Week 4757279 I’ve lost count!

It’s been a little while since I last did a staying-at-home diary entry. I guess with everything going on I sort of forgot about it but wanted to update y’all on some things that I’ve been up to and share loads of iphone snaps with y’all. Now if you follow me on Instagram you might of seen these on my stories -i know my last post was a life update but it was really about my new Etsy store.

Just want to check in with y’all. Hows everyone doing during this social distancing time? It’s strange I see on some peoples stories things look to be back to normal. Over here in LA we still wear face coverings/mask every time we leave the house or are in public. If you are not wearing one you’re not allowed into stores or supermarkets, its mandatory to wear them in public. We only have outdoor dining, all bars and clubs are still closed. All beauty salons and hair dressers are closed, unless hair dressers can work outside then they can. It’s a weird limbo, where things feel slightly normalised but at the same time it still feels very strange.

Over all we’re doing ok and have adjusted to Dave working from home and our new normal life of wearing face masks but our trip back home was cancelled, we’re not sure when we’ll see our families again which is tough but we’re very grateful for our beautiful little apartment and that we can now walk to the beach and go for hikes again. It’s those little things that are keeping us happy in such uncertain times. At the beginning of lockdown I struggled with my creativity, now I’m brimming with ideas. Like I mentioned in my previous post I’m working of Christmas cards, which means I now can’t wait till Christmas! I’m excited to decorate our apartment and to get a real tree for the first time since I was little and lived with my momma. I am sad we wont be seeing family but face time will have to suffice as we can’t do anything about it.

I’ve been tie-dying, sewing and illustrating. We’ve eaten lots of delicious food, gone for walks to the beach and on a couple hikes. Generally loving and enjoying our surroundings. Dog sitting and cuddling all of our neighbours cute pups. Making friends with our neighbours and playing socially distance lawn games. We really lucked out with our neighbours and throughout lockdown have become friends with them all.

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