Small Business Saturday

Happy Saturday all! For those that celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you had a fabulous and safe day celebrating with your loved ones. If your inbox is anything like mine I’ve been bombarded with big corporations sending me cyber week discounts, mostly on things I don’t need or want. Over on instagram I’m sharing some love for my favourite small businesses and thought why not share it there too! I’ll be sharing a mixture of UK & US favs as that’s where the majority of you reading this is from. Some will be my friends who run badass brands and others are ones I’m planning to shop from this year too… Plus I will be adding a couple of new ness from my Etsy store too, shameless plug i know.

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Dapper Pupper are Melbourn based and create these adorable custom bandanas and illustrations for your four legged best friend. Every post brightens up my insta feed, I mean look at that cute pup Cricket *full heart eye emoji*. When we get a pup (fingers crossed next year) I’ll be ordering one of these.

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My friend Hanna is the badass babe behind HanmadebyHaHa. We actually go way back as we studied fashion together at university and then later worked together at our day jobs for the last 5 or so years, before I moved out here to LA. She makes the cutest facemasks and matching hair scrunchies, along with wash bags and even Christmas decorations, plus plenty more. All using recycled fabrics handmade in Manchester, England.

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US based Jollie Ollie has the cutest illustrations and this fab Grand Budapest Hotel quote for sale in her Etsy shop. I’ve been following her on instagram for a while now and love everything she designs. I’m especially in love with her Christmas collection, I mean those little pups how could you not love them. A fun fact that her business is name after her adorable Corgi pupper Ollie, she also has lots of great Corgi drawings for sale too!

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Now I follow a couple of indie candle brands on instagram but Studio Sukoon is New York based and dreamy af. I really want to have a go at candle making but I have plenty of other crafts and drawing to be doing so for now I’ll be buying from here. I have my eye on those daisy candles and that white collection of shapes is heavenly!

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Stormy is graphic designer & illustrator from the US, I’ve been following her on instagram for a while now and always love her work, plus her adorable pup Blue makes a cameo in her stories which always brightens my day! Her illustration style is just dreamy. If you’re looking for a custom poritats hit this girl up! Plus she sells notebooks, planners, tote bags and loads more.

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I think Ella’s The Positive Postcards are the best thing to come out of lockdown. It’s such a good concept, you pick a card a you wish to send to a loved on and leave a note and Ella beautifully handwrites it, then wraps it up and pops it in the post. It’s a great way to send some love to family and friends you can’t see due to Covid. There are so many designs to choose from and Ella’s also sells her illustrations, ceramics and much more!

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Scotty Scribbles is run by Sarah, another friend of mine from London. She sells the wittiest hand painted modern calligraphy greeting cards & prints. Plus she’s recently branched out and produced this brilliantly funny tea towel and Christmas cards! I love how each thing she creates showcases her sense of humour perfectly.

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Lastly, I can’t share a shop small guide without including my own small business in it. I sell prints I’ve illustrated along with handmade macrame coasters. I have big plans for next year and I can’t wait to add even more products to my store. I also offer free US shipping 😉

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New Hair, who this?!

It’s been a long time coming but i finally had a haircut. Can you believe it that my last haircut was Christmas eve last year and oh boy did my hair need it. I opted for a short bob, I figured i might as well get it all cut off whilst the salons were open. I have to say i bloody love it, it’s so easy when washing & drying, i don’t think i could cope with longer hair again.

Something about getting a fresh new hair do has me all inspired. I grabbed my new Rollo London notebook and got planning holiday content and newness for my Etsy store. I’ve had the mini notebook since my trip to Paris, yep that trip was back in 2016 and it still looks this good! I use it to jot down blog post ideas and it’s still going strong. It’s the perfect size for coffee shop trips not that were able to do those at the moment. This time around i opted for the A4 size notebook, in my favourite burgundy colour, they look so cute together. The A4 version has a designated place for writing down the date which makes it easy to track ideas and notes throughout the book when looking back. Plus it gives me plenty of space for list making, writing down ideas or journalling.

We’re gearing up for Thanksgiving and this year were having dinner with our friend Liz, last year was our first and we had no clue what we were doing and ended up making a roast dinner. Then next week we’re going to get a Christmas tree, it’ll be our first time ever having a real one as in London we didn’t have much space and had a fake skinny one. We don’t have many decorations for the tree as we left them back home in Dave’s parents loft, so won’t be getting a huge tree (even though we have the space for one). We did however pick up a couple of decorations in Target at the weekend and I’m planning to make some pom poms to hang on it – of they look cute you’ll be seeing them in a post soon. If you never hear of them again, you know they didn’t look cute 😉

I have a couple of ideas for upcoming posts, including our christmas decor and our bedroom makeover, as our new bedding finally arrived from H&M. Plus some new updates to my Etsy store, i know shameless plug! I’ll be back with more at the weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American followers! Hope you have a great day with your loved ones whether that’s in person or on zoom calls.

Old Blouse – Primark
Old Jeans – New Look
Hairband – H&M
Notebooks – Rollo London

Photos by Dave Cox


Dave was popping to Downtown LA to snap pictures of his car in Grand Lower – it might look slightly familiar if you’ve ever seen Batman’s Dark Knight Rises, as they filmed some of the scenes towards the end of the film here. I mainly went along to take a break from my laptop. I’ve been working on a couple of commissions and working on my building stock for my etsy store.

We’re in the middle of a little glow up for our bedroom, just waiting on a H&M delivery and I need to find a nice plant pot but soon as these additions are in I’ll have a new post showing the updated room. After a year of living in our place it’s so nice to finally have bedside tables and really makes a difference.

I haven’t got much else to share as we’re still socially distancing and staying home as much as possible…which doesn’t make for exciting content I’m afraid. I’m feeling inspired to decorate for the holidays and get festive. It’s still a little early but maybe after Thanksgiving it’ll be acceptable to put the few decorations we have out. I did just pick up the cutest little light up tree and I’d really like a gold star garland. Plus I think we’re getting our first real Christmas tree this year! Have you decorated for the festive season? I’d love to know!

Dress – Made by me
Sunglasses – RayBans
Sandals –  Teva
Bag – Topshop

Photos by Dave Cox
Illustration – Amy Purfield-Clark

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Urghhh I can not believe I have neglected the blog for pretty much the whole of October. At the beginning of the month I was all geared up to join in #inktober2020 but after a couple of days I just wasn’t feeling it. I loved it last year but i guess this year I’ve been busy working on my Etsy store and I’m not the multitasker I thought I was. Instead i conterated on things that I was enjoying, working on Holiday Christmas card designs, macrame coasters and some shopping for our bedroom update, more on the bedroom update next week!

I have however been enjoying creating spooky illustrations for one of our favorite holidays, Halloween! Dave also taught me how to make gifs on photoshop and I’ve not been able to stop myself. I’ve been turning all my latest drawings into little gif animations. If you’re not following me on instagram before to pop over and give me a follow, I’m desperate to reach 500 followers by the end of the year.I’m thinking of doing a little giveaway plus you’ll get to see all my new artwork on the daily.

Illustrations & Photographs by Amy Purfield-Clark

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