One Year Living In LA

One year ago yesterday marks our big move from London to Los Angles. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. I’ve totally forgotten the stress of packing up our flat in London and organising our big move, we had so many emotions and things to do. Now a year on, we easily have the nicest apartment we’ve ever lived in, we’re starting to make friends and feel settled into our LA lifestyle. Obviously old Rona is fucking up our plans, as it is with everyone all over the globe.

I want to be totally transparent and talk about some of the things that have sucked. Like, I’ve been unemployed for a year and one week now. I came to the US on Dave’s visa as a spouse, which meant i needed to apply for a work permit, this arrived at the very end of February just Covid-19 hit LA and everything shut down. At the beginning of lockdown, i was applying for roles with no luck, I have since stopped as it was getting disheartening. I am however working on setting up a store to sell prints and I’m currently designing a range of Holiday cards. That I hope to sell this year.

With only one income this also had a knock on effect on furnished our apartment, this happened a lot slower than we would have liked it to. The living room is now complete, the bedroom is getting there and eventually we will do our balcony and get more kitchen bits we are missing. On the flip side our apartment is easily the nicest place we have ever lived. The natural light we get all day is just dreamy and the fact we furnished it slowly did mean we now have furniture we truly love. It could do with a couple more plants but otherwise were really pleased with it.

Another thing has been on hold is Dave getting a car, he has passed his theory test and has his driving test booked in but with everything closing this was moved from doing it in March to August. Delaying getting a car that little bit longer and you really need a car in LA, everything is so far apart. Thankfully this is back on track and i think once we have a car things will really open up to us. We love exploring and have explored lots of Venice and Santa Monica – well as much as safely able too during Covid restrictions. It will be nice to start venturing out further afield. We have a couple of road trips planned and soon as its safe to do so we’ll be off to explore new states.

Things we love about living here, our apartment, I know I mentioned it above but its just so damn nice! The fact its always sunny, hardly ever have to check the weather as it’s most likely to be sunny and warm. People here are really friendly, especially compared to London! There are so many independent stores (i will be spending all my money once earning on Abbot Kinney) and, probably our favourite thing is we can walk to the beach. I’ve always lived in cities and never thought I’d like to live near the sea but now I couldn’t imagine not. Also, I love the sea breeze. In land is about 10 degrees hotter than where we are in Venice, I couldn’t cope with that heat.

We’ve started making more friends and it’s so bloody nice. One of the main reasons I wanted to get a job aside from earning money is I wanted to make friends. I really miss my friends and can’t wait for Covid to be over so friends and family can come visit and see where we live. Thankfully we’ve been making friends with our neighbours, they are all super friendly, similar to us in age and bonus they all have the cutest dogs! As much as Covid has sucked and put a stop to lots of things we had planned, it has meant we’ve made friends with our neighbours. We play lawn games like corn hole and ladder ball. Some other friends I’ve made out here have come through instagram or just meeting people while on our weekly visit to the beach. Everyone here is very friendly. Having people to hang out with has really boosted our moods and cemented the fact we made the right decision to move across the globe. It’s really hard to start again and making new friends is the hardest, we really lucked out!

We are so happy we took the risk to move countries and start again, as it was bloody scary! Now we just need Covid-19 to fuck off so family and friends can come and visit us and we can go home for a visit, and to stock up on Marmite and Cadburys chocolate. We were due to go home in May but had to cancel it, hopefully next year we can make it home and see our loved ones. I’m looking forward to hugging my mom & dad!

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