Daily Make Up

My Daily Make Up Favourites:

I wanted to share some of my everyday make up with you. Starting with IT cosmetic CC cream, honestly this has changed my life, no really, gone are the days of heavy foundation. This full coverage dewy beaut is my absolute favourite base I’ve ever used. I’d like to add to my IT cosmetics collection with the Bye Bye Under Eye concealer, as I’ve heard very good things about it! If I get my hands on it I’ll report back with my findings.
When I get break-outs I still use a concealer underneath the CC cream but most days I’m able to let the CC cream do its business without having to layer up, that’s one of the reasons I love it so much, doesn’t make my skin feel heavy and clogged, plus it leaves me glowing.

Now that our base is covered onto the fun stuff. I swear by blushers from Nars. In the past I’ve had Orgasm & Bumpy Ride and currently I have Torrid, its a nice coral peachy shade. It gives me just enough warmth colour on my cheeks without being over the top.

For lippie my most recent favourite was a Christmas present from my Mother, this dreamy red one is from Becca. Which is honestly a new brand to me but I’ve since seen it featured in Vogue magazine and after a google search I’m rather taken but the brand. Also the lip stick is creamy, nourishing and lasts for hours. I’m really impressed with it. When I’m not wearing lipstick I’m never without lip balm and this Glossier one gives me a bit of colour without needing to wear lipstick.

My current mascara is one I picked up from Primark for £3 on a friends recommendation and it really is good. I’m not sure what I’ll do when it runs out, maybe get my friend to ship one over for me! I don’t wear it everyday but when I do, my go to eyeliner is this waterproof one from Urban Decay. Its in a felt-tip style and makes it much easier to apply.

*Affiliate links included

Blusher – Nars
CC Cream – IT cosmetics
Lip Balm – Glossier
Mascara – Primark
Eyeliner – Urban Decay
Lip Stick – Becca
Hand Cream – &Other Stories
Nail Polish – Rite Aid

Photos & illustrations by  Amy Purfield-Clark

Exploring LA

Back in November my bestie Josie came to stay. For some reason I only ended up sharing one blog post from her visit but had plenty of snaps and even some video footage from her trip, maybe I’ll do something with all the video too.. For nowI thought I’d put together a snapshot diary of what we got up to.

Josie was here for about 11 days, we had some nice and chilled out days lazing by the pool. Other days we headed further a field like this trip too Malibu.

One of my favourite days was our low key stroll down Abbot Kinney mooching in all the shops and then continuing onto Venice Beach and for a stroll around the canals. One of my favourite local places to visit.

We headed in land to Melrose Avenue for a shopping trip. Visiting the mecca that is Glossier and Reformation, oh so many beautiful things in both of them! While over that way we had to visit the notorious Paul Smith pink wall. Thankfully it was nice and quite with us managing to get some prefect insta shots.

We took Josie to the Grand Central Market this place is full of amazing food vendors, with all types of different food on offer. Plus they have this hella cool neon wall!! After this we headed to the Arts district for a wander around the street art. There are some cute independent stores to have a mooch in too.

To finish our day we headed up to the Griffith Observatory for a pre sunset hike and then a coffee, cookie and chats while watching the sunset over LA. It’s such a beautiful place to visit and I always love taking a trip up here, I mean the views alone are worth the trip. Plus its free to park at the bottom and just a short hike to the top. Plus the Observatory is free to look around and has lots of things to look at and learn.

Photos, edit & illustrations by  Amy Purfield-Clark
Photos of me by Josie Reeve

Natural Light

One of my goals for 2020 is to start taking more of my own photographs. I always rely so heavily on Dave to take them. I will of course still rope him into taking pictures but I would like to the times I do get his help to be more editorial and less day to day snaps. Of course if we’re out an about and I happen to be wearing a cute outfit and he happens to have his camera on him, I no doubt will be putting him to work. I would just like not to rely on him as often as I do currently.

With the afternoon sunlight in our flat being so dreamy. I got my camera out to take some snaps. I set up the tripod, connected my phone to my camera and got snapping. I didn’t really have much of a story to tell and really these snaps were more of a practice, trial and error shoot. Being proud of my afternoons handiwork I showed Dave on his arrival home from work. He suggested I Do more close ups and detail shots – I will do that next time!

Knowing I was planning to shoot and with the light being perfect I quickly got changed out of my comfy house clothes – my basic joggers and house jumper – and put on what turned out to be a relatively chic look. I added my neck scarf for that little extra jazz and also to hide my tasty lil burn from my curling wand. My neck has literally only just healed from a burn in the exact same spot, will I ever learn.

Top & Jeans – Everlane
Shoes – Office
Belt – Topshop
Scarf – Vintage

Looking Forward

My Goals For 2020 –

In my looking back post I shared some of the highs and lows of the last decade. It was important to me to share the lows as sometimes we only see the rosy parts of peoples lives, it’s not often we share the shit times online. There were lots of things I wish I had achieved in the last decade but I’m really pleased with what I did achieve. This got me thinking about what I would like to achieve this year and as its a new decade what I’d like to achieve over the next ten years. Im a fairly driven person and like to achieve goals I set myself, sometimes just jotting them down helps me to stay on track for the thing I wish to accomplish.

I’ve been taking my time putting this post together, I wanted to set some personal and blog goals. Things that can easily be achieved, with a little work but I don’t believe in setting goals that are unrealistic as you only set yourself up to fail. These are things I’m striving for this year and will roll them over to next year if I don’t accomplish them all this year. After all I’m in it for the long haul.

Apologies in advance this is a hefty post. Hopefully it’s makes for perfect Sunday morning reading in bed kind of post, maybe grab a cuppa tea and settle in those bed covers as you might be here a while.

Personal Goals –

  1. Get a job – its nearly been four months and my work permit should be here any day now *fingers crossed* A bit of context for those who don’t know – I left my job back in London when we moved to the US for my husbands job. I had to apply for a work permit and could only do this once in the stats, I’m unable to work until this permit arrives. It’s been hard living off one salary and I’m so ready to be earning again. My cv and portfolio are up to date and I’m itching to get back into working and earning again, which leads me nicely onto my next goal.

  2. Better with money – for 2020 I want to get my finances in order. Pay off that last bit fo debt, start a savings account and have a buffer to fall back on incase of emergencies. Just generally be better with my spending, not buy into such frivolous things and truly take my time over purchased and what I spend my money on.

  3. Finish furnishing the new flat – we love our new pad and its getting there but we still need a couple bits for the living room and then the bedroom is still in need of bedside tables, lamps, chest of draws or some sort of storage and some personality. We’re thinking a pink neon and plenty of pictures and art on the walls. I can’t wait to get started.

  4. Self care – we have access to a gym in the complex where we live in. Now I’ve never been a gym goer. I get embarrassed and very self-conscious at the gym, like people will judge me or even laugh at me. Honestly isn’t it annoying what our brains tell us sometime, like anyone is paying attention or even cares what I’m doing. Recently I’ve been feeling sluggish and not happy with my appearance and thought it was about time I did something about it. I figure even if I only manage 30 mins on the treadmill that’s 30 mins more than I would usually do. Well recently I’ve found some new motivation to go to the gym, to me just entering the gym is an achievement, let alone sticking it out and trying out different machines. Yesterday I did my longest work out and tried 3 different exercise machines. I was a sweaty mess after but very proud of myself. I’ve given myself the weekend off and time to wash my gym kit and dare I say it, actually looking forward to Mondays session. Along side this I’m looking to eat healthy again, get back on my slimming world journey but this time I’ll be using my book and doing it at home. I also want to look after my skin more, while we were home for Christmas my skin was clearest its been in a long time and, this might be an over share but I was on my period too. Since we’ve come back to LA my skin is bad again. I’m drinking plenty of water, using my skin care and trying to look after it. Fingers crossed I find the perfect balance soon as it really dose drag me down.

  5. Join a club & make more friends in LA – I’ve got a couple of friends but would love to grow my friendship circle. I find the older I get the harder it is to make new friends, I’m so lucky with my friends back home, the support network my girls give me is unreal and I’d love to have that here. I think this will come when I start working but in the meantime I’m looking to join a sewing club and maybe some sort of arts class. I’d love to make some friends with similar interests to me. If you have any ideas on how to make friends as an adult or even live in Los Angeles and wanna hang out, hit me up!

  6. Be even more creative – I’d like to start making my own clothes again, do more drawing and generally up my creativity. I’m at my happiest when I’m creating and have so many ideas for dresses that I want to get making. I really loved doing inktober and plan on doing it again this year. This also ties in perfectly with my next goal.

  7. Sell my illustration prints – I’m looking into selling my prints, I’m thinking about using a site that are able to professionally print and post my illustrations for me. I think this is the best option for me without investing in a pricy printer. Soon as I have this set up I’ll share all the deets with y’all. In the mean time, if you have any ideas of illustrations you would like to buy send them my way, I am more than happy to do custom and have new ideas of things to draw.

Blog Goals –

  1. Be consistent – by posting twice a week, this is something that I’ve always tried to do, sometimes I’m great at sticking to it and others I’m not. I guess I get waves of creativity and sometimes I’m just not feeling it. Towards the end of 2019 I’ve really been enjoying posting content more regularly and each time I hit publish I gain a new follower or two, this has really helped keep me on track, knowing people are enjoying what I’m producing. It spurs me on to create more and better with each post.

  2. Push creatively – One of my favourite parts of blogging is editing the photographs, I love choosing which order they should sit in and how I should layer them. I want to push my content boundaries even further and create a magazine like style to my posts. I also want to share more lifestyle and travel content. I also think I should start taking more of my own photographs and not to rely on Dave to take them. This will enable me to create my own content photos and to post more regularly. We’re planning another road trip and a visit to Joshua Tree for my birthday, this time I’d like to style up multiple looks and really take advantage of the beautiful scenery to create Pinterest worthy images. As well as big editorial shoots I want to write about relatable topics and share more, making this space more personal. If you have any thoughts on the type of content you’d like to see on this site, please do let me know.

  3. Incorporate illustrations into posts – This sort of ties into the above goal but as I mentioned earlier, I’m at my happiest when I’m illustrating. I’ve been slowly incorporating black & white line drawings into style posts and I feel this is something that I can make unique to me and I want to explore further this year and find new ways to add them. I will continue to do solely illustration posts too and think there a great spin on the usual what’s in my bag or wish list posts, plus I enjoy creating those too.

  4. Instagram – Work on building up my Instagram, I want to create short videos for IGTV & up my Insta Stories. I did dabble with YouTube but I’m just not sure I’m cut out for it. I get incredibly embarrassed when people watch my videos in front of me, I don’t know why, it just cringes me out. Which really isn’t a great start. I also get very frustrated that I’m not good at it, I find it incredibly difficult to think of video ideas, angles to shoot them and in general make the story line for each video. I have more ideas for smaller short videos I can share quickly on stories, this is why I think I will concentrate my time creating these and if I get good and enjoy them maybe I’ll go back to YouTube, who knows. Also need to post more regularly and not get in my own head too much and just post the damn photo, think less about what will get likes and more of what makes me happy.

If you’ve made it this far, I applaud you! That was a hefty one. I also want to say thank you to everyone who reads and follows my blog or instagram, it really means the world to me and pushes me to carry on and create even more content. Thank you!

Photos by Dave Cox