Morning Light

As we were getting ready to leave for our morning walk, Dave and I both had the same thought, lets make a short video. We headed to the little woodlands and took outfit photos and did some filming.

I’m wearing a dress I got back in January from the Topshop sale, I really liked it when I first brought it then went right off it and now I like it again. I think it’ll be my go to summer dress as it looks super sweet with my brogues and it’s a nice length for bare legs in the warmer months.

Film – Shooting Dave

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Friends & Pubs

This roll of Diana Mini film is the most recent and up to date. There’s a mix of pub lunch with Claire from her visit back in March, to a Sunday lunch with Dave & Rosie a couple of weekends ago. Both pubs featured allow dogs in, which lets be honest is the reason I go to them in the first place but both happen to be pretty cool pubs, an added bonus!

We were sat in the sunniest corner of the pub and I just love how I’ve captured the light shining in. Plus our food was amazing, after the food we took these photos, it truly was a perfect Sunday.

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Let’s Go For A Bike Ride…

On Friday Dave and I went for a bike ride to show off my new basket and practice my riding skills. I’m not the best at riding my bike but with a bit of practice I will ready for the summer months, it was good fun but hard work. I got the basket for it from Brick Lane with Birthday money, at some point I will varnish it to be a darker colour but for now it’s great to see my bike taking shape. On the basket straps theres a really cute little bicycle engraved, check out the last photograph to see it.

I wearing my new jacket that I’ve been wearing lots and lots, plus a really old dress I got from a charity shop. With my lovely floral backpack which I wish I could wear more but all my clothes are printed and I find it hard to pair it with things.

What I’m wearing –

Dress & Jacket – Charity Shop

Scarf & Belt – Vintage

Shoes – Topshop

Necklace – Accessories

Backpack – Brick Lane Market

Photos Shooting Dave

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Photo Of The Week

Natural Strobist

It’s along time since I did a Photo of the week, but this photo was to good not to share. It was taken by Dave earlier today, while we were out and about in central London. For more info on it check out his flickr.

Photo – Shooting Dave

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