & Elle Fanning. The Great is a comedic drama about the rise of Catherine the Great from outsider to the longest reigning female ruler in Russia’s history
  • The Righteous Gem Stones – Tells the story of a world-famous televangelist family with plenty of plot twists. This is bloody brilliant written and starts Danny McBride the whole cast is amazing, highly recommend this!
  • Doll Face – I’ve mentioned this before but its easy and fun watching about a girl who’s relationship ends and about her reconnecting with her girl friends

Photos by Dave Cox