My Sewing Projects

I’ve really enjoyed sewing lately and thought it would be fun to share all my recent “lockdown’ makes in one post. It had been years since i had made anything other than the odd cushion cover or fabric blinds for our old London flat, i think i made a denim pinafore and then my sewing machine sat idle, occasionally being used to take up a hem line but it hadn’t seen any action in years.

Since moving out here I’ve been inspired and more creative than ever, maybe because i had more time on my hands (oh, hey Covid, I’m looking at you!) or maybe its all the sunshine, who knows but i am loving it! Just to make clear I’m not loving Covid but my creativity spike I am loving.

It had been years since i attempted to make a pattern and i thought about buying one but i remembered my uni days where i failed pattern cutting first time around. I never could get to grips with the flat pattern pieces yet i did excel at coping patterns from clothing and adapting them or even creating a dress from draping on a bust form.

I knew the type of dress i wanted to make and just went for it, creating a pattern out of news paper and then slowly adapting it to make sure if fit my measurements. I cut up an old bedsheet that didn’t fit out huge Cali king sized bed to use as a trial and i was so pleaded i had to get some pretty fabric to test it out and this floral dress (above) was created. I went on to make two more dresses using the same pattern this time adding sleeves. Any sewers out there, which do you prefer making a pattern from scratch or buying one pre-made?

The shorts above started life out as a midi skirt which i no longer wore as I like my midis a little longer these days. I cut it up and turned into these shorts which have already seen a lot more wear!

With some left over fabric from my spotty dress I whipped up this top. I used the same pattern for the main part and created some small butterfly sleeves and a gathered panel to take it from a crop top to a full length top. Really pleased with how ti turned out as I was scraping together fabric to make it work.

This floral beaut was made with fabric Dave picked out for me and took me ages to finish as i kept changing my mind how i wanted the sleeves to be. Over all I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I think it’s safe to say i love a square neckline. I’m not one for wearing V-necks that much as I don’t really like to show cleavage. I’m not sure why but i feel much more comfortable and ‘me’ in a square or higher neckline.

My latest sewing project is this thrift flip, where i took a dress and turned it into a top and a hat. I love the print of the fabric but the actual fabric was a pain in the arse to sew with!!

I’m actually working on a twin set which I can’t wait to finish and wear! I will of course be sharing it with you once it’s finished. Are you into sewing or would you rather buy something from a store I’d love to know your thoughts. It’s recently got me thinking about my relationship with fast fashion and how i feel about it vs making something. I think i’ll pen a post on the subject. I would love to know your thoughts on the subject and could include them into the up coming post. Let me know what you think!

Photos by Dave Cox

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