Little Polka-Dot Dress

Just casually posing outside fo this beaut mid-century home that isn’t mine, don’t worry it’s empty and up for sale. We discovered this beautiful street with the dreamiest mid-century bungalows lined with huge trees on one of our daily walks. Then on Sunday I’d put make up on as we were doing to our friends for dinner and I asked Dave if we could take some pictures to mark the occasion of actually wearing make up on and making a bit of an effort – something that is a rarity in these Covid days.

I’ve been growing out my fringe (bangs if your American) its just to warm in LA and windy here in Venice for a fringe. This is the first time in my entire life I’ve not had hair on my face and it feels good but looks odd, I’m not used to seeing my forehead in pictures. I’m also thinking about getting my hair chopped into a collar-bone length bob now the hair dressers are back open – well open to 25% capacity. I might get them to sort my fringe out too, I’m thinking Bridget Bardot style long bangs. What do we think?

Also you might be thinking, Amy not another new polka-dot dress. Well no actually, this is this dress but I changed the neckline. I loved the print (polka-dots & gingham are my favourite prints) but it was a size too big. On Saturday I grabbed my scissors cut a square neckline and opened up all the side seams taking some excess fabric away and re-sewed it all back together again. I kept it a little loose fitting as it’s still in the mid 30’s here, far too hot for a tight fitting dress! There is no sign of Autumn here in LA!

Also just to add, I did wear my face-mask while out and about I just took it off for my pictures. I need to invest in some pretty ones like these to match with my outfits!

Dress – H&M
Earrings – Old H&M
Bag – Vintage
Sunglasses – RayBans
Sandals –  Teva

Photos by Dave Cox

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