Sunday in Malibu

This week we’ve been joined out in LA by one of my besties Josie, its been so much fun having her here! We usually hang out every couple of weeks, so going nearly 4 months with out a girly sleep over or catch up coffee date has been hard. We’ve been up to loads and I will get round to sharing it all with you, Ive been filming lots of it in the hopes to make into a vlog but for now I’ll share what we got up to today.

This weekend we hired a car and today we (read Dave) drove out to Malibu to visit Point Dume, we had a little hike and finished off our day by dipping our feet in the sea. It was bloody marvellous. It wasn’t too hot out which made it the ideal temp for hiking.

Today I didn’t take my camera with me but I did take my Fuji Instax polaroid. I wanted to be more the moment, not trying to capture it all for a vlog and just enjoyed the day.
Of course I did snap away on my iPhone (I just can’t help myself it was too beautiful not to take any pictures) and I took some polaroids to remember this day forever.

Malibu is a short drive from our place in Venice, just 45 mins in the car along the PHC and were surrounded by beautiful coast lines. With the sun shining, the sea glistening and good company it was truly a great Sunday.

Photos by Amy Purifeld-Clark

Inktober – Round Up

Some of my favourites from Inktober

It’s over, challenge complete, all 31 illustrations are done. I thought I would share some of my favourite illustrations I created throughout the month of Inktober.
To see all the drawings I created head over to my instagram or my YouTube for chatty round up videos.

Over the years I’ve seen different illustrators take up the Inktober challenge but have never joined in until this year. This is for a number of reasons, firstly I didn’t have a laptop of my own to use and secondly, I was working full time. Since moving to LA and having to wait for my work permit before I can get a job, I’ve had time to dedicate to my drawing.

Like I mentioned above I now have time to spend on creating art. Over the last couple of months I’ve been pushing my drawing skills and I can really see the improvements, with the hopes to maybe start selling digital prints, maybe even designing some Christmas & birthday cards too. I’ve had so many ideas whirling around my head and when I saw artists starting to talk about Inktober I knew it was the right year for me to take up the challenge. I jotted down all my ideas of what styles & inspiration of illustrations I wanted to create down in my note book, then on the first of October it began.

It’s been really hard to narrow down my favourite drawings for this post, there’s been so many I am proud of and can’t believe I was able to create that in one day. With some deigns taking well over six hours and others less detailed taking an hour or so. I think my over all number one favourite has to be the babe & cat sitting on a cocktail chair at home, closely followed by this tropical leaved girl holding a pineapple. I’ve included some other favourites too and would love to know which out of this post or even all 31 illustrations is your favourite?

Illustrations by Amy Purfield-Clark

California Dreamin’

Some thoughts on the big move

It still feels like we’re California Dreamin’ yet we’ve been living in Los Angeles for nearly 3 months now. My skin is starting to get a light golden glow, I’ve left the stress of the daily commute behind and getting settled into my new lifestyle.

There has been so much paperwork, I thought we had done all the paperwork while applying for our visa’s but there has been SO MUCH MORE! I’m looking forward to the initial stress, of starting everything from scratch to disappear. That’ll come with time and the more we tick off our list the more the it melts away. I guess it’s the little things you take for granted that are much harder to apply for when you are not a US citizen.

I received a letter that my EAD is being processed, hopefully in a month or two my work permit will be through and I can start looking for a job. I think once I have this I will start making more friends and that it’ll feel like I live here instead of feeling like I’m on a big holiday.
I’ve also sorted out my bank account and we have found a place of our own and have moved in. I did a MTV cribs style video tour, if you care to look around our empty new pad. We’ve slowly started getting furniture for the new place and it’s taking shape. Our shipping container with all our worldly positions from our life in the Uk has cleared customs at Long Beach and should be with us any time in the next 10 days! Meaning our very spacious apartment won’t be for much longer. Once our new pad is a little more set up I will share updates, the light in this place is dreamy and can’t wait to start doing photoshoots in our new space.

Things are starting to take shape for our new life out in LA. Dave and I are slowly making friends, I even had my first LA friend over for brunch this weekend. It felt good to host and hang out with someone other than Dave for a change. All in all we are loving it and know that some of the smaller things take time and are willing to put in the effort. We can’t wait for all our hard work pay off and I reckon in a couple months we’ll feel really settled and right at home.

What I’m wearing –
Dress c/o Superdry
Boots c/o JustFab
Bag – Topshop
Hair Scarf – Free People
Sunglasses – Ray Bans

Photos by Dave